New Toys, New Fun

For the past several years, my wife and I have enjoyed playing with new sex toys and surprising each other with purchases online. We’ve amassed quite a collection of lubes and toys and there was one recently that caught my eye. I clicked purchase on Amazon as soon as I saw it.

Two days later a box arrived while I was home and I eagerly opened it in anticipation of what was to come. That afternoon, my wife got home from work and went upstairs.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“A new toy for our collection. I think you’ll like it,” I responded.

I was nervous for her to open it. Not worried about what she’ll say, or what she’ll think, but the nervousness you feel when you are really excited.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed.

Inside the box was a purple strap on harness with a slim purple dildo.

“I love it when you play with my ass with your vibrator, and I wanted to try this. It’s okay if you’re not into it. I’m perfectly fine if you don’t want to do this,” I assured her.

“If this is something that turns you on, it’ll turn me on too,” she told me. “Besides, there’s nothing in the bible against this.”

That night, we had already put the kids to bed and I went to take a shower. Sally was already in bed watching TV. I slipped into bed also and started kissing her. I slowly licked down her neck to her breasts and kissed each nipple softly. I reached down to her waist and in shock felt my new toy laying on her perfect stomach.

Startled, I said, “you sure move fast with this don’t you? How does it feel?”

“It fits perfectly. It’s a little strange having something between my legs, but I think this is going to be fun. First things first though, you have to lube me up,” she whispered.

I reached for the wet lube that we like, but she brushed my hand away. “Not like that,” she told me. She then climbed on top of me and turned around getting into a perfect 69 position. She took my cock in her mouth, and told me to do the same. I looked up and saw her beautiful glistening pussy that smelled like strawberries, and her lovely asshole. I also saw this five-inch long dildo. I licked her pussy lips, her perineum, and up to her butt. Up and down on my cock she went, while at the same time stroking me into her mouth.

“Do it. Suck my cock, too,” she said. I placed the tip in my mouth and went to work, bobbing up and down on her play cock. The smooth silicon didn’t taste like anything, and I’d honestly rather be licking that sweet tasting pussy, but I’ll play along. “Don’t you come yet. I want to see if you really want this,” she told me. “Lay down on your back.”

She rolled off of me and grabbed the lube. I lay back and just took in the sight of my wife hovering over me about to enter me with a strap-on dildo. She lubed up two fingers and slid them into my ass slowly. “Play with your cock-I want to watch you stroke it,” she said. Stroking my cock with one hand, she lubed up her dildo and stroked it like I was doing to my own. She smiled and asked me if I was ready. Slowly, she slid the dildo in as I picked up the pace on my own.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“It feels amazing. I want you to fuck me now,” I told her.

She started pumping in and out. She was holding onto my hips and thrusting hers into mine. It felt amazing. She brushed my hand away and took over on my cock as well with her well lubed hands. I wasn’t going to last long as I was in visual overload. She slammed the dildo in and out of my ass until I finally came all over my chest and her hands. She slowly pulled the dildo out and laid down next to me.

“Was it everything you thought it would be?” she wondered.

“That felt amazing, but now it’s your turn,” I told her.

I took the cloth harness off her and parted her legs. I reached over into the nightstand and pulled out her favorite vibrator. It’s a purple G-spot one that’s curved slightly at the top. I put the tip into my mouth to warm it up then slowly lined it up with her beautiful pussy. I slid down the bed and flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit. I held the vibrator just inside her pussy and sucked on her clit ever so gently. Her hips bucked and she grabbed both her tits and arched her back. Within moments Sally came hard on my tongue and her vibrator.

Here’s to new adventures…

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7 replies
  1. Savingallmylove says:

    Sensualcouple, thank you for sharing your story. This is actually something that my significant other brought up to me and while he also wouldn’t want to pressure me, I do want to make sure he is satisfied, even though the idea seems a bit odd to me. We’re not married or sexual active, but it’s nice to know this isn’t something I should be ashamed of trying when that times comes after we’re married.

  2. sensualcouple says:

    I saw one reader posted something critical of our story. Not sure why this would offend you plumbcrazy. If we start reading a story about bondage or BDSM we stop reading it. Not because we think it’s wrong, but because we aren’t into that. Show me where it says biblically we can’t do this. We looked deep into this before I even brought up the subject to my wife. She then did her own research. Anything goes in marriage as long as both people agree to it and it’s honoring to God. Is it filthy and dirty? By your standards, it is. Where do you draw the line then? Anything other than missionary with no talking or expression on your face? Now we’re getting into a strictly legalistic definition of sex within the marriage.

  3. sensualcouple says:

    Savingallmylove- kudos to him for having the guts to discuss it with you prior to marriage! I don’t think I would have ever been able to do that! It took us a long time to openly talk about sex even after we were married and we barely discussed it before!

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    So happy this was published! I was afraid similar content of ours might be outside the sites guidelines. You have encouraged me greatly, sensualcouple. It's great to know that some others agree that the marriage bed (and floor and shower and kitchen table…) is *the* right place to explore all the ways to bring our spouses physical pleasure.

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