Condensation Part 1

We sit on the park bench next to each other, the warm summer breeze doing little to cool us under the Texas sun. I look into her eyes, and my left arm wraps around her. Her yellow sundress scoops low, showing off several inches of soft, creamy cleavage.

I kiss her neck, letting my breath caress her jaw. My right hand glides up from her knee towards the edge of her sundress. The dress is short. Perhaps too short. It stops a few inches below her butt. Stopping mid-thigh, I slide my hand back to her knee, and then up again. My fingers slip under the hem of the sundress.

She buries her face in my shoulder as my hand moves up her thigh. I push, and she spreads her legs, giving me access to her smooth, panty-clad pussy. My fingers find the edge of her panties. My left hand moves down her chest until my fingers are massaging the round top of one breast. I rub my fingers gently into the soft mound, hearing her breathing slow, and my dick begins to harden.

She spreads her legs further apart, displaying herself to the bright day. Her dress pulls up as she scoots down the bench seat. Her ass is barely covered and the crotch of her panties isn’t at all. I spread my hand out over her crotch and rub it, enjoying the warmth of her most intimate spot.

I grab her whole cunt in my hand, and squeeze her pussy lips around her clit. Gently, I massage it through her thin cotton panties. I glance around the park and marvel at the cloudless day. It is exciting to play outside. I don’t see anyone around, but the park is open and there is no greenery to hide us.

One of her hands finds my growing bulge and she grabs at it, trying to squeeze and rub it through my shorts. I flex my cock and feel her push back against it.

The first, slow squirt of precum flows through my dick as her hand squeezes me. I look back at her crotch, my right hand still holding it, and I rub two fingers along her slit. I rub until her wetness causes her panties to cling to her lips. The panties perfectly outline each one and cause a cute camel toe.

I run my hand across her inner thighs, letting her pussy feel my absence and watch as her eyes flutter open. She glances down at her damp crotch and then at my hand still massaging her neck and cleavage. She reaches up, slipping her dress straps off her shoulders to give me better access.

I pull her dress down over her bra, and continue rubbing her breasts. I grab them and feel their weight and firmness. She is wearing a lace bra which shows her nipples well. I stop caring if anyone sees us. I lean down and kiss the top of one breast, massaging the other firmly. She bites my neck when I slide my hand back to her pussy and under her panties.

My fingers explore her swollen pussy. One finger slides into her, and her wetness squeezes it. I pull out, and spread her creamy juice over her lips and clit. I push two fingers into her now, reaching the back of her and massaging down over her g-spot. My thumb works her clit while my other hand milks her tit through her bra. Her hand frantically rubs my dick.  It’s pushing against my shorts, leaking pre-cum and soaking through the khaki material.

She reaches down, grabbing the wrist of my hand fucking her hot cunt. She slowly pulls my fingers out of her. She sucks my fingers, cleaning up every drop of pussy cream. When she finishes she looks down at herself and pulls her panties to the side. She admires her tight, pink slit, which is now open and puffy from my fingers fucking her. We both watch as her juice starts dripping from her. Both my hands are pinching her nipples.

Her hand absentmindedly slides along my cock as she watches my hands squeeze her breasts. She still holds her panties to the side, as if daring anyone to show up and interrupt us.

She smiles when I stop massaging her tits, unclasp her bra, and pull it off. I fold it up and place it in our picnic bag. Her tits are now completely exposed, large and natural with soft pink nipples. We both look at them. She squeezes her arms together, making them jut forward and create an obscene amount of cleavage. I move to wrap my arms around her but she stops me.

To Be Continued…

Note: I hope everyone enjoys this little piece. There is definitely a second part coming! This is fiction, but bits and pieces are true. We have had quite a lot of fun playing in parks when we are in the mood 🙂


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4 replies
  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Wow! This is great writing! Exciting, and knowing its fiction helps take it in the right vein. Keep it up! Looking forward to reading more from you. GetinBed.

  2. SamtheMan says:

    Wow! A hot story but as I was reading I thought in what country is this taking place. I'm looking forward reading the 2nd part but would also like to hear the true version without the fiction. I'm sure it would be a hot story just knowing it was true.

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