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Sexy Transformation

I have been happily married for twenty-seven years or so I thought. We certainly lived busy lives with me teaching school and going to college to complete my educational degree and my husband working a full-time secular job as well as pastoring a church. We still found time for each other with occasional dates and […]

Lunch Break Sex

Lunch Break Sex -We knew the kids were gone to camps and activities.  Shelly was home and I was at work.  We had been sexting all morning.  She had me in quite the state.  I sat at my desk with a raging hard on. I heard all morning how wet she got at the thought […]

14 times in 24 hours! (L)

A note from Scott & Shelly:  Yes, this is a true story. No, we have never done anything like this before….now afterward….only time will tell. It was quite the day.  We went snorkeling in the early afternoon and on a sunset catamaran tour later.  We had a late supper in the dining room and it […]

Vacation Sex – A Great Way To Wake Up

The night before was awesome.  Hot sex. A great show in the ship”s theater.  More vacation sex.  By the time they feel asleep, it was late and we were both tired.  Despite this, we didn”t need an alarm clock to wake up the next morning.  Even though we had booked a kayaking and snorkeling excursion, […]

Sexting Gets Us Really Hot and Horny (L)

Sex.  We thrive on it, even after over 25 years of marriage.  We have sex on the brain when we get up in the morning. Scott: Right now, I am working and my wife is home for the summer as she teaches school.  It is our sincere desire to stay really hot for one another […]

Wet Panties

Wet Panties – (Shelly) I knew Scott would be home for lunch soon. We had been sexting most of the morning and I was already wet. I was anxious for him to get home.  I was really feeling bold and horny since none of the kids were home. I was wearing a short little skirt […]

No Better Way To Start The Day

Tigress is the best word I can put to my wife.  She is an amazing woman who has always been passionate about the things she is involved in….including sex.  Her passion has exploded and has truly manifested itself in terms of oral sex.  We both love giving and receiving. On a typical morning, we will […]