I’ll Want To Make Love

Hi everyone, about a year ago I submitted my first post on this site, it was about finding contentment with my high sex drive and desire as a young, single, female Christian.  The advice I received was so helpful I can truly say I have come to terms with my desire and seldom feel ashamed of it now.  The following post is an open letter that I wrote for my future husband that I thought I might share, partially in an effort to feel more comfortable with this part of myself. Thanks in advance for anyone who reads and God bless. (:


My Sweetheart,

I love you.  I want you to know that I can already feel you within me, buried deep within my soul.  I also want you to know something else, I’m going to want us to make love.  I know that you’re a man, you’re probably letting out a chuckle right now.  But when I say that, I mean I’m going to want to make love a lot.  I’m going to want you in a thousand different ways, in a thousand different places, every day.  I likely won’t be able to keep my hands off of you.  When I wake the first thing I will do is reach to find you, and bring you close enough to feel you deep inside me.  I want our union to be so transient and so complete that the most natural inclination we both have is to share our love through becoming one flesh.  

I may ask you to make love to me each morning, surely you will comply.  But my darling, please do not hesitate when I ask you to make love to me again.  If you do not return my desire I fear my heart will grow faint with sorrow.  Please do not turn me away.

Instead, let us share in rapturous bliss a second time, and a third time, and a fourth time, until absolutely spent, we collapse in each other’s embrace only to find that we meet one another in our dreams.

I am going to want my hands all over you,  every inch of you.  I’m going to want to touch you.  I’m going to want to be able to satisfy my endless desire for you, I will want you so badly that it will seem almost painful.  Though I will likely never tell you in person that that is what is happening.  From my outer countenance you likely would not know the deep, blazing fire and steady ache that are encompassing my soul.  But I’ll need you, everything within me will be screaming, go to him, go to him, and I won’t be able to fight it. I pray that you won’t want me to.

I am going to crave the taste of you, swelling within me until I can’t breathe.  I am going to relentlessly desire the taste of you, your pleasure building until you spill your love inside of me, a gift I will eagerly accept.

I am going to crave you inside my core.  The feel of you becoming one with me.  I am going to want to make love to you.  My baby, I am going to need it so much.  I will want your hands everywhere all at once, casting away the years of agonizing loneliness that I endured without your touch.  

You’ll be my first everything.  How could I not wait anxiously for you?  My sweet one, I faithfully await the day that we will finally be able to hold each other close and be as one; as we were meant to be.

At this very moment I am aching to hold you close.

I am going to love you so much, forever, my sweetheart.  I already do.

~ Eternally yours,


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9 replies
  1. PatientPassion says:

    This is a beautiful picture you've painted! I pray my future wife will have a similar view of sex, and the same strong sex drive!

    I have a note on this part: "I'm going to want to be able to satisfy my endless desire for you, I will want you so badly that it will seem almost painful. Though I will likely never tell you in person that that is what is happening. From my outer countenance you likely would never know the deep, blazing fire and steady ache that are encompassing my soul."

    When you meet the man God brings to you to marry, why not tell him this? If my future wife told me that she wanted me so badly, that she needed me so desperately, it would be a massive turn-on! As a guy, I can tell you that right before the wedding would be a perfect time to show or read this letter to him! It would probably have him even more on fire for you than he would normally be! Of course, it might be a good idea to let him know about your high sex drive before you get married, though in a slightly more reserved way (to avoid stoking the fires too soon), so he knows what he will be "getting into" (no sex pun intended).

    Praying God brings you a good Christian man with whom you can fulfill all of your desires!

  2. Adam Rose says:

    I agree.
    As a single guy waiting for marriage to have sex i too think it would be a great pree wedding gift to give this letter to your betrothed.
    I don't think I'm alone in the fear that I might accidentally choose the wrong woman with a very low or nonexistent sex drive. (Unlikely i know, but it's a fear I've had for as long as I've known about sex)

    It's funny that I could have written this letter, almost word for word, to my future wife. I was reading and about halfway through I realized there are women out there, "godly women" who struggle with the same loneliness and unfulfilled desires I do.
    I am encouraged and inspired yet again! Thank you Marriage Heat!

  3. Adam Rose says:

    Honestly one of the biggest things i look forward to after marriage is being able to cuddle pree or post sleep.
    Physical touch is a hugely important love language for me and it's something i plan on asking for often.
    Knowing the law of attraction though i will probably marry someone who's indifferent to it lol.
    Oh well! She's never been attacked by Mister Snuggles! She won't know what hit her! Ha ha😙

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    God bless you my dear, I hope that one day you'll feel NO shame whatsoever for you God-given desires. I'll pray for you. I think you will make a lovely wife one day 🙂 I'm sure he'd love to see that which you've written. Jesus loves you dear!

  5. ShamelessBachelor says:

    All I can say about this open letter is… Wow!

    I’m very glad that you broke out of your shell. No one should feel ashamed about being passionate about one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Whoever that God will give to you as your eternal mate is going to be SO lucky!

  6. heattt says:

    Hey I remember you! This made me so happy, to be able to read something from you again. Every word of your first post last year touched me, because it’s something I could have written myself. Ive felt the same shame. I always wondered what happened to you and prayed for you lol XD And you’re back :)))))))

    I love this letter and like Harper Shelby Thornton said, I know you’ll be the most amazing wife and mother one day. You seem really caring and sweet 🙂 I hope college is going well now, i didn’t even go this semester but wish me luck next semester 🙂

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