TOY STORY: From No Toys to Toy Crazy “Step One”

This is one of many “helps stories” I would like to post.

Many times, I had asked here at Marriage Heat, “How did you get your spouse into trying sex toys? and where do you find them? because the few stores I’ve been in were full of pornography, homosexuality and much more; things that are spoken of as sin, in the Bible.”

I never got a response, so I am writing this story of exploration to help others that are in this same predicament.

First of all, I would say that trust and honesty are fundamentals for any positive exploration. If you’ve lost the trust of your spouse, you’ll have to earn it again and you can’t resent them for the process you now have to go through. Honesty, if your hiding things from your spouse you need to bring it into the light! Seek Christian council to do this, you are not meant to do it alone, you can’t do it alone!

We have been married for almost 12 years and our marriage has been very blessed. Not that it hasn’t had its share of troubles, but we have fought through each one and it has made us stronger.

Now for the more fun part, I had seen vibrators and other such novelties and longed to try them with my wife. She grew up on the mission field and everything she learned was from me (best day ever). That said, she was pretty conservative in her thoughts and ideas. She is quite normal in her sex drive, not crazy horny nor a boring old lady.

One day, at a pharmacy I found a vibrating cock ring. As I considered buying it, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was so nervous. I got up enough courage to throw it in my basket and check out. I was on a business trip, so that evening I called my wife. “Hey Honey, I bought something at the pharmacy today and would like to try it out with you when I get home?” “Ooh what is it?” she replied. “Well, I’ve seen them before and wanted to try them but never had the courage to actually buy one but today I just did it” “Get to it already!” she urged me on. “It’s a vibrating toy for couples to use together…” “Mmmm that sounds interesting, you need to hurry home so we can try it, I miss you and want you!” We talked a little more and that was that; the first step to our toy crazy life.

That’s how it all started, I hope to post, “Step Two” soon if people like “Step One.”

Here are the details of that wonderful first-time TOY STORY, if you’re into details. If not, just jump to “Step Two.”

TOY STORY “Step One”
I got home a few days after a had told her about purchasing the toy. I was ready for my wife and she was ready for me! I walked in the door and we hugged each other tightly. She tries hard to look good for me when I get home from a trip. I always get her small gifts when I’m out, to let her know I was thinking of her. after I showed her the gifts, I reached into the bag and said,”This one is for me.” I showed her the cock ring, as we looked at it together, we felt like two youth again exploring the unknown all over again. Like on my wedding night, I was excited and nervous, not sure what would happen and not sure if she was thinking and feeling like I was. I was hoping she was excited but I was nervous that she might just be offended or maybe just being polite; she did seem genuinely interested though.

I took the little toy out of the package and read the directions. I slid the rubber ring over my cock, down to the base, and turned it on; I was already dripping with excitement. The small ring sent vibrations through my cock and I put the tip of it on her clitoris, she moaned with pleasure. I massaged her clitoris with the soft head of my penis for a few minutes, which she loves, it drives her wild. She reached around to my buttocks grabbing both my cheeks with her hands, trying to pull me in. This was exciting for me, she was not only letting me try this, she wanted it! So I gave it to her, letting my cock plunge deep inside her pussy. She moaned loudly and began to grind her hips on me. She worked it hard and fast and within seconds was screaming loudly. My wife isn’t a very loud girl, she has learned to keep it down because we have three children, but that night, it was all thrown out the window, she didn’t hold back at all. I was so turned on I had to quickly pull out and turn off the vibrator.  The vibrations were making it hard not to cum, even when I was out of her.

“How was it?” I asked. We have a scale of one to 10 that we use occasionally to help each other understand how sex was for us; she responded, “Eleven plus!” She had never used that rating before! I knew this was a hit! “Can you handle another one?” I asked. She grabbed me and pulled me down over her naked body and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me!” That was all I needed, I drove my throbbing rod deep inside her again, landing the little vibrator right down on her clitoris. This time I did more thrusting, it was difficult because I was so horny and it took everything within me not to cum too soon.

I asked her to get on top so I could see her better. We quickly changed positions and she began to grind her beautiful hips against my pelvis again. Within minutes she arched her back as every muscle in her body tightened. Everything seemed to freeze, time stood still just for a moment. I will never forget her face, her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth wide open and for that brief moment in time all was silent, her breath was taken away! Then after what seemed like an eternity, the air came rushing back into her lungs and she gasped loudly. That was all I needed, I instantly shot my hot sperm into her womb and we gasped for air together. After I came, we both started laughing.  I had to quickly get the vibrator turned off because it was now tickling us both. We laid there in pure ecstasy holding each other’s naked bodies and giggling like two naughty children.

We decided to save that toy for special occasions. it was about the fourth time that we used it that my wife, half teasingly said, “I’m interested in seeing what other little toys we could find”. I jumped on that and said, “Are you serious?” She thought about it and said, “Yeah, I think so.”

until the next time…

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10 replies
  1. WeldersWife says:

    Hubby and I often order toys online or go into adult stores in which the pornography and the toys are separated (many of your higher end stores are like this where we live anyway. You can find out online or call the store). Also, if your wife is comfortable in doing so, Pure Romance is an excellent route to go! They host parties (think Tupperware; no sex or anything goes on) that are strictly for women hence, a more relaxed atmosphere. They sell toys, lubricants, perfumes, etc. Good luck, enjoy yourselves, and God Bless!

  2. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Yes, Covenant Spice is a Christian online sex store. We have ordered from it ourselves. Clean site with no porn or graphic language with a wide assortment of toys and such, so safe to go on, and you can leave reviews of the products. The lady who started it came from a very conservative Mennonite background (read oppressive) but a sexual awakening led her to the knowledge of what true marital sex is meant to be like and that sex toys can play an important role. After being turned off by retail sex stores and graphic online sites, her and her husband created their own online store specifically in mind for the Christian couple.

  3. Great Marriage says:

    This story brings back a memory. At least 30 years ago I also was away, on the road for a couple weeks. I always went to the mall to purchase a dress for my wife before coming homing home. I got the dress and also from the mall novelty shop, Spencers, I purchased a white two C battery vibrator. When I got home a gave her the dress which she always appreciated, I told her, "I had something else, a vibrator." She looked me in the eyes and said, " I hope its a big one". I about died right there. That was the start of our sex toy fun. Today we have pretty much everything you can imagine. She tells me not to buy anymore but she never minds me using new stuff on her. I buy only from Amazon now.

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Love how you made this story "safe" for readers at all comfort levels by setting the juicy details apart. Also, loved the details. :0) Our lastest toys are a matching set of vibrators from a company called Lelo: the Sona for me, the Hugo for him.

  5. JDTM77 says:

    My wife and I started out with a Womanizer Pro 500 in August of 2017 as our first sex toy. Now, we've managed to accumulate around 35.

    I consider these little rechargeable breathern part of the pleasure giving team. We have an absolute blast with these things. The 21st century has been like hitting the orgasm lottery for couples. God bless technology!

    If anyone wants suggestions on toys, we are more than willing or offer up suggestions. If it's the latest and greatest, we have it.

  6. funcouple07 says:

    Our first experience with toys was on a beach vacation in a warm place. We saw vibrators for sale and bought one. My wife was uncertain at first, but became convinced quickly! After a few days of sexual bliss (with and without our new toy) and wearing very little on the beach, my wife had an orgasmic experience using her vibrator one night she referred to as "her pleasure cloud." I had never seen her like that. The next morning, she was still so sexually charged that she wore a red thong bikini (normally for private use only) down to the main beach. After a few minutes, she took off her top and told me to take some pictures since not many people were around. This was all one of the most erotic experiences of our life together!

  7. christmakesithot says:

    Welderswife, I did find that out in our exploration together but it's in the next story. I didn't know that about "Pure Romance" though. My wife has been taking with her sister about spice and toys and they've wondered how to introduce their other sisters into the world if spice, this night be a good avenue for that.

  8. christmakesithot says:

    I didn't know about covenant spice, that's really cool! We go on Amazon together mostly now, again that is too come in the coming stores. My wife is very conservative and very sensitive (because of my own foolishness) so it has been a process learning to navigate this toy adventure.

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