Wet Dripping Fun (Sequel to Slow Burning Foreplay)

If you have not yet read “Slow Burning Foreplay,” read that before you read this story. Both are TRUE. This is the sequel, and will be much more enjoyable after reading the first story. Did you read it? Good!


I had just watched my wife eagerly suck her own pre-cum from her finger. We lay in our bed under our soft comforter. She was naked except for a tank top, her legs still slightly spread. Her hand was still in my briefs, slowly rubbing my full, heavy balls.

As her hand dropped from her mouth, I kissed her again and tasted her saliva mixed with the faint taste of pussy. I slid my hands from her breasts, until I felt the edge of her shirt, and began pulling it up.

“No…,” she protested, feigning innocence.

“It’s ok,” I reassured her, “it’s time to take your shirt off.”

I continued pulling her shirt up, watching it begin to roll up, right over the bottom of one of her plump tits. Her soft, rosy areola appeared, and then finally the bud of her nipple. She grabbed my balls firmer, rolling them in her hand, still refusing to touch my hard-on. I was consumed with the sight of her exposed tit. My hand covered her breast, and I felt the hardening nipple against my palm. I slid my hand down her breast until I cupped it from below. My thumb and fore-finger gripped the naked, pink tip and I began rolling it.

“Uhhh…,” she sighed.

I watched her face as I continued to pinch her nipple gently. With her eyes closed, I saw her brow furrow and her mouth fall open. She breathed out and I heard her breath catch as I pulled firmly on her nipple, twisting it back and forth until I was satisfied with her reaction. She squirmed and her hand reached up to free her other tit.

Her tank top was now bunched up above both of her heaving breasts. I had one in each hand now, gently flicking and rubbing each of her puckered nipples. She gave a deep moan. Under the blankets, between her cream colored thighs, I knew she must be dripping.


“I love your tits,” I whispered, “They are so hot! I love your soft, pink nipples and how horny it makes you for me to play with them.”

My wife looked down at her breasts, my hands still squeezing and pulling the nipples, like I was milking them. She likes to watch me play with her, and I made sure to put on a show. I gently bounced her tits, pinching and pulling at them, all the time making sure she saw everything. I felt her hand then, letting go of my balls and sliding over to grip my cock. She didn’t stroke it or play with it; she just gripped it, like a shifter in a sports car. I knew it was time.

As my wife threw the covers off, I sat up and turned to her. She rolled towards me until she was lying half way on her stomach, propped up on her arms. I got to my knees, my hardness straining against my boxers, just six inches from her face. She didn’t look up at me. Her eyes were on my bulging crotch. I felt hot. The way she looked at me made me know that she wanted to fuck me. I knew I wanted to fuck her.

She pulled my boxers down quickly, revealing my fully hard cock. My cock swung up, thick and engorged. A rope of pre-cum squirted out, splattering one of her naked tits.

“Oh my gosh,” I said, “Did you see that, I’m so wet?”

She was already slipping the glistening head of my cock between her lips, sucking me into her mouth, gripping the base of my shaft to help push it deeper. Her mouth slid down the length of me, and I felt her wet tongue massaging the underside of me, encouraging my cock to give her more pre-cum.

“I just made a mess on your tits,” I continued, feeling light headed, watching as she bobbed her head, “I just dripped pre-cum all over you…”

She didn’t stop.

I reached down and grabbed her hair, helping her slide up and down on me. Her shirt was still bunched up, and I looked at her big, soft tits swaying while she fucked my cock with her mouth. My other hand went to them, playing with one nipple and then the other. There was a hot, tight ache in my cock. My balls hung low, swollen with cum.

“Your so good at sucking cock. I fucking love it!” I told her.

“Mmhmm,” she replied, still sliding up and down on the long cock filling her mouth.

She came off with a wet pop, her bottom lip wet with spit and her hand still wrapped around my slippery shaft. Looking down at her chest, she smiled at the thick pre-cum squirted across one tit like whipped cream on a cake. Using two fingers, she wiped it up and brought it to her mouth, licking it off while she looked up at me. My cock invaded her mouth again. She sucked several more long, wet sucks, and then pulled me back out. She pulled her shirt over her head, finally completely naked, exposed to the cool air.

“I need you inside of me,” she insisted, spreading her legs.


I moved to the center of the bed while she rolled onto her back in front of me. My cock throbbed in the cool air, moving up and down with each heart beat. Before me her hips rotated expectantly, and I saw her wet slit. Her pink lips were swollen and her clit glistened. Clear cream dripped down from her tight opening. I leaned over her, supporting myself with my arms, as I lowered my hips towards her. She grabbed my dick, guiding it to her soaked cunt. I felt my swollen head at her moist entrance, and I firmly thrust forward, sinking my cock into her.

“Oh, yes… that feels so good,” she sighed. I felt her hand glide down my back. She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper, fucking herself with my throbbing dick. I felt warm pressure as I my cock reached the back of her, “Please play with my tits…” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, smiling as I slowly pumped myself into her with long strokes.

I sat up on my knees but spread my legs out so that I was lower to the bed. My cock was halfway inside her, still stretching her warm cunt. I began to play with her. My right hand played with her breasts, teasing and pulling at her nipples, and my left hand went to her pussy. I rested my hand above her hard clit, and my thumb found the swollen button, slick with her cream. I softly caressed it, and her head fell back.

“Oh my gosh… that feels so good. Don’t stop!” she moaned.

“Don’t worry,” I reassured her, “I won’t.”

I increased pressure on her clit, and she arched her back. Thrusting slowly, I fucked her with the head of my cock. It stretched her, dipping again and again into her warm slit. I felt her muscles begin to squeeze me, and I knew she wanted to cum.

“Faster…” she said, looking up at me with glazed eyes.

I increased pressure on her clit and began to rub it fast, grinding my thumb into the stiff button. With the side of my thumb I could feel the slippery shaft of my cock sliding in and out of her. I never changed the pace of my thrusts, making sure to keep it consistent while I fucked her clit. My hand grabbed one tit and then the other, roughly pulling and flicking her nipples. Her hands came up to help. She grabbed her big tits and presented them to me, squeezing them together so that I was able to touch both of her hot, swollen nipples at the same time.

“Oh…” Her head lifted up as her body was rocked with the first orgasmic wave.

I felt her pussy spasm and my thumb stroked her wet clit faster, causing her body to shudder. I pulled on her nipples and firmly squeezed them, continuously fucking in and out of her clenching cunt with my swollen cock head. She continued to shake, her mouth open and her hips bucking. I watched her lustfully, wanting to memorize every detail of her orgasm and fuckable body. As she reached her high I kept playing her clit, pushing her as far as she could go. Finally her eyes opened.

Her hands slowly came down and grabbed my hips as the last wave of pleasure rippled down her body. I released her tits and gave her clit one more stroke. I leaned back over her, and my hips fell against her. My cock slipped deep inside of her, creamy wetness coating me as I sank to the back of her pussy. I didn’t go slow. I fucked her hard. her hands gripped my ass and I pumped in and out of her.

“Oh fuck… You feel so good!” I grunted, clenching my torso as I continued to take her.

“You feel so good inside of me…” she sighed, looking into my eyes.

I felt it. My balls tightened and the ache in my crotch exploded as my cock flexed. I felt the cum rush up the length of my cock. Warm cream spilled from my slit. I kept going, feeling my cum fill her as my balls tightened again and again. My wife watched my face as I came. Her pussy tightening around me, she milking my cock of every last drop. I watched myself thrust in and out of her, cum now covering my entire shaft.

With one last thrust I sank deep into her and I felt our bodies connect. We kissed. Pulling out, I watched as my cum flowed from her. I love seeing her so full of me.

“Oh my gosh you’re incredible,” I said, watching as the pearls of cum dripped from her pussy, “I love you!”

“Thank you” she said, smiling “I love you, too!”

I lay down next to her and we held each other, basking in the warm afterglow.

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17 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    WOW GetinBed, what a HOT story, all I can say is that I have a very hard cock in my hand, I really enjoyed your story and couldn't wait to get to the final explosive orgasms as I stroked myself ! Please write more and may God bless you two !

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Yay! I was so excited to read this, and I was not disappointed! Thank you for this story it was a real good one! Very arousing 😉 God bless you two 🙂

  3. Eroticcouple says:

    This story sure did get my cocks attention….I got so hard while reading this story. Thank you ! very hot & erotic can't wait to read it with my wife. Nothing is hotter then having a vocal wife in bed telling you how she wants you.

  4. Tulsa says:

    Very hot story! Glad i went back and read the first!
    I was forced to go and wake my wife up early. I was already dripping, so I rubbed my precum on her nipples and licked and sucked it off till she was dripping too! Then we both tasted her wetness, and after about 10 thrusts in her pussy, I went down and cleaned up our combined wetness!
    Thanks for the eraly AM inspiration!

  5. hornyGG says:

    Oh my Getinbed!
    This story was super Hot!!! Made me so horny. My fingers are wet from playing in my cunt. I haven't cum yet, but will. I love the taste of my juices and tasted some as I write this. Thank you so much for sharing and please write more! Stay Horny!

  6. Eroticcouple says:

    Tulsa…I am amazed at how much we have in common. As I read your comments – I think I am reading my own response. My wife & I do the exact same thing. We never miss in sharing our love juices together.
    hornyGG – hearing you describe how much you enjoy your own taste is very erotic…just ask my wife – she knows how to get me over the edge watching her taste herself – either off my face & lips or off her own fingers.

  7. possibility says:

    GetinBed, So wonderfully hot. I am finding it very hard to write as this story has my cock rigid and oozing precum. I love it that the other contributors have felt so aroused as to describe explicitly there actions. I want to ravish my wife's voluptuous body by fondling, licking her pendulous tits and sucking her mature teats, gradually working my fingers, lips and tongue to her mount of Venus and then to her juicey cunt with those long flappy labial lips. I long to smell, taste and feel her cunt before easing my cockhead just into her welcoming entrance for a while and then alternating with deep plunges as we enjoy a really good fuck. This, I know will cause her to buck her hips and moan in ecstasy as she builds towards her orgasm. The shooting of my semen will follow shortly after. The sight as it leaks from her cunt always makes me feel proud. I thank God for the wonderful pleasures and total fulfilment which his gift of sex gives us all.

  8. Tulsa says:

    EC….I think what my wife and I do, and you two do, is more common than people let on. Reading several here that are like us.
    For us, it's just one of those things that happened years ago, and was a WOW, so we just expanded and grew on it! One and done became a thing of the past! No worries about who's stuff is where either! As a matter of fact, we went after our own and each other's stuff on purpose! Like…."Here….let me put some sauce in your pussy first before I eat you into oblivion"….or…."when you get ready to cum, pull out and do it in my mouth".
    Works both ways!! And so hot!!

  9. Old Lover says:

    GetinBed, great story to relate to as many others have shared – Tulsa, Eroticcouple, et. al. We, too, enjoy 'she cums first' and then my Anne eagerly pulls my hard cock deep in her wet pussy that she just creamed, telling me how 'good it feels.' Then she begs me to cum hard so she can feel my cum spurt deep into her. Nothing is more satisfying than to bask in the afterglow of the mix of our heavenly cum.

  10. GetinBed says:

    Thanks to everyone who read this! I am so glad you all enjoyed it. I really love writing about my wife and I will definitely try to continue writing more in the future. Thank you!

  11. Tulsa says:

    Old Lover,
    We used to go by the 'She Comes First' rule, but found out she cums better, way better, if I cum first!
    When I do oral on her, on a scale of 1 to 10, her orgasm is a 10.
    When I do oral on her, after I've cum in her, or on her pussy, the difference is profound, and more like a 20!!
    Messy, but oh so good & fun, and the best part is, it makes me hard again, and ready to do it all over again!!

  12. Conner M says:

    Well written!!! Great action and totally believable. Wife sat in my lap straddling me while she read the story out loud for us both. My hands were roaming up under her shirt playing with her tits the whole time. Her nipples were like bullets by the time she read the ending. Then she stood, turned around, pulled my shorts down and knelt between my legs. She gave me a hand-job and a blowjob just to get my pre-cum flowing. Then she played with it until I thought I would lose my mind. She rubbed it between her fingers, let it drip off her tongue and finally took the whole ejaculation in her mouth. Then, she kissed me and passed it into my mouth. The older she gets, the naughtier she gets. And the stories on MH just keep giving her the naughtiest ideas!

  13. pbswife says:

    Wow that was hot. Definitely was from my real life! Lol hubby is on nights tonight so I definitely enjoyed the story! 😉😉 very well written and hope to read more!

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