"I don't have to wear it if I don't want to" and with that I slamed the door and left him there standing in our bedroom. Anger Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.21.15 PMshocked his body as he fought to regain control of his heart and his breathing. I didn't see what was the big problem with not wearing my ring. I know I was a faithful wife and that I loved him. So why must I have to wear it everyday.  I knew he was angry and it made me feel good to know that he was fuming. I've been trying to get back at him ever since he turned me down the other night. He claimed I was talking too dirty for his sanctified ears I was mad.

I wanted to be spanked and roughed up a bit. I wanted to talk dirty to him as he pimed me down and rammed me. Why wouldn't he just let me express myself, I was in need of a release badly and if I couldn't get what I needed there would be hell.He could stay mad all day and I wouldn't care plus I was far from done with pissing him off. They say (when it rains it pours) i planned to make dam sure he knew exactly what that meant. As I sat around my desk at work I kept smiling at how mad he was, I felt so satisfied to know That I was getting some payback. The rest of the day went by in a blur.

As I drove home I did so thinking what I could do next to push him over the edge tonight. I had to attend one of my husbands work party were I would stand by him and look happy,like a woman that was well satisfied. When I got home I noticed that he had layed out the dress he wanted me to wear. It was a green dress that was ankle length and covered my entire body. Beside it was a note that said (let's put today's incident behind us put this dress on and I'll see you later. I love you.) I gritted my teeth. I showered and dismissed his request. I opted for a short red dress that was thigh high that revealed the genorous swell of my breast. I looked dam hot. When I arrived I was the center of all the attention it felt like a million snipper guns were on me. That's how the eyes were boring into my skin. I loved it and the best thing was that Ray was looking but not with desire as the other men but with murder in his eyes. As he headed my way I gave him my back he stopped dead behind me and said "mell your pushing it stop now or I'll loose it" I laughed at that "you, loose it, please I'd like to see the day" I said without turning to him.

A handsome guy came up to me and offered to buy me a drink. I looked at him he was no wear near as impressive as my husband was but if this was gonna make him mad then he would have to do.I held up my ringless finger and said "of course as you can see I'm not married" oh my GOD did I just say that? I let the stranger lead me to the bar and as He did I swayed my hips so sexily while my firm round butt moved in accord to my hips. I was in the drivers seat alright and I loved it. For the rest of the night I pretended to flirt and to be enjoying myself until it was time to go home. The car ride home was quite Ray didn't say a word to me. I was sweeting. I was genuinely afraid because I didn't know what he was thinking. At other times when he was mad he would talk and swear but tonight he said nothing.When we got home I took my close off feeling quite pleased and afraid at the same time.  When I turned around I noticed that he was sitting on the bed naked. My god he was impressive.How could one man make me mad and turn me on at the same time? I swore he was gonna be the end of me. "Come to me" he said. "Look I had a good night ok let's ......"

Before I could finish my smart comment he cut me off and said "and it's about to get better" before I could even think he grabbed me turned my face to the wall and held my hands behind me  I was turned on like a fire.He was been rough with me and I liked it. He used his free hand to rub my large clit as he leaned into my ears and whispered "do you have any idea how jealous I got when I saw you with that man tonight? It suddenly occurred to me how much I'm willing to do anything for you, I hope you still wanna talk dirty cuz I'm gonna really give it to you." It felt so good to hear those words. he Held my hands at my sides pushed his fully erected dick into my back and grinded on me. "Ooo" I moaned. He leaned into my ear and said "so your a freak I take it" as he continued to grind his dick in my back. "Yeah, I'm a freak I wanna be real dirty with you".  with that the man bent even lower and grounded his dick on my ass. "Mmmmmmmm babe that feel reallll good Ray" "do you love it mell" "yes Ray" "say you fucking love it" I couldn't believe Ray was saying that to me "I fucking love it Ray" he bit my shoulder as he used his foot to push my feet apart and plunged in my pussy. Wow!  The man was like a jack hammer in me his thrusts were hard and fast my breasts were shaking violently. "Ray......." He kept going all the while telling me how good my ass felt slaming back into him and how his desire is to completely tear my walls down. I couldn't take it ,it was to much for me. His jabs we're coming too fast and too hard but every time I told him to slow down he would say "what's that? You want me to go harder ok girl" and he would.he turned me around and sucked my nipples really hard.Then he bent me over . I hated that position because I felt every stroke of his cock to my core and he knew it. "Baby plz bend me over on the bed" but he said "no I don't want you to have anything to hold on to I want you to be helpless" and he moulded my pussy. He went on  for what felt like forever at different intervals he would take his dick out and rub it in my swollen wet pussy and shoved it back in. What a man. He came on my ass and spanked me. He held me and I said "this is what I've been begging you for babe what took you so long?"

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  1. Upcomingauthor says:

    HA! This story is a contrast to you bio! Looks like this time I was his turn to really please you! Hot story! Loved it! I'll be honest that I had a few conflicts at first with the flirting part but then I saw it's in the makeup category. And sometimes you just have to get your spouses attention. Sometimes words ain't enough and conflict is apart of any marriage but its good you got it figured out and what you wanted.
    Plus, make up of sex is the best at times. Woo! I'm getting warm thinking about the times my wife and I have gotten into it. Thanks for sharing! God bless and keep writing! 😉

    • Claro Rose says:

      Lol the key is not to take the flirting over board. You have to know your mate.with Ray all I have to do is give my attention to someone else for too long and he'd be jealous. I just laughed at a few jokes and pretend to like the guys company. Plus ray has made me jealous I'll be sure to write about it.

  2. Ben G. says:

    This story was Hot! I love when Gina expresses herself during sex. We both enjoy dirty talk while making love. Hearing her say " Fuck me! " or anything along that line, really gets my motor running and my dick throbbing.

    We also enjoy roughing it up a bit occasionally. I don't remember if she has ever written a story about one of those episodes. If she hasn't, maybe I will. We don't hurt each other, just get a bit more aggressive, I guess you can say.

    Well, gotta get off of here so I can jerk off. Thank you so much for sharing this claro rose! I truly enjoyed it. God bless.

    Oh, let me mention that Gina doesn't really flirt much with other guys, at least not enough to make me jealous. I trust her totally and know I am the one she loves and comes home to. She is the only woman for me as well. That's not saying you and your husband don't feel the same way about each other. So please don't get me wrong. Sometimes us guys need a swift and subtle kick in the balls to wake us to the realization of just how lucky we are!

  3. Eva says:

    Claro, I have to tell you, I've been thinking of this story intermittently for several days. At first, it really bothered me...like not in a good way. I was actually a little surprised that marriageheat had posted it. It seemed to cross a line with the flirting. It made me feel uncomfortable.

    As I thought about it, though, I started to realize how you were playing with emotions and control in this story, and how those are the exact things we play with in our bedroom. You two play with each other's anger and jealousies to create sexual tension. The power you have over each other makes you crazy with desire.

    We use anger, jealousy and control in our bedroom all the time. My husband loves it when I tell him a story about me flirting with some fictional person. Or sometimes I'll tell him a real story of something that happened to me on a date before he and I were together. Those stories make him crazy with jealousy and I love how his anger makes him more aggressive sexually.

    I've always felt a little like we are playing with fire on these occasions, but the truth is, it's never hurt our relationship, but rather the sharing of these fantasies and stories has deepened the bond between us. And we learn so much about each other's emotions and limits when we play this way.

    So I guess I just want to say that I think I finally "get" where you are coming for with this story. I mean, it is nowhere in my personality to actually go out and pretend to be flirting with someone else at a party, but it's also not my personality to have sex in a sunflower field in broad daylight like that story that was posted yesterday. And that has nothing to do with right or wrong, that just has to do with me being a wus.

    But it is apparently in your personalities to play this way, to be emotional and loud with grand gestures. And it seems to work for you. He seems to enjoy it, and obviously you do. So I'm intrigued. And I have to ask, does playing this way ultimately deepen your relationship and your trust in each other?

    I've been asking a lot of questions lately about the sexual rules we put on ourselves as Christians, and this story of yours has definitely added a few more to the pile.

  4. Eva says:

    I'm thinking more about this story again today. Today I am thinking that our marriages don't exist in a vacuum. And so I'm wondering... even if this story seemed to enhance your sexual experience as a couple, did it have any negative impact on how those around perceived you as a couple? Did you friends/coworkers/acquaintances notice that you were paying attention to another man? Did they hear you say you weren't married? Could your flirting with this other man have led him into the sin of lusting after another man's wife without his even knowing it?

    I have lots of questions. I hope you aren't offended by my asking... 🙂

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