Wet Panties

Wet Panties –


I knew Scott would be home for lunch soon. We had been sexting most of the morning and I was already wet. I was anxious for him to get home.  I was really feeling bold and horny since none of the kids were home.

I was wearing a short little skirt and a low cut, loose fitting top.  I wanted to make sure he had full access to my tits, my ass, and my pussy.  When he arrived, I was waiting for him in the garage with my skirt hiked up above my waist and my see through panties on full display.  I was bent over against the wall so his first view was of my ass.

His reaction was immediate.  He jumped out of the car, came up behind me, caressed my ass, then spun me around and planted a huge kiss on my face.  With no hesitation, Scott slipped his hand between my legs, pushed my panties down, and slid a finger into my very wet pussy.  I don’t know how exactly he does it, but whatever magic he works inside me drives me to very hard, very fast, very powerful orgasms.  As his finger plunged into the depths of me and he curled his fingertips to find that sweet spot, I came.  I exploded!  Cum flowed out of me, formed a pool in the cup of his hand, and overflowed, running down my thighs.  All of this, and he had been home for less than five minutes.

It was my turn.  I about tore his belt off and undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor.  Right there in the garage I fell to my knees, and hungrily pulled his already hard cock into my mouth. I took him all the way in, deep throating his manhood, before working my head up and down.  I reached up with my hands and began to cup and fondle his balls.  This allowed me to also curl my fingers around his cock and gain momentum as he thrust his cock down my throat.  I was in cock sucking lust.  He stopped me before he came.  He doesn’t like to cum in the afternoon.  He would rather save his load for the evening.

We made our way upstairs and had a bite to eat (of food, that is).  We weren’t done eating very long before I was back down on my knees in the bedroom, sucking that cock.  I enjoy how it springs to attention and grows as I suck on it and play my tongue along his shaft.  I looked up into his eyes and his reaction was intense.  He grabbed the back of my head and began pushing my mouth harder and faster onto his cock. I opened wide to accept as much of him as I could.  His cock began to twitch again and he pulled out of my mouth.  I pushed my head between his legs and licked his balls, nibbling and sucking on his sack.  Then I licked the length of his hard prick with my tongue.  He couldn’t take it anymore and pulled me to my feet.

Once again, he thrust his fingers into my pussy and the explosion came again hard and fast.  My panties got totally soaked with my cum.  Scott told me to take them off. He took them from me and I was standing there with my cum running down my legs.


I took her wet panties from her hands and brought them to my face.  I inhaled the scent of her.  I had never done anything like that before.  Shelly was shocked when I put her wet panties in my shirt pocket.  I told her that since there was no one in the office other than me, I was going to take them back to work with me and display them on my desk, taking a sniff every once in a while to remind me of the prize I had waiting at home.

When I got back to the office, the wild sexting continued.  Somewhere along the way of telling me how much she liked my cock and me telling her how I liked making her cum, Shelly asked if her panties were still wet.  I picked them up, brought them to my face and inhaled deeply.  Yes, they were definitely still wet and the aroma of her sex was still strong.  It was really somewhat intoxicating.  So via text, I reported what I thought.  She sexted back with a suggestion I had never heard her make (of course, I had never had her panties like this before either).  She suggested I jerk off using her wet panties.

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought of that before, but I liked the idea.  I liked it even more as I sat alone in the office and inhaled her scent.  I read text upon text about how wet I had made her pussy, and how horny she was.  All that did was cause me to get a hard on while I tried to work.  Between the sexting and the scent, my body won out.

I made my way to the bathroom in the office, Shelly’s panties in hand.  They were still wet with her cum.  After locking the door, I undid my belt and unzipped my pants.  They slid easily to the floor and my somewhat hard cock pushed the seams of my briefs.  I dropped my underwear and wrapped Shelly’s panties around my cock and began to pump my meat.

It was as if the friction of pumping my cock enhanced the dampness because the smell of her cum filled the bathroom.  Every time I ran her panties along the length of my shaft I was reminded of how wet she became when I fingered her, how much she squirmed with delight when I licked her pussy, and how awesome it was to bring her to orgasm when I took her completely.

My cock became rigid, firm and unyielding as I reminded myself how good it was to screw my wife, to plunge my cock into her pussy.  The excitement was more than I could handle.

It was a great way to relieve the stress at work and an awesome precursor the the great sex I knew was coming that night at home.


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11 replies
  1. JethRo says:

    That was an arousing story. My wife has often teased me to the point where she encouraged me relieve stress while at work or traveling. It only makes me want her more. I share what I did and what I thought about and we often make it true.

  2. DonB says:

    This story though a couple of years old is new to me, because I haven't been on MH very long. What an awesome story you've shared. Thank you. My wife has passed on, so I love to read stories like yours, and recall what a great lover she was. This made me very, um…well, satisfied. Thanks again, and keep it up, both figuratively and actually.

  3. Deane says:

    Thank you for sharing that HOT, HOT story! I've read it through several times … I just love reading how about how Shelly's hot pussy so hungrily enveloped your throbbing cock, Scott! My wife is like that, too. She's a quite, demure woman — EXCEPT in bed, where she's hot as, especially when she climbs up and impales herself on my throbbing penis. There's nothing quite like it. I'm so glad you've got a hot, horny marriage, too, and that you're eager to give us a peak into it! God bless you both!

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