House Sitting

It was Spring Break at last!  I was headed home for a week of vacation from the University.  My wife and I said we would house sit for some friends.
We arrived at the beautiful house – overlooking the lake.  The views were spectacular but all I could think about was how beautiful she was.  We went into the kitchen and then she reached into the cupboard to get out a glass.  Her shirt pulled up to reveal her thin line of ivory-smooth skin.  Her jeans pulled slightly away from the small of her back.  I was entirely turned on.  I had to touch her!  I slowly slid my hand around her waist and pulled her to me.  She did not resist.  There was a huge surge of energy between us.  I was instantly aroused.  It was obvious she was too.

She turned around and, almost instinctively, our lips met and we began to kiss passionately.  I noticed the sweet fragrance of her body.  I slid my hand up her back and felt her warm body.  I wanted her so bad.  I felt her hand reach behind me and find its way along my butt.  My love shaft was pushing so hard against my jeans that I thought it would rip out of there.  I didn’t have to wait long.  She pulled my hips close to hers and began pushing hard against my swollen jeans.  I nervously unbuttoned her shirt.  She was wearing a sexy black bra that revealed the gorgeous curves of her body.  I was drawn to her breasts like a hungry animal. She told me to take of her bra.  I could think of nothing more beautiful than the sight before me.  As I leaned forward to kiss her breasts she said, “what do I get to take off of you?”  Before I could reply, she was unbuttoning my pants.

I felt her hand slide over my penis.  She pulled down my underwear just enough to set me free.  She began to gently caress the full length of the shaft.  She knew what I wanted.  She wanted to give it.  She slid to her knees as her hands slipped down my chest.  Her lips were smooth and I felt the warmth of her tongue as it slid around the swollen tip of my love shaft.  She rocked her head slowly back and forth taking my love shaft deep into her mouth.  Not wanting to climax so soon, I had to push her away.  I pulled her from the floor and lifted her onto the counter.  We began to kiss more passionately than before, our lips and tongues intertwined.  I kissed her neck, and moved my way down her shapely body.  I heard her moan softly as I took her breast in my mouth and licked her hardened nipple.  I repeated on her other breast to her obvious delight.  I could wait no longer.  I wanted to taste her.

She stopped me and walked over to the couch, waiting for my move.  I embraced her in my arms and felt her body next to mine.  Falling to my knees, I proceeded to unbutton her jeans.  As they fell to the floor, I saw that her love spot was swollen and wet.  She fell onto the couch and I began to kiss her feet.  As I worked my way up her legs, I felt her body writhe on the couch.  As I began kissing her inner thighs, she pulled her legs up and drew my head to her luscious love spot.  My tongue gently stroked the sides of her swollen lips.  As I licked her, she moaned and asked for more.  I caressed her thighs with my fingers as my tongue continued its pleasurable duty.  I easily slid my finger into her wet, hot love spot and heard her moan even deeper.  As I was about to change positions, she suddenly pushed me away, took my hand, and said, “Follow me.”

She led me upstairs to where there was a bedroom overlooking a lake.  I didn’t take time to notice the view – all I could see was her outline in the shadow of the moonlight.  What a gorgeous view!  We began to kiss again.  I whispered “I want to make love to you.”

On the bed, she guided my rock-hard man into her warm, wet body.  She pulled back slightly as my swollen manhood stretched her out.  Slowly, gently, we were making love.  Her body under mine, pressed into the soft sheets.  I slid my hand down to stroke her vagina.  She thrust her hips against me – over and over, our bodies met.  She thrust me to the side and rolled on top.  She took over and pushed her hips up and down the length of my shaft.  She put her hands on my chest and pushed even harder.  Her hair fell softly over her shoulders and her breasts rolled in harmony with her body.  I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands.  They seemed to fit perfectly in my hands – a match made in heaven!  Just when I was going to cum, she lifted off of me and kneeled on all fours.  She reached under her body and spread her lips.  I slid my love shaft in for one more time.  The smell of her body heightened my climax.  I reached around and caressed her figure as our bodies were once again moving in harmony.  Her body shuddered and she moaned.  Her muscles tightened around my love shaft as I came.  We seemed to climax forever.  Finally, we fell into each other’s arms and did not say a word.  All had been said that night.

As the light of the sun shone into the room, I realized that we had collapsed into each other’s arms and slept through the night.  Seeing my wife’s naked figure in bed with me made me want her all over again.  Instead, I slipped quietly out of bed and made my way downstairs into the kitchen.  After a brief search for a coffee maker, I began to brew a pot.  I also found enough in the refrigerator to put together a decent breakfast.
While I was busy working away, I suddenly felt the warm, soft hands of my woman.  She slipped them over my chest and down to my underwear and back up again.  I turned around to see that she was now wearing silk pajamas. As I took her into my arms, my hands slid smoothly down her back and over her gorgeous butt.  I pulled her close so that she could feel my hardened love shaft next to her.  She smiled and said, “When I woke up and saw you weren’t in bed, I panicked.  I thought maybe you had loved me and left.  Then I smelled the coffee and heard you…” I interrupted, “I could never leave such a beautiful girl like you alone.  I will stay with you every day if you want me too.”  She immediately smiled and rested her head on my chest.  “I’d like that.”

I continued to prepare breakfast and she told me that she was going to take a shower.  As she left, something about the way she walked caught my eye.  I turned to see that she had taken off her top and allowed her lovely curves to be offered for my enjoyment.  She said, “I can’t wait to see what you have waiting for me!”  And with that she slipped into the bathroom.

All I could think about was that hot, steaming water as it flowed down her shapely body.  I could not resist the urge to secretly watch her in the shower.  I carefully opened the door and saw her reflection in the bathroom mirrors.  My heart raced faster as she leaned her head back into the shower.  The shower gently pulled her hair back as the water flowed down the front of her body – it seemed to highlight each curve of her figure.  Her breasts would rise and fall with each breath.  As the water cascaded down her chest, each drop seemed to linger just a moment before dropping from her nipple.  She reached for the soap and began to wash herself from the neck down.  I could have sworn that she saw me but she did not let on.  However, as she washed her breasts, she began to slowly move her body in a very erotic way – like something I’d seen in a sexy movie.  By this time, I was too aroused to keep watching without getting off so I decided to put on a few more clothed and check on breakfast.

The day was a bit dark and dreary so I lit some candles.  I had just set the table when she came down the stairs in her jeans and a T-shirt.  She looked like some Playboy model from a college issue (not that I’ve ever seen one!).  “I’ve never had a candlelight breakfast before” she said in a somewhat curious tone.  I replied, “I seem to be doing a lot of crazy things lately!”  She smiled and sat down.
After breakfast, she told me that she would clean up.  I needed a shower so I agreed and headed up the stairs.  As I passed the master bedroom, I noticed a hot tub on a patio overlooking the lake.  In the lust of last night, I must have missed it completely.  I began to fantasize about what we could do with that!

Soon, the shower was flowing and I was relaxing in the stream of hot water.  The warmth of the water as it flowed down my chest triggered memories of last night.  My man hood was ready for action.  I could not relax it either.  I was about to lather up when I noticed that there was no soap!  I looked around and stepped out of the shower dripping water all over.  I just about to open the door slightly when I heard her voice just outside the door, “Do you need something?”  I could tell from her voice that she was grinning.
“Some soap would be nice.”
“What’ll you give me for it?”
“What do you want?”
“Open the door.”
I grabbed a towel and tried my best to conceal my excitement down below.  I opened the door and acted somewhat annoyed.  “May I have some soap please?”
“Give me your…” her voice trailed off as her smile widened.  She was looking at the bulge in the towel and said, “Is something going on here that I should know about?”      “Just thinking about last night,” I said with a sly grin.  “Can I have some soap now?”
“Give me your towel!”
I would have dropped it in a minute, but I wanted to play her game.
“A towel is a lot more valuable than soap,” I said.
“Not if you want to be clean.  I like a clean man – especially when he’s wet!”  Her eyes looked into mine and I felt the towel rising higher around my waist.  “I saw you spying on me in the shower!”
Trying to look as innocent as possible, I replied, “Me?”
“Yes you – and don’t try to play Mr. Innocent with me!”  With that she grabbed the towel from my waist.  My erection stood in full salute.  A large smile broke across her face.  She handed me the soap and said, “hurry up and finish, I’m lonely.”
I got dressed and headed downstairs.  She was curled up on the couch in front of a fireplace.  I began to realize how horny I had been last night that I could’ve missed seeing a fireplace 5 feet from where we were making love.
She invited me to sit down.  “I see you managed to get your pants on!” she said with a smile.  As I sat down, she leaned over to rest her head on my shoulder.  As she slid her hand under my shirt I felt the familiar pressure growing in my jeans.  I didn’t want her to think that I was only interested in sex, but I could not control myself.
She began to talk about things that we enjoyed and places we had been.  We had been talking for probably about 15 minutes when she casually took my hand and slid it under her shirt.  I felt the smoothness of her warm skin slide gently under my hand.  As I moved up her chest, I soon realized that she had not worn her bra.  Her soft breasts molded to the form of my hands as I gently rubbed and caressed her skin.  Her hips began to move slowly and deliberately.  She directed my hands lower.  She unbuttoned herself as I slid my hand between her underwear and jeans.  I could tell that she was aroused and felt the wetness through her underwear.
She slid off her pants and lay back with her eyes closed.  I carefully pulled her underwear to the side to reveal her moist lips.  I gently slid my fingers around her vagina and watched as she moaned and arched her back.  I smoothly slid my finger up her love spot and her hips seemed to move involuntarily.  As I leaned over to taste her, she pulled me to her mouth and we began to kiss passionately while I stroked my finger in and out of her body.  She reached down and unbuttoned my pants.  We fell to the floor in front of the fire and she began to aggressively suck on me.  Her mouth lifted slowly off the tip to reveal a thin strand of love cream stretching to her lips.  Without a word, she maneuvered her butt so that her love spot was right over my face.  We continued until she sat up, turned around, and kneeled over my head with her love spot just inches from my tongue.  She lowered her body until I once again tasted the sweet juice from her body.  Her hands pushed against her breasts and her hips rocked back and forth.  I heard her whisper, “Make love to me.”
I slid along the floor until my penis was under her.  She took it in her hand and lowered her body.  Her body quivered as her love spot spread to accommodate me.  I lifted my hips upward to meet her as the fire cast our shadows across the room.  Over and over she slid along the length of my rod moaning with each stroke.
I sat up so that I could lick her breasts.  She seemed to plead for more as I caressed her nipples with my tongue.  Still entwined, I lifted her to the couch and began to drive my love shaft deeper into her.  To heighten her pleasure, I lightly rubbed her swollen vagina and stroked her inner thighs.  She whispered, “I’m going to cum.”
She pulled her legs up so that her love spot was wide open and I gave her long, deep strokes.  I quickly felt her muscles tighten around me as her breathing deepened.  She sighed and I felt my own body strain as I released my pleasure.

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