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We are fortunate to have a marriage that includes a healthy, exciting romance/sex life. One way we enjoy each other…

Getting an evening out together for dinner, a movie, visiting and a window shopping walk that was more about being together than anything else took a romantic turn with one whispered comment from my wife… “When we get home would you like to watch me?” Acting as if I wasn’t sure of her hint I asked for more details. “Put these images in your thoughts, slowly strip, tease, no touch at least for you, hands free vibrator, slow moves and quiet sounds that both get more intense as you watch me…doing me” came the softly spoken response. Getting home never took so long!

The moment we walked in the door the show slowly began. As she walked through the house her blouse came off revealing a tight, sheer top with an open front bra on underneath. Arriving at our bedroom as quickly as possible I found her standing in front of the love seat at the end of our bed. After being instructed to strip and sit she move closer, facing the large wall mirror.

She stood where we both could see her full image in the mirror. Reaching up under her short skirt her low, soft moans were said much more than a thousand words. With her pretty butt not more than a foot away, legs spread both hands moved to her beautiful, full breasts. At first she held and kneaded both breast through her sheer top. Looking over her shoulder she reminded me to keep my hands off! Pulling her top down below her breasts she asked in a breathy voice, “How is the show so far?”  “FANTASTIC”, was my immediate reply.

Turning toward me, she leaned forward and put her hands on the side rails of the seat. Putting her full, beautiful tits right in my face was an obvious turn on for both of us. Looking over her shoulder there was a perfect view of what was under that skirt. “Are you ready for the rest of the show?” she said standing up, pulling her sheer top off….

…”Are you ready for the rest of the show?” she asked.

Getting a couple of pillows from the bed she put them on the floor right in front of me. Kneeling down on both knees she held her big tight tits in her hands and started working both nipples with the tips of her fingers. “Oh my tits feel good, be patient and you can enjoy them with me”, she said looking down on her handy work. Next came the rocking motion as the hands free vibrator really started getting to her. Placing her hands on my thigh she moved her head down inches from me. Moaning and whispering, “You want me to take you in my mouth? Answer, “YES!”

The rocking motion was getting harder and faster with every stroke. Pulling her head back she reached for her mound and cupped the vibe in her hand, pressing it gently into her. “You want to know what I think, “I think you like watching me, do me”, she got out between moans.  I asked her if she was going to finish herself or if I got to help. “I’ll let you help if you promise me one thing”, she replied. “What ever you want”, at that point I would have promised ALOT!!

Her request was that later that night I had to make love to her again, an easy request to agree to! Standing up she took my hand and put it over her mound, “Finger me and gently press the inside part of the vibe against my G-Spot”! When I slipped my finger between her wet lips she couldn’t stand still.  Rolling her hips forward she gasped out, “Come on, keep fingerin’ me, uummm, my pussy is feelin’ so….leaning forward close to my ear, she just barely whisperd, “…so fucking good, here, watch me cum.”

I could see and feel her entire body contract and watched and listened to her finish. She pushed up with one hand on my shoulder while the other one kept working her tits. After a few minutes, catching her breath she turned her vibe off, and with one slow descent went straight to me. “Now watch and enjoy this”, she said taking me in her mouth. Only once did she come up, “Hold still for me and let me work you in, you’ll love watching your dick completely disappear past my lips, and after you cum, we rest, for a little while… and then the next show, well, you’ll have to wait and see”.

Looking into my eyes, down she went. YES!

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