Plug In – Bind Together

For Christmas, I bought some new toys for my Beloved and I to enjoy and add to our sexual play and explorations. We are empty-nesters now, married over 30 years and always willing to try new delectable sexual spices. One of the gifts for ourselves was a set of three butt plugs. It’s late Tuesday afternoon, we haven’t made love in a week, we’ve been transatlantic traveling and a lot of stress.  I reminisce about the last time my Adorable and I had some back door play … over three weeks ago. Maybe tonight? I still have some more things to do but make a playful decision.

I go into my Adorable’s bedside table top drawer where our sex toys reside. I retrieve the bejeweled medium-sized butt plug. It’s fairly heavy in my hand it’s shiny weighty stainless steel with a red jewel base. I insert into my mouth liberally coating it with saliva and unbutton my jeans pulling them down. I’m commando, as I am most often, I gently push the plug into the center of my eager and willing rosebud. A little resistance at first and then boom it’s in! The sphincter rings clamp down on the stem. I take a few steps the plug rubs me the right way. I dreamily walk around enjoying each step. I bend down to pick something up a new sensation. I have to stop … settle down – I have a few more things to do. I sit down in my office chair another new sensation. I flex my anal muscles and enjoy the sensations and the fullness of the plug. After 20 minutes I make an executive decision. Into the bedroom I go and retrieve the bigger one! Although this is only half and an inch longer and a quarter inch wider in girth it appears to be twice the weight and size. I open my mouth wide coating it liberally with my saliva. Unbutton, pull down jeans pull the medium out, pop the big one in.

Immediately I feel fuller. Just a little bit naughty. I sit down again and rock my hips back and forth, side to side, and feel the rub against my prostate it feels delectable. I go into the bathroom and pull it out and add some slick lubricant. Now we are into a different sliding sensation. I really do need to do some more work!

After 30 minutes I close the file I’m working on and it’s time to cook dinner. I prepare a nice Chicken Pibil with cumin rice and black beans. It takes about 40 minutes. As I move in certain ways stretch, bend down or sit down the butt plug rubs against my prostate, rubbing it gently. My anal rosebud grips the base stimulating the thousand nerve endings. As I focus on preparing dinner, my mind is one place: chopping, cutting, cooking; my body is another place. I’ve now been wearing the plug for an hour and a half. I feel a trickle of fluid emanating from my cock precipitated by the over-stimulated prostate – it has to release.

My Adorable is tired after a long two days of travel. I walk into the bedroom where she is unpacking. I offer to draw a hot bath but she says she is too tired. She continues to unpack as I go back to finish dinner. Dinner is done and we sit down on the couch and catch up on a little TV. Sitting causes the butt plug to add more pressure on the back door and it’s now been two hours of slow, teasing stimulation.

We turn off the TV and get ready for bed. She has no idea that I’ve been wearing the butt plug and I don’t want to put pressure on her – she is very tired. I go to the second bathroom … with a gentle pull and a little pop the plug comes out. A little more trickle from my cock as the prostate fluid releases.

I return to the master bathroom, I’m naked, Adorable is barefoot, on the bottom: only her panties scantily outlining her gorgeous bottom that I revere. On top, she still has her bra and blouse on. I admire her in the mirror. I gently cup her breasts. She doesn’t seem in the mood. And pushes me away.

“I have to get ready for bed. Go to bed. I’ll join you.”

I lie down on the bed and wonder if lovemaking is on the cards tonight. I’m revved up in more ways than one; physically and mentally. We haven’t made love in what seems an eternity. My mind wanders. I want to kiss her mouth, cheeks, neck, ears … run my tongue all over her skin that I’m crazy for. To kiss the back of her knees, the inside of her legs, the stomach that bore our beautiful children. To feast on her breasts.

I am hungry to eat out her pussy to taste and smell the elixir of my Beloved. My shaft longs to enter one or more of her irresistible orifices: her beautiful mouth that I love to kiss at every available opportunity; her soaking pussy after I’ve feasted on her to one or two orgasms; or will it be the sweet treat of the alluring passage into her delectable derrière?

I open the top drawer of her bedside table scoping out our collection of erotic play toys. I reach for her pink vibrator and press the button – nothing, I try again, nothing. Is this a sign? No sex tonight? Rats! It needs to be recharged! I plug it in but that toy won’t be seeing any action tonight. What about the thin black one? I press the button it responds with a gentle buzz.

Adorable is taking her time. Whimsically I touch the thin black vibrator onto my right nipple, circling slowly then skimming across my chest to the left nipple. I close my eyes and let the pleasure grow. Now down my stomach, down I go … the vibrator playful brushing my cock, my scrotum, further down onto the perineum. My prostate lights up feeling the vibrations. I momentarily graze the back door rosebud. No more! It’s already heightened with two hours of butt plug play. I slowly sweep back up now underneath my cock … my erection grows.

My beloved turns off the bathroom light and walks into the bedroom naked. I adore her. My eyes feast on her. After 36 years I never weary of admiring her beauty. My cock jumps to the sight of her simply walking across the bedroom. The vibrator sits idly in my left hand. I’m now being visually stimulated. She lays down to my right and pulls the covers up and says, “I’m cold.”

I respond, “Let me warm you up – let me make you hot.”

She still pulls the covers up but our naked bodies are now touching from toes to chest. I look into her eyes and kiss her passionately. It’s been too long … I feverishly dive into her neck and shoulder — two of her pleasure spots. I feel her heartbeat and body heat quicken. The bed covers are thrown off.

My left hand still holds the vibrator – it playfully brushes her lower back. I reach down running the vibrator down her legs to the back of her knees while I simultaneously begin to feast on her breasts and nipples. I am ravenous for more!

Adorable says to switch positions we are going to feast on each other in the most intimate way! We are on our sides my head resting on her left leg, her head on my left leg. Side-by-side, sideways 69 – one of our favorites! As my head approaches the center of my beloved’s womanhood I am intoxicated by the fragrance of her cunt. I close my eyes to inhale and feel the fullness of the experience. My tongue touches the lips of her womanhood, she is already moist, secreting the sweet elixir of my addiction. The vibrator playfully circles her lower back and cheeks.

I feast on her womanhood in my personal lap of luxury. My tongue and lips indulge in the best five course dinner that there is: her inner and outer lips, her most sensitive clit, her pulsing rosebud, delving and delighting her pussy; tasting and feeling the contrasting textures between her pussy lips and the inside of her honeypot. And everything in between! Back and forth between all courses I eat, drink and inhale feasting and devouring in her most intimate delights. Praise be to God!

Meanwhile she is playfully sucking on my cock teasing me to the edge. The sleek black vibrator is now on her rosebud. I take the vibrator and take it into my mouth liberally coating with my saliva and mischievously press it to her backdoor so the vibrations pulse deeper into the thousands of nerve endings that God has placed there! I playfully twirl it around the rosebud. While my tongue twirls around her clit and lips.

All of a sudden my Beloved reaches down and takes the vibrator from me. She snakes the vibrator down between our bodies until it is on her mound and onto the root of her clit pushing my chin down until my tongue brush the lips of her womanhood. This is a new one for the playbook. She toys the vibrator around her sexual pearl. My tongue swirls down to her taint and onto her rosebud. I push my tongue into her petals swirling around the cluster of nerve endings on the inner and outer rings of her back door. Her hips are undulating with the simultaneous stimulation between the vibrator and my tongue. It’s time to add another layer of pleasure.

I lick my right forefinger and it easily enters her backdoor from all the analingus. My tongue returns to her pussy lips. My beloved continues to ascend towards the climax as she plays with her clit. My tongue licks back and forth along her lips. I go a little further up. The back of my tongue touches the vibe and now my vibrating tongue tip plays with her clit mercilessly. Meanwhile my finger is fucking her backdoor. The two sensations precipitate her first climax like a wave crashing on the shore. She moans, her hips buck she pushes me further down but she seeks another wave, little orgasmic waves on the shores of her womanhood. She’s way more sensitive now, so I very slowly lick her pussy lips inside and out tonguing the gateway into her honeypot occasionally darting in to taste the new orgasmic honey. Her pussy juice changes once she’s orgasmed, she’s soaking wet. Then she begins to ascend to another climax, a little quicker on the ascent and a bigger wave crashes on her shores.

My tongue is too much. She pushes me back. She wants something different. I kneel between her knees and raise her legs up and wide. Her orgasmic juices won’t be contained – they gorgeously seep out of her pussy. Her chest is flush. I admire my beautiful Beloved. My cock smeared with her saliva happens to be resting on her rosebud it easily could have been her pussy lips. I know she wants more … and so do I.

I press a little on her rosebud it gives way urging me to enter… slowly, very slowly. With anal penetration we usually add lubricant. But tonight it’s just our saliva and her pussy juice. This is new ground, Millimeter by millimeter my shaft enters her tight cave. I stop frequently. She relaxes … another two millimeters, stop, relax, advance, stop, relax, advance, stop, relax, advance. I withdraw a couple of inches and then advance a little further forward.

I am encased. It is intensely pleasurable. She seems more relaxed, that’s my signal to gently thrust and withdraw. Adorable begins a new pleasurably unremitting moan.

She brings back the vibrator into play. Back on her mound teasing her clitoral region and surrounding area.

The sensation on and in my cock is intense. I’m still moving slowly and it’s as if a climax is being pressed out of me. She’s approaching her peak too as I approach my climax. We orgasm in unison. It’s different tonight. It’s as if both of us are squeezing the orgasm out of each other – for each other.

My orgasm is not quick … it goes on and on. One of the longest I can remember. For about thirty seconds – so this is what a multiple orgasm is like? Wave after wave is pressed out of me.

All I can say after a minute is, “I love you.”

I am perfectly still. My cock perfectly sheathed in her perfect derrière.

We are bound together in orgasmic bliss, bound together in love and bound together in Christ.

We are one flesh. Praise God!

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8 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    Prostate massage swells the prostate with cum. Two hours must have made it delectably unbearable! No wonder you came for 30 seconds.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hot experience ! I am so glad that MH finally published a back door story. Anal is sooooo erotic. My wife and I save it for special occasions.

  3. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story! Ben and I both love anal play and occasionally anal sex. It is a totally new sensation. Anal play such as fingering and licking can add a whole new level of sexual pleasure. Thanks for posting! And thanks MH for publishing this erotic back door story. God bless and stay horny always!

  4. Alicia G. M. says:

    Hot story. I am not really much into the anal thing. My husband Trey has asked about putting his dick up my ass, but that is a no go. I don't mind a finger once in a while, but that is about it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. D&D says:

    I have to agree Very sexy, well written anal play. Thanks for posting. I'm like most men and would love to give it a try, butt still off limits other than a finger or touch once in a while.

  6. me says:

    Hot! I am into anal…give or receive. Wife is not as into it as I am, but likes an occasional extra stimulation. Not the first thing to stimulate, but once deep into the passion she enjoys it. Sometimes enjoys my scratchy beard on her booty when cunnilingus is going on!

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