Oral Sex

Friday Night

It was about 8:30 p.m.

I was soaking in the hot soothing water of the Jacuzzi, luxuriating in the sensations of warm bubbles jetting over my belly, across my back, and between my legs, while reading my book.  Chris was lying nude on the motel bed, watching some cable shows and doing crosswords.  Now that the hungry hot hard hastiness of our first sexual encounter of the weekend was behind us, I thought I’d plan ahead for a more romantic slowly fulfilling candlelight coupling before bed, and then maybe re-connect in some much-needed intimate conversation and prayer as we went to sleep.  The candles and rarely seen sexy lingerie were packed in my travel bag, waiting to be used on my lover.

Chris looked just exhausted lying there.  He spends so much time and energy trying to keep others healthy that he never really takes care of his own needs.  I was so hoping he’d get all the recharging and relaxation he needed during our weekend away–alone.  Maybe I should just him go to sleep.

Presently, however, he grabbed a box of decadent double chocolate cookies and slipped into the whirlpool next to me.  Amazing, those gimmicky heart-shaped tubs really are comfortable for two.  So there we were, reading, nibbling cookies, watching movies, smiling and engaging in small talk, feeling content and at peace with ourselves, when we both suddenly became aware that our fingers had found their way down to each others groin.  I pinched and stroked and rolled his semi-hard dick as he played with my pussy, all the while reading, nibbling, watching TV.

This went on for over an hour, till suddenly my clit swelled and doubled in size and I gasped and shuddered.  Next thing I knew he had lifted me out of the tub, dried me off, and laid my warm waiting naked form on the bed.  The fire in his eyes was pure joy to me, and I held his gaze as if in a trance, thoroughly thrilled by the love and longing I saw reflected there.

Then his green sparkling dilated pupils began a slow descent down my glistening pink body, taking in my erect nipples, my belly button, the pouting folds of my womanhood, my enlarging swollen clitoris.  Chris smiled then, and I felt a not-unpleasant shudder work its way through my body.  For I knew exactly what he wanted, and I realized at that moment I was going to give it to him.

I see  most wives do not seem to have my problem, but perhaps due to some leftover baggage from my strict upbringing I have a very difficult time not thinking of my genitals as at least a little bit unattractive and dirty, and have therefore rarely let Chris go down on me.  Most women seem to crave cunnilingus but don’t get it enough, whereas we are just the opposite.  Usually he has to beg for it, and I really have to be in the mood to let the same mouth that kisses my lips caress me down there.

He looked back into my eyes and whispered May I? and I nodded with a grin, and boy, you should have seen the smile on his face!  And so my dear Chris started eating me out as if he’s done it every day of his life.

He started with eager laps of his tongue against the outer lips, then made playful little nips on the inner lips.  Licking me from stem to stern like a cunnilingual lollipop.  Mmmm…

Now he moved his body down between my legs to get at me from a whole new angle, and the sensations were totally different and penetrating and wonderful.  I felt my soul being transported to the edge of orgasm.

And then he moved his body again, this time turning over me into a 69 position.  I now had easy access to his hardening love tool, and I sucked and stroked greedily.  My heart started to pound out of control, and my breathing got coarse and rapid, and again I felt myself drifting around on the plateau of climax.

Chris withrdrew from my mouth (I wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing anyway!) and knelt once more to my side and sucked my whole vulva into his mouth–Whoahhhh, does that blow my mind!–and teased my clit with his teeth and drove his tongue deep into my vagina and kneaded my nipples and next thing you know I was erupting and bucking and screaming (hey, this was a motel, why not?) at the top of my lungs, as orgasm after orgasm wracked my body.

I was purring in a semi-stupor while Chris turned out the lights and crawled in next to me, whereupon I snuggled deep into my spot, my personal safe place, my little cozy haven between his chest and shoulder, with my nose tickling his beard.  Good-night Angela, I love you.  Mmmmm, Chris, mmm…

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