The Wait

I’ve dreamed of having a wedding for as long as I can remember. Beautiful brides, dressed in white, kissing handsome men in tuxedos as their friends and family celebrate them. Now at 30, I often find my mind drifting to the wedding night. I can’t help but imagine…

Our wedding was beautiful, and the reception was a lot of fun. You kiss me softly, passionately as we leave the hotel elevator. Though tired, we eagerly anticipate consummating our relationship.

We are still in our wedding clothes, our hair disheveled from the passionate kisses we’ve shared. We arrive at the door to our room, still kissing and hugging. Your hands move to touch my breasts, but you stop yourself until we are inside.

The second we are through the door your kisses grow more passionate. You back me up against the wall and kiss me, one hand cradling my face. The other travels upward and cups my breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. The guttural moan that comes from my throat is all the encouragement you need. You gently start kneading my breasts with both hands.

As I lay here dreaming of that night, the thought of your kisses and caresses turns me on. I run my hands up and down my body.

Finally, I can take no more and beg you to help me out of my dress. You gladly oblige but fumble a bit with the buttons. Finally, I am free from the waist up. My large breasts remain imprisoned in a long, white corset-like bra, but your fingers push one cup down, exposing the nipple. Your face looks like a kid opening his birthday present. You roll the nipple between your thumb and forefinger while kissing me. Finally, you dip your head and kiss it. Your kiss starts out short and gentle, but you wrap your arms around my waist. Before I know it, you are sucking on my hard, pink nipple.

By now I am kneading my breasts, and my nipples are stiffening. I take my tits out of my bra and roll and pinch my nipples. Down below I feel a distinct and familiar wetness. Thinking of you, dear future husband, makes me so horny. I can’t wait to experience your hot breath on my breasts and your sweet lips on my nipples.

After you finish with the first breast, you kiss me on the lips before pulling down the other bra cup. This time you are more sure of yourself. You can tell by my moans that I appreciate your work.

While you don’t know it yet, I’m already dripping wet. I want to take this further, but I am not about to let my wedding night lingerie go to waste. Breathless, I stop you and ask for some help unhooking my bra. Then I gather a few things from my suitcase and lock myself in the bathroom.

About 15 minutes later I emerge to find you lounging in the flannel pajama pants I bought for you. I’m wearing a long ivory satin robe.

You can see that my earlier enthusiasm is giving way to nerves. You stand up and guide me to the couch. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in your arms, and you know it. The nerves I am feeling fade as you kiss me and cuddle me close. I know you’d like to remove my robe, but I appreciate your patience. I remind myself that I am with the man I love. With every kiss, I am more and more relaxed, and slowly the passion starts to build again.

Your hand goes to the ribbon holding my robe closed. As you tug, it falls open and displays a nightgown of the sheerest lace. The top is a pushup design that leaves my breasts about to spill out. The long, see-through skirt below reveals a barely-there thong. I hear you moan as you take in my almost bare form.

You push the robe from my shoulders, pupils widening. Reaching down, you inch your hand up under the skirt of my gown and along my inner thigh. As you find your target at the intersection of my legs, you feel how drenched I am and smile. You kiss me deeply as your hand strokes my pussy through my panties. Your fingers find their way under the g-string and rub over my feminine folds. It doesn’t take you long to find my clitoris and to start stroking it as I whimper in pleasure.

My hand is now inside my panties, rubbing my slick slit and moaning as I imagine it’s your fingers. I unhook my bra then return to pleasuring my clit with one hand while the other rubs and squeezes my breasts. I pull on the nipples, pretending the tugging is you sucking them.

You pull me closer, and we arrange ourselves with me seated between your legs and my back to your chest. You kiss my neck as your hands continue to pleasure me.

Your growing erection presses against me. I wiggle my round bottom against it, making you growl. I shift to the side so that our lips can lock and our tongues spar. Feeling bold, I slip my hand between your legs to your erection. I stroke it through the flannel. Your hands play with my breasts, kneading them and tugging on the nipples as you kiss the side of my neck. I shiver in delight and continue to stroke your ever-hardening penis.

When you are fully erect, you turn me around and kiss me on the lips. Then you stand, help me up and lead me to the bed.

I lift my arms, and you finish undressing me. I help you with your shirt and pajama pants, blushing as I do. You hold me close and kiss the side of my forehead, then help me into the bed. I shiver at the touch of crisp cotton sheets on my bare body.

We kiss and cuddle some more until you shift on top of me. Then my legs wrap around you, and your penis stimulates my clit as we rub our bodies together, up and down. Back and forth it rubs, sending me closer and closer to the heaven that beckons. When I can take no more, you stop and look into my eyes.

“Are you ready?”

I nod and help you position yourself at my entrance.

My pussy tingles for you and my breathing is getting rougher and rougher. I keep rubbing myself and thinking about you. I wish you were here with me as I moan and wiggle on my bed.

The tip of your cock pushes at the virgin entrance of my pussy. You whisper sweet reassurances in my ear, telling me I am beautiful and how much you love me. You push forward, gently but firmly. You are only a couple of inches in, but there is a pinching, stretching feeling. Noticing my wince, you pause to make sure I want you to proceed. I nod again, and you keep going until you are all the way in. You settle, letting my body become accustomed to your size. “You feel so good, so tight,” you murmur as you kiss my neck. Slowly, you begin to move inside me.

I insert first one finger, then two as I imagine you inside me. It doesn’t feel as good as you will someday, but until you are here, it will have to do. I wiggle them, then begin to work up a rhythm while losing myself in the thought of you inside of me.

At first, your strokes are shallow and tentative. But soon they are bolder and faster, and I move my hips in sync with your rhythm. My moans grow louder and wilder as you find my g-spot. In and out, over and over. Your balls slap my bottom, and I sigh at the sheer pleasure of your whole body colliding with mine.

I’m convinced I can’t take any more, but you pump even faster and then still. The brink of pleasure, which was just out of reach, I finally crest and topple over. As I cry out in ecstasy, I feel your whole body shudder. A warm liquid fills me as my contracting muscles milk the last of it from your softening cock.

As I envision being joined with you, my pleasure spirals higher and higher. As it reaches its crescendo, I cry out. Thinking of you, my love, has brought me such bliss, but I know it pales in comparison to the real thing.

Neither of us can move for a couple of minutes as we revel in the wonder of what we’ve experienced. You pull out of me with reluctance and roll over onto your back. I snuggle in close to you and rest my head on your chest. My long, curly hair is even wilder than usual, and you smile as you see what your passion has done. I plant little kisses on your chest. Your hand rubs my back in a lazy pattern.

After a minute you sit up on one elbow, and we look at each other, then kiss. You catch my chin in your hand and ask if you’ve hurt me.

“No, love. It did sting a bit, but it was worth it. You’re worth it.”

“Good,” you reply, planting a soft kiss on my hairline.

You get up and lead me to the bathroom where we clean each other up a bit. We return to bed and drift off in each other’s arms, naked and ready for more lovemaking later that night.

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Beautiful story! It brought back memories of my wedding night long ago. I hope this comes true for you soon darlin. Till then continue to enjoy your passion. God bless and stay horny!

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Beautiful! I think it's good to imagine the consummation of your vows, and the tone here was one of fantasy and eroticism, not realism. But in the hope of helping others not be disappointed in a 'less than stellar' wedding night experience, I'd like to note that losing my virginity caused *me* a bit more than a pinch and bit of sting for a little while. If you are expecting that, it can get you through to the other side, as will your love for your new spouse. And I think there are preparations that can be made to help it cause less pain? Do others know what can be done?

  3. OneDayBeYours says:

    HornyGG-Thank you!

    CrazyHappyLoved- I debated a bit how to write that part, but decided to go with erotic over realistic. I am glad you read it the way I intended it. I'd love for my wedding night to go so well, but I am guessing there will be more pain…and probably no orgasm.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Oh, don't rule out the orgasm! For some it's better to think positively so they aren't too nervous. Others prefer to prepare for the worst, then are happy to be pleasantly surprised. I'd almost bet that with all the love you'll both be sharing, any discomfort will be fleeting and overshadowed. Sweet dreams until then!

  4. ArtRutherford says:

    Wonderful story. Single, Christian Masturbation is wonderful while waiting for in anticipation of the real thing with your God fearing, loving, husband. Trust God's timing and His direction in your life. Yes, as hornyGG said "stay horny". 🙂

  5. WeldersWife says:

    Oneday, each woman is different in the pain they experience the first time. My advice; use a lubricant and foreplay foreplay foreplay! Try to relax and just enjoy when the time comes. God bless and prayers!

  6. John Thompson says:

    In the days before marriage the sexual build up can be overwhelming. I’m a man and I masturbated regularly before we married, often so franticly my penis was red raw. In the couple weeks before we married I was frantic and masturbated two or three times a night thinking of my bride to be. Till then the closest I’d seen her to being nude was her bikini or a glimpse of her panties up her skirt and I couldn’t get that out of my mind. I normally masturbated with just my bare hand, but in those final days I used lots of lube so on our wedding night though my shaft was experiencing the stiffest erection I’d ever had it showed no red marks from the outworkings of my unfulfilled lust. That worked!

  7. PatientPassion says:

    As CHL wisely advised, it's good to set realistic expectations, but it's also good to hope for and work towards better things! A couple of things have already been mentioned that could be a huge help: lubrication and foreplay.

    From my incomplete knowledge, it sounds like the primary sources of pain for women are friction and tearing of the hymen, a membrane that partially covers the vagina. Both lube and plenty of foreplay should help the friction problem, and eliminate it completely if done adequately.

    The hymen is a more complicated issue, but that can also be helped. In some women, the hymen is not a problem because it's either naturally out of the way, or it's been gradually torn or stretched out by other non-sexual activities. For those women who might still have a problem, I've heard of using vaginal dilators (pretty much boring-looking dildos of increasing size) to gradually accustom themselves to having something in there. There's information readily available about it through a quick google search of "vaginal dilation". I'm not sure how well it works, but I'd say it's worth it if it helps you to have a better first-time experience!

    And obviously, being calm and relaxed can help. Don't feel rushed to do anything, and if you have your wedding late in the day, don't feel like you have to have sex that same night! There's nothing wrong with sleeping off any stress from the day and consummating the marriage the next day when you're both more rested and relaxed!

    Again, I'm not and expert and these are simply things I've researched. I'd encourage you to look into it yourself, and when your future husband comes along, have him do some pre-wedding research too! May God bless you and your future marriage!

  8. Adam Rose says:

    I too am a single virgin approaching my late twenties, waiting for marriage.
    I too struggle sometimes with loneliness and longing. Friends are great but there's an aspect called "erotic or eros love" that no one but a spouse can provide. Sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes it's hard. Yet i know, someday, God will bring me before my wife, "naked and unashamed" and it will be so worth the wait.
    Hang in their girl. Your testimony has greatly encouraged me there are Christian singles of the opposite sex that have the same longings as me.
    Your husband will treasure being your first more than you know.

  9. Bighuged says:

    That was such a sexy story! I love the way you went back and forth between your fantasy and how you were actually touching yourself! It got my cock rock hard and ready to cum ;). I hope my future wife is as horny as you! And I hope you find a husband to live out that hot sex story 😉

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