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Condensation Part 2

IMPORTANT: Read part one first! I hope you all enjoy! The bright sun is still glaring in the clear blue sky. My wife sits next to me on the park bench. Her breasts are exposed and her eyes focused on the ground in front of us. She leans forward and picks up our bottle of […]

Wet Dripping Fun (Sequel to Slow Burning Foreplay)

If you have not yet read “Slow Burning Foreplay,” read that before you read this story. Both are TRUE. This is the sequel, and will be much more enjoyable after reading the first story. Did you read it? Good! Wet I had just watched my wife eagerly suck her own pre-cum from her finger. We lay […]

Slow Burning Foreplay

Slow My wife and I were exhausted; We had just gotten back from a several day long trip with extended family. We arrived at our house and began to get more comfortable. I stripped down to my boxer briefs as she also began to undress. She took her pants and shirt off with little ceremony, allowing […]

My Creamy Soft Obsession

I have thought many times about how to explain my feelings to my wife. My deep desire to look at, caress, explore, titillate, arouse, examine, and play with her big, bouncing, beautiful tits. Her Tits. There is nothing better than sucking, pulling, pinching, twisting, fucking, rubbing, licking, biting, nibling, and nuzzling her tits. The rest of her […]

Making Dinner is Hard (and Wet)

This is my first post on marriage heat. My wife and I have been married for a few years now’s and dated for several years before that. I absolutely cannot describe how much I love my sexy wife, but I hope that my posts will help illuminate that love. Tonight, my wife and I had […]