Fantasy in Love (Part Fact – Part Fantasy) Part 3/3

Part 3

More Torture
She did not hear him getting up and moving towards her.  The next moment his hard cock plunged deep into her dripping pussy. She yelped. He was wild, fucking her like a machine. Their sex squished; her copious juices ran down her crack. She felt so full of his cock and hoped the thrusting wouldn’t stop. Orgasm after orgasm wracked her body.

His weight flattened her boobs between them and his movements rubbed his hairy chest against her nipples, stimulating them.  With his arms underneath her, his hands gripped her shoulders from the back for more thrusting power. He fucked her with animal-like abandon.

Without any warning, he stopped and changed things up. He pulled his cock out until the head was just outside her pussy and barely touching her lips. Then he pushed his hips forward ever so slowly so that just the head slipped inside. After pausing there for a moment, he again removed it to leave her with an empty feeling.

She wanted to scream at him to put it back in but held back. He repeated this over and over very slowly until she felt that she was going to explode.  The feeling of just his head forcing itself past her pussy lips was so special.  Her entire focus was on trying to feel it inside the entrance of her pussy.

Suddenly, he rammed his cock in.  His balls slammed against her arse and stayed there a while. Then, slowly, he started retracting until she was empty again.

She could not wait any longer. This was pure torture. She grabbed his arse with both her hands and rammed him into her as fast as she could. Lifting her hips off the bed, she tried to get more of his delicious meat inside her.   It was as if she could not get enough.

Immediately, his cock became harder and thicker inside her. A grunt like that of a wounded animal was torn from his lips. The next moment, he felt his seed spilling deep into her, spurt after spurt. After filling her, it started running out of her pussy and down onto the bed.

His body was shuddering and perspiration was running down his back.  The look on his face was one of agony, but it was clear that it was pure, delicious lust for his wife.

Eating out
She thought he would collapse and rest after that, but once again, he did the unexpected. Withdrawing from her, he slid down her body until his face was between her legs. He started sucking her clit again.

She was wet, her own juices mixing with his cum now oozing out of her.  It felt so loving yet erotic, even kinky.  She could not believe that he was doing this.  He was eating his own cum with hers!

Her clit was so sensitive it nearly hurt but she did not want him to stop.  Just the idea of him eating from her pussy was driving her wild.  She burned; the tip of her clit felt as if it was on fire.  It responded to every movement of his tongue and lips.

He stopped licking, sucked her clit into his mouth with tremendous suction and just held it there.  No movement at all.

It felt as if her clit was ten times its normal size.  She knew she was going to explode.

And then – she couldn’t help it – she screamed.  It just came out of the depths of her belly and she heard herself screaming, “Oooooooohhh, fuuuuuuccckkk!  I’m dying!  Don’t stop.  Please don’t stop!”

While he kept the suction constant, she lost all control over herself, not caring who heard her. She yelled, moaned and screamed through the waves of pleasure. After what felt like five minutes of constant cumming, she fell back.  Totally wilted, she could not speak.  She could not move.

Then she felt his mouth on her lips.  She tasted her own juices and his cum all mixed.  The smell was intoxicating.  She started licking all around his mouth, trying to get as much of the taste into hers as possible.

With his hand rubbing her clit very softly, she moaned her satisfaction. She felt as if all her dreams and desires had come together in the last hour.  What an intimate time of sharing it had been.

How Deep?
They kissed and caressed each other, sharing their flavors. Then he took her hand and guided it to his cock.

She could not believe what she felt! After cumming so much, he was still rock hard.  She felt the veins protruding as she softly touched his rod of pleasure.  Pulling back the foreskin more to fully expose the head, she rubbed her fingers across it.  It felt so silky.

Suddenly, she wanted to taste his cock.  She wanted to feel it going down her throat.  She wanted to taste his cum in her mouth and to swallow it. Giving a gentle push, she got him to stand up beside the bed. Slowly, she slid down off it until she was seated on her heels between his legs.  With one hand she grasped his balls. With the other on his arse, she pulled him closer. His cock was right in front of her mouth.

She put out her tongue and just touched the tip, smiling when his cock jumped in response. Then she started at his balls and very slowly brought her tongue all the way up along the full length of his cock. She turned her tongue around the head once and licked back down.  And then she did it all again. But this time, when she came to the top, she pulled him closer. Allowing his cock entrance to her mouth, she tasted herself on it.

She had long wanted to know what it was like to deep throat his cock.  This was her moment to fulfill the dream.

Maxx felt his cock head make contact with her tonsils, yet she didn’t pull back. He was not very big but more than adequate for her. She seemed to be trying to accommodate his full length. He knew that this was new territory for her, so pushed forward very gently.

That cock had given her so much joy in the past hour.  Now she wanted to give him the joy of cumming down her throat, but she was unsure of how she was going to manage to do it.

He pulled back and removed his cock from her mouth.  Taking her by the hand, Maxx climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back. His cock pointed straight up in the air.  He told her to turn around and put her pussy over his mouth while facing his feet.

Slowly she sank down over his mouth in the 69 position and felt his tongue entering her pussy again.  While bending forward, she took his cock in her mouth and started pumping downward, getting more and more of it in her mouth.  She could hardly believe how much was going down her throat without her gagging.

She tried hard to focus on his cock, but he was doing magic on her clit and she knew that she was going to cum again.  How many times could her body tolerate this? As her tension rose she just pressed her face down and felt his cock going deeper and deeper into her throat.

Then things happened very fast.  His balls, which she was fondling in her hand, pulled up. As they contracted, she felt the start of him cumming in her mouth.  This sent her over the edge; she started shaking violently as she pushed forward even more. The next moment she felt his clean shaven balls against her nose.  He was all the way in now and he was cumming in great spurts down her throat.

She pulled back a tiny bit so that she could taste and swallow his offering.  It was more than she had imagined it would be, but she knew then that this was what she wanted.  Not just once!  She wanted this over and over.  She loved it.

Not able to swallow fast enough, she felt some of his cum running down her chin. It flowed back onto his cock, which was still having spasms. She held him in her mouth until he stopped cumming.

He was super sensitive now, so she was very careful. She used soft, gentle strokes to clean the head and entire length of his cock with her tongue – so loving and so tender.  She rubbed his cock against her face and then wiped her chin and licked the cum off her fingers.

Maxx sat up and helped her to turn around, her naked body against his chest. He pulled her close against him and, finally, they fell asleep.

An hour later she woke up.  He still remained in a deep sleep, his flaccid cock laying on his leg.  The foreskin was still pulled back, the head exposed.  She smiled, smacked her lips and gently put his cock in her mouth and started sucking very softly.

He stirred in his sleep.  His eyes stayed closed and he seemed to sleep, but his hardening cock said something else.

She reached her hand down and touched her pussy. It was wet down there again ………


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  1. OneCouple says:

    Another awesome story ClimaXX, I often fantasize about our hot encounters as I release myself. Your story awakened some memories and stiffened my cock, thank you for sharing, God bless you both!

  2. possibility says:

    Such a gripping story Climaxx – brings back happy memories of me and my wife. Your story caused me to seek full sexual release which I can assure you was very gratifying. I pray and hope you two continue to express yourselves openly and uninhibitedly for your continued intimate pleasures.

  3. texasman76 says:

    Very well written, hot story. Love the passion and love for one another expressed in the writing. Totally uninhibited lovemaking sharing everything together.

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