Foreplay Under The Blanket (L)

A real situation for some Christian couples is being horny – when it isn’t the right time for sex.

When the kids are really small – that are a lot of creative ways we can play with each other without the kids even knowing. It is when they get older that it is harder to pull it off.

The way our house is laid out – when the kids are up, and it is before 10pm – there is almost no opportunity for fucking. I think that is probably true for most of us.

Here is what is common for my wife and I. We have a nice walk-in closet (no lock). When we are in there, all bets are off. She is grabbing my cock, giving a quickie suck. I’m grabbing her tits, licking her butt and pussy, fingering her butt and pussy, and humping her ass every time she bends over. It is a wonder that we can even get dressed when we are in there!

If we are really horny – and want a quickie – she will suck my dick in the bathroom (has a lock). I’ll cum on her tits as she sits on the toilet.

A more common situation for us is to be horny while sitting in the living room as a family – watching TV. We’ll sit together with a blanket over us. We even do this in the summer when the AC is blowing cold in the house.

The key is to wear the right clothing. Loose clothing with no underwear (and no bra). We will sit there for a couple of hours masturbating each other. We have a large dark blanket – perfect for the occasion. My wife will sit on my hand – as I finger her ass. I put my thumb on her glory hole – while a finger or two is in her pussy. I love how wet she gets. I will have to quickly lick my wet fingers from time to time! My wife tastes so good!

All the while, she massages my cock in every way imaginable. She expertly cups my balls while her wrist moves sensually on my hard 7-8 inch shaft. Then, she’ll go up and down on my shaft with her thumb touching perfectly just below the head of my dick. She knows how to masturbate me. I feel so contented with my cock in her hands. She never does anything that hurts or irritates. She knows that when he is hard – he is almost indestructible. She can almost be as rough as she desires. Again, I have total trust in her judgment. My cock is her’s!

The key is to enjoy this without making noise. We have gotten pretty good at this. It is amazing as a man to have a hard-on for a couple of hours – and I mean maximum hardness! We so enjoy one another’s company. We’ve been married a long time – but, we are like two horny newlyweds. We look at each other and know are activity is just an overflow of our love for one another.

As she continues to rub my dick and my hand is under her butt and cunt – I play with her boobs with my other hand. They are perky under the blanket. Her nipples are hard. I love touching them at all times! As I often whisper to her, “Your tits are telling me that you want to be fucked tonight.” She purrs and smiles with approval.

Most of the time, we end all of this in bed that night. Yet, we have had occasions where we ended up needing to wash the blanket – as I exploded my cum all over her hand onto the blanket. Or she has cum on my hand. At that point, we’ve noticed the wonderful smell of orgasm – and wonder if the kids can smell it? Fortunately, it is not hard to take a bathroom break and slyly put the blanket away.

With all of this, we know that when it is blanket time – we are going to be very distracted from what is on the TV. Foreplay reminds us that there is joy in the journey. The orgasms are wonderfully powerful. They are a culmination of a wonderful time of loving foreplay.

This has a parallel for us in the living of the Christian life. We rightfully and expectantly wait for the day of final glory. It will be the ultimate. There will be perfect joy and no sin! It will be forever. Yet, there is great joy in the journey of living for the Lord each day now in the “foreplay” to final glory. When we really understand this – it gives us great reason for thanksgiving. God gives all of our life great meaning and purpose.

Isn’t it wonderful how our sex lives can teach us things about the rest of our lives? If we will only dwell on Scripture in light every aspect of life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all – as we count the blessings that we have by faith in Jesus Christ.

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  1. anea1976 says:

    This post is great. It is so wonderful to see a christian talk about married sex in such glorious terms. It helps me let go of many taboos which I acquired from my strict church doctrine.I will let myself enjoy sex with my zealous, sexually hot christian husband more.

  2. HornyAussies says:

    Being married for 27 years and raised as Christians with all the negative teaching regarding sex (or no teaching) this is is liberating. Thanks guys. Enjoy your posts.

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