Just Itchin for Her 7 years later

It was just getting to be fall.  The leaves were turning and the sun setting earlier in the evening.  But now 7 years into the marriage relationship, he couldn’t think of anyone but her.  So the seven year itch could still lead him to her.

Still, after these first years, her inner beauty had grown and the outward was still a sight to enchant him.  She was all of 26 now and he 27.  They had married young and had to grow up some during the first seven years.  But they did grow.

She was still very attracted to his physical attributes.  But one thing was better.  He was better in bed.  For that matter, living in the country allowed him to be better with out the bed.  She also knew more of the things he liked.

How to delicately caress and perform orally on his penis was now something she had long since been proficiant.  He knew about how important holding hands was.  He had learned to restrain the “go for the gusto” mentality for the most part.  Occaisionally, he would be so hot that he could not contain himself.  But this night was to be a slow boil.

When he arrived home from work at about 4:30, she was there with a basket of food.  Being that it was friday and usually a go out night, he had not expected this.  She was dressed in a pair of LEI jeans and a belly shirt.  Her nipples showed through as she had not bothered to put a bra on after her shower that afternoon.  He looked in awe.  So he quickly showered and then put on a tank top shirt (to return the favor of course), and some of his size 34 jeans.  He could not even believe they still fit.  A bit more snug than before, but on none the less.

They walked to the highest point on their property.  It overlooked the Mississippi River at a height of about 500 feet.  They laid out their blanket and picnic dinner.  Chicken and chips and potato salad.  After dinner, it was getting closer to sunset.  It was 65 degrees and plenty warm in their bodies.

As the basket was set to the side, she reached in to reveal a vibrator and some gel.  The very sight of these made his penis as hard as a rock.  She was wet from planning and anticipation of the love making to come.  Gently she kissed him many times on his neck and finally arriving at his mouth.  They passionately kissed until he removed her shirt, revealing her two beautiful breasts, both with nipples clearly excited.  She removed his shirt and pants.  This of course revealed his penis area, also aroused and at the ready.

He sucked her nipples for a while, bringing moans of pleasure.  She rubbed him up and down as far as her hands could reach.  Finding his penis, she rubbed it.  After this, he removed her pants.  There he found only a thong bikini.  He used his fingers to arouse her vagina.  Then using some gel and the vibrator, he brought her to several orgasms.  He was so completely aroused by her wails of pleasure and the rythmic motions that came from orgasm after orgasm, that he just about came with the anticipation.  He was inside her for a short time when he climaxed in an unbelievable sensation.  They laid there for what seemed an hour just holding one another (another trick he learned pleased her), and then they packed up there basket and walked back to the house without any clothes on.
Seven year itch?  I think not.

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