Clothes Shopping

Since you are my wife, you know, I’m an inventor.  It’s kind of a hobby of mine.  As you also know, the inventions that you like the most are my sex toys.  Some of them are really creative.  Your favorite one is my ultra slim pager because it doubles as a wireless vibrator.  I often have you wear it down below when we go out on a date.

Whenever you mention the word, “talk” in a conversation, I dial up my pager with my cell phone.  One time, we were out shopping for skirts.   I love shopping with you for skirts because I get a chance to see your sexy legs.  Any way, you picked out a few short ones and went to try them on.  Since you were taking your time, I called out to you to hurry you up.  You told me to be patient and that you would “talk” to me in a second.  I took that as my clue and dialed my pager.  In no time at all, my pager was sending its erotic vibrations between your legs.  Because you were getting lost in those feelings you didn’t say anything and I called out to you again. You said to be patient and that you would talk to me in a minute.   With that, I called my pager a second time. The second time was even more erotic that the first.  Since you were really getting turned on, you asked me if I could “talk” to you a few more times.  I said sure, but I think you should get a comfortable as you can.  And with that, you took off your shirt, bra, panties and skirt and then tossed them over the dressing room door.  You then sat back and said, PK hubby please talk to me.  I then dialed my pager three more times and had you breathing and moaning from an intense orgasm.  After you rested a few minutes, you peaked out the door and when the coast was clear, you casually walked out, posed for me briefly and then grabbed your clothes and went back inside and got dressed.

When you came out, you had that dreamy satisfied look on your face.  As you started to walk around, you told me how much you loved our stimulating conversations.  I smiled and said that I am a man with many talents.   Since you were still turned on and you saw that I was as well, you had me go into the dressing room and take my underwear off.   I asked if you were going to help, you smiled and said in a few minutes. You grabbed a few shirts and gave them to me and said, go change. I came out a few minutes later only to find you over looking at bras and panties.  I knew you went over there just to tease me so I snuck up behind you and grabbed you around the waist and pulled you against me so you could feel my excitement.  You then started to press back against me with a gentle swaying motion.  You then picked up a pair of see through panties and asked me if I liked them. I said yes, of course I do.  Then you dropped them and bent down to pick them up.  Since you were wearing a short skirt, I could tell that you weren’t wearing any underwear.  Then you asked me if I liked what you were wearing and I gave you a swat on your barley-covered bottom.  As you came back up, you slid your hand down the front of my shorts and started to caress my erection.  Since you were in front of me and we were behind a tall rack, no one could see what you were doing but boy could I feel it!  After a few minutes, I told you that I was about to the point of no return so you stopped and pulled me by the hand and we headed out the minivan.

Once we got inside, you took all your clothes off and then mine.  Once we were naked, you gave me some of the best oral sex that I have had in a long time.   A few minutes later, I had my orgasm as well.   As you started to get dressed, I asked you to leave your skirt and panties off.  As you started to protest, I said look it’s dark outside.  No one will see.  You thought about it for a second, and then said OK.  Needless to say, I took the long way home.

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