A Good Hand in Need

Saturday nights. Gotta love ‘em.

Recently my wife and I celebrated our friend’s birthday.  It was a small get-together; just the four of us. We had a great time and way too much wine.

Before we knew it, we were all on the couch dozing off. Next thing I know my best friend and his wife were deep asleep. It was difficult to keep my eyes open, and soon I drifted off as well.

All of a sudden I felt someone rubbing my swollen stiff cock. (I get raging boners when I fall asleep.)

“I’m in the mood,” whispered my wife into my ear. I looked over at our friends to see if they heard, but they were sound asleep.

“Just give me five more minutes,” I replied and dozed off again.  I’m still amazed at how I was able to do that. I’m a horny guy and always up for sex no matter how worn out I am. But, man, was I tired!

My wife, annoyed with my answer, continued rubbing my cock.  Then she grabbed my hand and placed it under her skirt, rubbing it over her twat through her thong. She was masturbating herself with my hand!

My hand was soon soaked, and so were her pussy and the couch.  I was starting to come to my senses by now. But she wanted to make sure I was fully awake and pulled me towards her gorgeous tits. Immediately, I began devouring those jugs and continued to finger her pussy.

She tensed up as she started to cum. Trying to contain her voice she whispered, “oh my god, oh my god!” She slowly came to a stop and relaxed her body.

I then wrapped my arm around her and had her lay her head on my chest.  I whipped out my fat, hard rod and placed it in her hand.

She knew what to do.  The way she stroked my cock was amazing!  She jerked it up and down, over and over, as I tilted my head all the way back and enjoyed her ministrations.

Continuing to manhandle my cock, she grabbed my head and placed it on her tits again.  She knows how much I love them.

I started sucking while she continued to work me over. At that time I had no care in the world if our friends woke up.  That’s just how good of a handjob she was giving me.

I couldn’t hold back; My cock twitched out of control and spurted cum all over my wife’s skirt and blouse.  With the same intensity, I kissed and groped her, making out like a teenager in the backseat of a car.

After we both settled down, we decided to gather our things and sneak out of our friends’ house.  They were still sound asleep, snoring. Once we got home, we called them to let them know we were gone and they should lock their door.

Good thing we left without saying ‘bye because my wife’s black shirt had massive amounts of white stains!  😏

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6 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    "Then she grabbed my hand and placed it under her skirt, rubbing it over her twat through her thong."

    We don't hear this word much; I kind of like it!

    What would you have done if your friends woke up, though? I guess that's part of the turn on: the risk of being embarrassed. I supose we would be less so with friends than strangers. Or would we?

  2. PacMan says:

    Loved this!! We haven’t done such sexy things in the company of sleeping guests… but that risk factor is super hottt!! And there’s something so wild about the sexual need being so high that you both gotta have it – right there right now. I would faint if my wife did this with me. But I can daydream about it. 🙂

    • professor dude says:

      Agreed PacMan!!! This is something risky that we have done this one time only in front of others. But like I mentioned, they were deep asleep thanks to the wine.

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