The Buildup

“So you’re a tease tonight?” she coyly asked me.

“What do you mean?” I responded, as innocent as I could sound; but we both knew what I was up to.

My wife, Kelly, & I lay in bed. We had already shed our clothes & were wrapped up tight against each other. I could feel her incredible warmth, but I wanted her warmer…hot, in fact. Our tongues danced tip to tip, breaking away to leave a wet trail across her neck. My fingertips traced a delicate path across her sensitive back. Down her spine to the point that it swelled into her perfect, round, tight ass it moved. She wriggled when I tickled her in that place. Then my hands began their ascent up her curvaceous body. I could feel her ribs under my fingers and knew her breasts were very close. I lightened my touch and felt her breathe sharply in at the sensations on her breasts.

She ached, I could tell, for me to touch her excited nipple. I could feel the tiny bumps raised around her areola…but I didn’t give her the satisfaction. Instead I skipped over it and worked back up, caressing her neck. That’s when she called me on it. And that’s when a plan struck me.

“I wasn’t trying to tease you”, came my weak reply. “But if it’s teasing you want, I’ll see what I can do. Later. But now, I want you.”

And with that I rolled her on her back. I was already ready for her. That’s what she does to me. She doesn’t even have to touch me; just me touching her excites me enough to get hard. I felt her arch her hips upward and knew she was ready as well. Her legs parted and I reached down, holding my hardness and giving myself a stroke or two for the sensation of getting myself that much more ready for her. Then I rubbed the head of my meat against her puffy, wet lips. My meat parted her and I began to slide in. Hot wetness gripped me, tight and enticing I went deeper into her sex. When I had given her all I had to give, we lay still.  I could feel my balls against her soft butt. They were churning for an early release; it had been a while. But I let the spasms of a mini orgasm subside, then we began to make love. But that is not the story I wanted to tell here, so I’ll move on.

The next morning was Saturday, and we prepared ourselves for the typical routine of separate routes to accomplish the many tasks at hand. Kelly was still in bed when I was ready to walk out the door. I bent over to kiss her goodbye and snaked my hand beneath the covers. I rubbed her mound through the thin material of her pajamas. I could feel her coarse hairs through the bottoms, still matted with our orgasmic juices. Our kiss continued, my manipulations continued, and she began to squirm in response. That’s when I broke it off, telling her to have a nice day & that I would be thinking of her. “Don’t finish what I started!” I warned her. On my way out the door I slipped a small envelope in her purse.

Just before noon I called to see where she was at in her travels. She thanked me for the small, scented note that simply said, “I really enjoyed last night. I want you again.” She said it conjured up images of the previous night & she was ready for another session. “So am I; call me when you’re alone.” I replied

After dropping or daughter off at dance practice, she headed over to check out some new clothes, and called me from the car. I asked her if she was going to try anything on; she said probably. So I told her to call me from the dressing room. “Why?” she asked. I gave no response beyond, “cuz” and let it go at that.

Twenty minutes later she called. I asked her if she was in a dressing booth. She was, with a new summer dress she wanted to get; and proceeded to describe it to me. So I said for her to try it on, minus her panties? With some objection, she put down the phone & slipped out of her clothes and into the dress. Then she picked up the phone again.

“Now, sit down on the bench. I was thinking about last night. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy making love to you; how well your hot pussy feels when I’m inside you?”

She chided me for teasing her like that, and I told her to reach underneath the dress & touch herself. “In here? she protested. “Is it closed up?” I asked her. “Well, yes” she responded. “Then, yes, in there”. I could hear the rustle of material as she reached down between her thighs. I told her to stroke herself like I did this morning, no penetration though. Mutual masturbation is a favorite foreplay of ours, and Kelly is not shy about participating.

I continued to describe how I wish I could be there, on my knees before her, lapping up her sex juices, tasting her and nibbling on her clit. I could hear her breath getting ragged and knew she was getting very worked up. When I asked her if she wanted to make herself cum, she said she did. I told her No! I instructed her to stop and gather her things, stay in the dress and buy it & wear it for the rest of her travels, and to call me on her way home.

After picking up our daughter, she headed home and called as instructed. I was already home. I told her to drop off our daughter around the corner at her friend’s house (whom I had already called & arranged a for play afternoon). Kelly came in the front door, and there I stood with a bouquet of flowers. As I handed them to her, I went for a deep, soulful, sloppy kiss. It proceeded down her neckline to the swelling of her breasts. She pulled my head into her bosom. I dragged her gently to the carpet and scooted to her ankles, where I began the kiss from the bottom up.

My hands lead the way, caressing her calves, knees, & thighs. My tongue followed closely behind.  At her knees, my head disappeared under the hem of her dress. She parted her thighs as I nibbled my way closer to her beautiful pussy. Finally there, her scent was absolutely intoxicating. I could feel my own arousal beginning in my stirring meat. I exhaled warmly onto her vulva and she spread her legs more. I paused to take her in all my senses. Then I planted my lips on her sweet pussy and slid my tongue inside her wetness. Her response was immediate. She was incredibly wet from the thought of completing the day-long tease. I lapped her up, tasting the sweet flowing nectar. I had a hand slide up to cup her breast.  I felt the hard nipple, swollen & begging for attention, so I gave it a pinch. She responded with a sigh.

Her clit was fully engorged, swollen and parting her soft lips when I took it gently between my lips and applied a little vacuum. My tongue flicked across her clit and she began to rock, running her fingers strongly through my hair and pulling me tighter against her sex. Her orgasm was imminent & I wanted to feel her cum on my face. And she did! Her thighs tightened around my head & torso and she began to quiver. It was all I could do to maintain contact with her sweet pussy, but I rode out her orgasm until she begged me to stop.

Sliding out from under her dress, I looked at her with my face shimmering from her juices. She looked so beautiful & sexy lying there in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Nice dress!” I said, with a smile on my face.

Her face beamed in a smile as well. “Come here,” she said. “Let me return the favor”.

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