14 times in 24 hours! (L)

A note from Scott & Shelly:  Yes, this is a true story. No, we have never done anything like this before….now afterward….only time will tell.

It was quite the day.  We went snorkeling in the early afternoon and on a sunset catamaran tour later.  We had a late supper in the dining room and it was disco night on the dance floor.  This is the music we grew up to and we really wanted to go.

Shelly put on a short black and white dress that did a great job of highlighting her really sexy legs, but was long enough to cover her ass.  Scott put on a pair of slacks and unbuttoned his shirt enough to remind Shelly of the leisure suit days.  We made our way done to the dance floor just as the party started.  Names we hadn’t heard in a long time came across the blaring speakers, the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and let’s not forget Village People.  Shelly was hot and ready.  As we danced she put on a show for me, gyrating her hips and pushing her sweet ass into my crotch.

Soon, the show started.  Guys from the crew mad their way to the stage, scantily dressed like the Village People.  They did a great, audience participation round of “YMCA” and one other song then made their way down to mingle with the crowd.  One of them made his way over to Shelly and started the bump and grind.  That wasn’t happening.  Scott was behind Shelly and this guy started thrusting his hips toward her.  Scott grabbed Shelly by the hips and pulled her back toward him.  He swung her around and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.  She parted her lips, letting him in, and wrapped her arms around him.  We danced for a while longer before heading back to the cabin.

At about 11 pm, they stepped in the elevator alone.  Shelly planted a hefty kiss on Scott, then playfully commented, “a little jealous, huh?”

Scott bantered right back, “you’re mine, woman…don’t be forgetting it.”

“No way I’m forgetting,” responded Shelly, “I like being yours” As she made the last comment, she reached between his legs and squeezed his cock, which instantly responded.  He kissed her hard again, reaching behind her and grabbing her ass. That did it.  Hands began to fly….groping…..feeling…caressing.  If the elevator had opened for anyone else, we probably would have been put off the ship.

We got back to our cabin and both of us went into attack mode (again!) Scott reached behind Shelly and unzipped her dress, pushing it to the off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor.  The moment the dress was gone, he reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, about ripping it off to expose her perk tits and hard nipples. He didn’t have time to enjoy the view, however.  It the moment it took to do this, Shelly had unbuckled his pants, pulling both pants and briefs to his ankles, She feel to her knees and engulfed his now hard cock with her mouth. She grabbed his thighs and started thrusting her mouth back and forth along his shaft.  He moaned and began pushing his hips to meet her thrusts.  He grabbed her hair and began pushing her head along his cock, greedily fucking her face.  After a few minutes, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard.  He slipped his fingers into the straps of her things and pushed them down.

They both stepped out of their remaining clothes and Scott pulled her toward the bed.  He slapped her playfully on the ass.  “You just like being a slutty cockteaser.”  Looking at his big hard on, Shelly shot right back at him.  “You obviously like it, besides, I’m your slut,” and with that she laid on the bed and spread her legs, completely exposing her shaved pussy to him.  Scott didn’t need a second invitation.  He moved his head between her legs and hungrily thrust his tongue into her already soaked pussy.  He started licking the length of her hot snatch from bottom to top.  Shelly began to moan and he moved up to take her clit between her lips and nibble.  Her hips began buck on the bed.  He moved back and forth, from plunging his tongue inside her, to nibbling and licking her clit.  In just moments, she exploded, drenching his face with her come.  As her orgasm subsided, Scott slipped two fingers into her very wet cunt, working them back and forth.  Shelly began to moan and yell with pleasure and she shoved herself further and harder onto his fingers.  He curled the tips up to catch just the right spot, and the next orgasm came just as hard as the first.  Her juice began to run all the way down his arm, dripping off his elbow onto the bed.  She whimpered for him to come up to her.  He moved up to her and kissed her.  She greedily licked her own cum from his drenched face.  She reached between his legs and grabbed hold of his cock.

“Oh,” she quietly exclaimed. “You are so big, so hard.  Fuck me. Please fuck me now.”

Scott parted her legs with his own.  He pulled her legs up along his chest, so she had one leg on each shoulder.  He slid his ready cock into her wanting pussy, sheathing his full length inside of her.  Then he began to ram himself into her, pulling nearly all the way out and then ramming her cunt hard, deep.  Shelly raised her hips to meet every thrust, clamoring, “That’s it….Oh, I love your cock….fuck me harder”

Scott complied, pounding his dick into her cunt for all he was worth.  In just moment she came again, and yet again.  Finally Scott exploded, also, emptying himself into her.  As both their orgasms subsided, he collapsed on top of her, smothering her lips with kisses.

After laying there for a few minutes, we got up to have a little water and freshen up.  They snuggled with one another once back into bed, and talked about the good day.  After a while, Shelly reached between his legs and began to stroke his cock.  Scott commented on how great she was.  She answered back, “I must have been okay, because you are getting ready to go again.”

It wasn’t lost on Scott that he was getting hard again.  With no hesitation, he slipped underneath the covers and licked her pussy.  It was only a moment before she began to squirm.  He slid up on top of her and glided his now hard again cock into her wet again pussy.  This time, with gentleness, he kissed her, whispered in her ear, and nibbled on her neck, all the time taking long, penetrating strokes with his cock into the depths of her pussy.  Her hips rose to meet each stroke.  It wasn’t long before they climaxed again.  Now weary, we collapsed in each other’s arms and spelt until morning.  Two awesome fucks in one night was blissful.

Morning came.  Too early.  This was a full day at sea.  We had no plans.  Shelly, as usual, opened her eyes first.  She gazed as Scott still slept.  She slipped underneath the covers and began to lick the length of Scott’s shaft.  She realized the musky smell was the mix of their cum and that she was licking herself off his cock.  It really turned her on.  Scott’s eye opened.  He knew what she was doing, but he wasn’t about to move and blow the moment.  It didn’t take long, and his manhood was solid again.  Shelly came up from under the covers, saw he awake, kissed him, and mounted him.  She climbed on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy.  Scott was surprised at how wet she was.  “Oh….yes….that’s the spot,” she noted as she lowered herself on the length of him.  She worked her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit against him.  He reached up and played with her nipples, squeezing her tits as he thrust himself into her.  It didn’t take but moments before she exploded and not long after that until he came.  She laid on top of him, while he was still inside her.  We kissed, and snuggled. A few moments later, we thought food and decided to get ready for breakfast.

That was three.

We picked out clothes for the day and hoped in the shower.  The stall in cabin was small so there was no sharing.  Scott got in first, washed and came out, leaving the water running.  Shelly squeezed past him to get in.  Scott waited just outside the shower, thinking about how awesome the sex had been on this cruise, last night, this morning.  Absent mindedly, he began stroking his cock.  When Shelly stepped out the shower, her eyes were immediately drawn to his hand working his cock.  “You’re hard again!” she exclaimed.  After quickly drying off, she fell to her knees and started licking his cock..

It didn’t take long for him to be solid.  Shelly stood up and bent over the vanity in the bathroom.

“I want it.  Fuck me again.”  Scott moved behind her, bent her over more, and pushed his cock into her cunt.  He positioned his hand on her hips, and asked her if she was ok. She nodded her assent and he began to plow his cock into her still wet pussy.

“Yes….give it to me,” she pleaded. “Yes, that’s it.”

“You like it, don’t you, Baby?” he encouraged.

Before long, she came again, then him.  He leaned over and held her.  As he slid out of her, the mixture of their cum dripped on the bathroom floor.

“You’re making a mess,” she teased, grabbing a towel to clean it up.  Four times.

Over breakfast, they talked about the day.  We decided to head up to the hot tub, catch some sun, and swim some.  After they ate, they went back to the cabin to change into their suits.  We quickly shed their clothes, but as Shelly reached for her bathing suit, Scott grabbed her from behind and pulled her to him.  He leaned into her neck and began to nibble her ear.  She moaned and he reached around to fondle her tit, tweaking her nipples to hardness. With his other hand, he slipped past her ass and slid to fingers into her pussy.  In just a moment, she was wet again.  She pushed his hand out her and turned to face him.  She kissed him and reached down to stoke his dick,  He responded with a prompt stiffening.  He again slid two fingers into her cunt and begin to thrust them.  In a moment, she was whimpering and with his finger still inside her, she came, standing right there. Her knees buckled, but she never let go of his cock.  She was now pumping it hard, working her hand back and forth along the again stiff shaft.  He pushed her back on the bed, pulled her legs apart, and still standing while she laid exposed before him, plunged into her.  He grabbed her legs, lifting them onto the air, pulling her hips into him to meet his thrusts.

She was screaming.  “More. Yes. More.”  He teased.  “There you go.  Do you like getting fucked by me?”

“Yes!” she yelled back.  “Harder! “

He did and she came – still in buckets.  A moment later he followed suit. Breathing heavily, he released her legs and she slid off his softening tools.”  Five times.  It was only 10 am.

We got their bathing suits on, grabbed the suntan lotion and headed to the hot tub.  We had some Jacuzzi time and some swim time.  It was hot.  We began to sweat and decided they need something a little more powerful than the burn cream.  We walked back down to the cabin.  As soon as the door closed behind them, Shelly, still damp from sweat, turned and pressed herself against Scott.  “You got any left?” she asked.

“Uh-huh, you know I do,” came the reply. He slipped his fingers underneath her bikini bottoms and right into her snatch, which incredibly, was still really wet.  He begin to work his fingers inside of her and she came again.  Shelly pulled his bathing suit trunks down, dropped to her knees and began to sock Scott’s cock as if she were starving.  In just moment, he was hard again.  He turned her around, pulled her bikini bottoms down, bent her over the bed, and took her, sliding his tool in and out of her until they both came again.  He turned her again to face him.  We held each other, kissed one another deeply.  Without a word, we replaced their bathing suits, picked up the SPF 50, and went back to the pool.  Six.

Lunch time came, and they ran back down to the cabin to grab shoes so they could head into the café for food.  The cabin door shut behind them.  Scott leaned into her.  She knew.  They quickly shed their swimwear.  Scott guided her to the bed, spread her legs and began to lap at her pussy.  It didn’t take long before Shelly was again dripping her cum.  Scott moved himself up to her face and Shelly opened her mouth to receive his cock.  In a short while, she removed him from her mouth.  “You’re ready?” she gasped.  He moved between her legs and slid inside her wanting box.  With yet more passion, we grinded our hips into each other so that each stroke of his cock was taken to the hilt.  The orgasms came.  We clung to one another, holding each other….until Scott’s stomach growled.  It was lunch time.  They threw clothes on and went to eat.  This was number seven.

After lunch, we wanted to go back to the hot tub and pool.  This meant, of course, that we had to shed our clothes in the cabin.  This time, as soon as Shelly was topless, Scott leaned over and took a mouthful of tit.  He became to feel up the other one with his hand.  Without letting go, slipped the other hand between her legs and pushed his fingers into her cunt.  She was still soaking wet.  She came again quickly as his fingers massaged her clit.  Not missing a beat, she climbed on her knees on the bed.  And spread her legs, exposing her pussy to his view once again.  He mounted up and slid his, once again, hard penis into her wet pussy and began to thrust.  Hard. Fast.  She came in moments.  Scott took a bit longer, continuing his hard pushes inside her.  He finished and eased himself down on top of her.  At that point it dawned on both of them.  This was some marathon!

It was eight times.

They went back up to spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool.  After a while, Shelly, proclaimed. “I need a nap, and I don’t want to get burned in the afternoon sun.  I’m going back to the cabin.” She picked up her towel and turned to leave.  She wiggled that cute little ass of hers on purpose, and threw a glance and a wink over her shoulder.  Scott didn’t need a bigger hint.  He raced to join her.  The cabin door closed and Shelly was again on her knees with a mouthful of Scott’s cock, and yes, it was getting hard again.  As it grew, Scott breathlessly asked, “How do you want it?”  Shelly grabbed the chair from the desk, spun it around and pushed him into the chair.  She climbed aboard, positioned his cock underneath her wanton cunt and dropped herself onto it.  She leaned forward and began to push herself up and down along the length of his cock.  We both came yet again.  We then took the nap we came back for to begin with. This was nine.

Nap time lasted for an hour or so.  It was Scott who woke up first and he was still incredibly horny, so he reached between Shelly’s legs and slid two fingers into her cunt, which seemed perpetually wet.  He fingered her gently, curling his fingers to trigger the sweet spot of her cunt.  She awoke to her own orgasm.  He rolled over and slipped his cock into her pussy.  She clung to him, digging her nails into his back as he gently moved in and out of her with long, steady, deep, stokes.  She felt like she needed him to fill her, so she held him tightly, his chest pulled hard into her tits, kissing, whispering, loving, climax.  Ten.

Shelly was insistent about getting a little more sun. We put our bathing suits back on and headed up to the pool for one last dip in the hot tub, a swim, and the afternoon rays.  We left the pool with enough time to get ready for dinner and, of course, more sex.  We got back to the cabin and Shelly told Scoot to sit on the floor.  Being the smart guy he is, he did.  She slipped of the bikini bottoms and straddled his face with her pussy.  He began to lick in earnest.  While he licked, he stroked himself back to hardness.  After he had her wet, he moved from stroking his cock to fingering her pussy.  She exploded, cum pouring into his hand.  Without missing a beat she just sat right on his cock, impaling her pussy.  She rocked herself back and forth.  It was a new position for both of us.  The explosion soon followed.  Eleven.  It was time to get dressed for dinner.

Over dinner, we decided to take in the Broadway style show.  This required yet another trip to the cabin to change.  Off came the clothes.  It shouldn’t be a surprise as to what happened next.  The moment Shelly took her shirt off, Scott embraced her, moving his mouth down to suck on one nipple, then the other, making them both peak.  Shelly unbuckled his belt and let his pants drop.  No underwear.  He went commando.  This really turned her on.  She attacked his cock, then simply turned her ass toward him, bent over, flipped her skirt up, and begged for another fuck.  Scott pulled her panties down and realized her cunt was still wet from all the earlier explosions.  He easily slid in.  He grabbed her hips and started pulling her pussy along the length of his cock.  She grabbed the arms of the chair for balance.  Scott began to ram his cock home, building to another explosion of his own.  She beat to him it – moaning in pleasure until she came, still spilling her cum over his cock.  After their orgasms she stood up and their mingled cum began to run down her leg.  She turned, kissed him, and cleaned up.  They still had time to make the show.  This was twelve.

All during the show while the lights were out, Scott slipped his fingers under Shelly’s skirt, between her legs and into her pussy.  She reached across and rubbed her hand along his crotch, excited know there was no underwear.  He was still going commando.  They felt like kids at a drive in movie (for those who remember them).  After the show, they about ran back to the cabin.  Thirteen.

It was time for the dance floor.  Shelly was more daring tonight.  The skirt was shorter and all that separated her from exposure was a thong.  She really wanted to put on a show for Scott.  The lights on the dance floor were low, but that didn’t stop her from being his main attraction.  Shelly gyrated in time to the music.  At one point, she turned her back on him and bent over, giving him a great view of her tight ass.  During the slow songs, we did more groping than dancing.  He reached behind her and easily slid his hands under her skirt, grabbing the cheeks of her ass.  Dancing didn’t last long.  It was more than both of them could stand.  Not sure who was dragging whom, we made our way to the elevators.  Inside, he pinned her against the elevator wall and kissed her hard.  The kiss didn’t break until the door open on our deck.  We made our way to the cabin again.  Scoot wasted no time moving Shelly right to the bed, pushing her back and almost ripping off her thong.  He buried his tongue in her cunt, and then his fingers were pushed in as well.  As he nibbled her clit and fingered her deeply, she had another orgasm…..she had long ago lost count.  She slid to the floor, once again on her knees, this time against the bed, and enveloped his prick with her mouth.  She buried her face all the way to his torso, taking the full length of him into her mouth.  Her mouth moved back and forth, her tongue playing along the underside length of his quickly hardening shaft.  Scott pulled her off her knees and finished undressing her.  He marveled at her beauty as she stood before him, totally nude.  He quickly removed the rest of his clothes.  She grabbed his cock and pulled him onto the bed.  He parted her legs, lifting them onto his chest, and plunged his manhood into her wanting, waiting cunt.  We took each other with total abandon, fucking hard.  Her hips rose to meet every thrust.  The sounds of our sex rang in each other’s ears, pushing us to further ecstasy.  We came hard, the mutual explosions complimenting each other.  When we couldn’t go any more, we collapsed.  Scott pulled Shelly close.  They snuggled and drifted off.

It was about 11 pm.  We had made love and fucked hard – 14 times in 24 hours.  It was one of those events in our marriage that will live on forever in our memories.


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14 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Well, I knew I would never be able to run the mile in less than 4 minutes. Now, here is another record I know I’ll never beat! This is amazing! What a blessing. A day you two will never forget. May God bless your ministry!

  2. dcromie says:

    That is awesome! My wife and I on our 5th day of our honeymoon we did it 8 times. I am curious Scott and Shelly, how old were you and many years of marriage when you did this 14 times in 24 hours?

  3. Disfrutando says:

    We called those Sexathon. We have only been married 5 years. We tried to have a sexathon every couple years. Usually includes God hooking us up somehow with some hotel, resort or adult hotel we wouldn’t be able to afford. It really get us going.

    PS. Walking the next day it’s tough!

  4. HV450 says:

    Does he have big balls? Some guys have really big balls and if they are fit and healthy they are good for a big day but not many could match you. Also, if he ejaculates a lot of semen (and keeps hydrated) it makes a big difference too. It does seem to be the male who runs out of juice first.
    We were suprised that I seemed to be able to come quite quickly even after several times. It can be rather messy but it is a lot of fun. I like the relaxed feeling that we have afterward, sort of brim full of love and at peace with the world!

  5. HV450 says:

    My wifes' sister married at the same time and they compared notes a few weeks later. Her sister claimed to have been done over 30 times in the first day and I said I didn't think it possible. My bride asked again and was persuaded that her sister really was penetrated about 34 times in the first day or so. The girls come from a sheltered, chauvinistic, background and she seemed to think that she had to let him have her whenever he got an erection and wanted to put it in. He would thrust, but I think she wouldn't notice that he wouldn't be having an orgasm very often. We both felt that she must have been very sore and felt quite sorry for her.

  6. Trieste2 says:

    My guy does have big balls (but he has a tight scrotum and he carries them well) and produces over a billion healthy sperm in one ejaculate (he was tested for some research at college) but he couldn't come near to doing me 14 times. I have also noticed that he can still cum quite quickly even though we have done it several times. Maybe it is like that for everyone?

  7. HV450 says:

    When we have had a big weekend we notice that my balls start out feeling big and heavy but end up just feeling soft, light, and relaxed. The base of the penis might ache a bit but it is suprising how quicky it becomes erect again after each time, if there is still a chance for some more!

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