Nude Weekend

Nude Weekend – Hot Summer Evening

It’s summer, almost fall, but here in the Southwest USA it’ll still be warm for a while. When the kids are away at their friend’s house or their cousin’s house, it leaves the house, and backyard, wide open for my wife and I to get naked for a nude weekend. We both love being nude, even though we are both a bit over weight, we still love how each other looks.

On Friday evening, the moment my wife stepped in the door, our nude weekend began. Her clothes began to hit the floor. I walked in behind her and saw her bare back. She turned slowly, just enough for me to see the side of her breast, and gave me a sly smile. As she continued to walk down the hall to our bathroom, more of her clothes hit the floor. As she stepped into the bathroom, she slid her panties down, stepping out of them and tossed them at me, as she laughed and ran off.

I was working my way out of my clothes as I ran after her joining her for our nude weekend. She made it out the other bathroom door, through our bedroom, down another hall and out the back door before I could catch up. When I  finally got all my clothes off, she was already sitting out in the grass on a towel she had grabbed on her way past the spa.

As I approached her, she held up her hand for me to stop. I stopped, and stood there naked in front of my wife. I was watching her breasts sway as she picked blades of grass and pitched them at me, I dodged them as if they would hurt if they hit me. I asked her why she was doing this and she replied it was so she could see my manhood swing and bounce as I moved back and forth. With it being so warm in the summer, it’s nice to have my balls descended. I have told her many times that I love seeing her bent over or on all fours because I love seeing her breasts hang down and sway. She now told me it was my turn to do the same for her.

Nude Weekend Gets Really Hot

Now my wife hasn’t always been very open with sex, sexuality, or sensuality, until recently. She told me to turn around, spread my feet apart, and bend over, she wanted to see my balls hanging down. She told me to move my hips, to “bump and grind” them. She wanted to watch for a change! WOW! Talk about a turn on. For a woman, my wife to be vocal about something she wanted and liked, and to instruct me in what she wanted, that’s wonderful! I swung them side to side, back and forth, in circles, then turned around and bounced them and my now hard penis at her while she clapped and cheered me on.

After giving her the show she asked for, I let my erection die down. Once I was soft and limp again, she motioned for me to walk up to her. She told me to grab my balls and squeeze them, play with them, and stroke my penis at the same time. She moved right up to me, still seated, I could feel her eyes on me, wanting to feel her hands on me. I continued to stroke my hard shaft and play with my balls until I was almost ready to explode. She asked me not to ejaculate yet, she wanted me to save my load for her later. I stopped moving, sweat was dripping off my face from the heat of the sun, and the heat of her passion. I went limp again, she moved forward on her knees and took my limp penis in her mouth, sucked hard, and popped it back out. With a quick lick over it’s pink head, she sucked it in again. I love the feeling of being in her mouth when I am soft, it is unbelievable. She sucked, and rolled me around the inside of her mouth with her tongue until it started to get stiff again.

When she felt that, she stopped, letting it fall out of her mouth, and blew her hot breathe on the head. She leaned forward and rubbed her breasts all over my cluster. Pressing her soft, smooth flesh all over my penis and balls. She cupped her breast with one hand and taking my penis in the other, she pressed her hard nipple straight into the tip of my head, then she let it slide between her breasts and she squeezed them together and stroked me with her breasts. Again she stopped just before I creamed her wonderful chest with a hot load.  She stood up, and ran back into the house. I was standing there still in a  daze, weak in the knees not able to run after her. I walked into the house and I could hear that the shower was on. I stepped in with her, and bathed her from head to toe, giving extra time to shampooing her hair.

She finished first and stepped out and left the bathroom. When I was finished I toweled off and went into our bedroom. There, in evening light that was filtering in our window, laid my wife, naked, legs spread, with her breasts pushed together and her clean shaven vagina towards me. It was all I could do to keep from jumping her. But instead, I walked around the bed, looking her over, taking in her beauty, and seeing every wonderful naked inch of her body. She watched me, I watched her. She moved her hand between her legs, I moved my hand to my penis. She began to move her hand in circles, I began to stroke slowly.

She inserted a finger inside, I held my balls as they pulled up tight, I became more erect. I stood at the end of the bed, she was sideways, she spun around until her head was up against my legs. I moved on top of her, pulling her legs back and spreading them out until her pink, wet womanhood was completely exposed to me with her hips tilted up. We were now in the 69 position, but I was off to the side a little bit, I didn’t want her to have me yet, I wanted for her to concentrate on my pleasuring her with my tongue, lips, and fingers. When she was really wet, I reached over to the nightstand and picked up one of our favorite toys. I had a few sitting out from the night before, we didn’t end up using any of them then, but tonight I wanted to go all out and give her an explosive orgasm.

I brought her to the peak, then slowed it down, brought her back up, and let her cool, after about the third time, I buried my face in her, driving my tongue inside her as far as I could, I pushed it in and out until she was arching her back and moaning very loud. I knew it was time to take it to the next level. I lightly licked her clitoris, and I slid the well lubed toy in. It’s shaped like a penis, with a nice rim around the head, it’s about an inch smaller than me, and not as big around, but it has a slight upward bend in it that makes it perfect for the g-spot. At the same time, I moved my penis above her, she leaned up and as she took me in her mouth I pushed all 6 inches of the toy in her.

I licked her clitoris while I moved the toy in and out, and I moved in and out of her mouth. It was almost too much for her, it didn’t take long until she had an earth shaking, screaming orgasm. I moved off of her and laid next to her, lightly caressing her, which was making her spasm all over, every part of her body was so sensitive to the touch. I wasn’t worried about my orgasm, it was enough for me to have had this with her. I was laying there next to her, our bodies touching and breathing hard together, very happy, when she surprised me by laying her head on my belly, and taking my still hard member in her mouth, stroked me with her hand, and finished me off. We went to sleep, never even got around to eating dinner that night, just feasted on each other.

Our nude weekend continued like this. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, our nude weekend reminded us again how marriage is a place of no shame. Try a nude weekend, or nude evening and see beyond imperfections and focus on who each other really are.

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Nude Weekend

By: Peter Alfred Hess


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