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A fast one

Just look at him. He could hardly fix his tie because his nerves were all over the place. It was my fault. After getting out the shower, he was in a hurry to get to work because he was running late due to our early morning love making. It was a fight for him to […]


“I don’t have to wear it if I don’t want to” and with that I slamed the door and left him there standing in our bedroom. Anger shocked his body as he fought to regain control of his heart and his breathing. I didn’t see what was the big problem with not wearing my ring. […]


I can’t even remember the first time I saw him. I really wasn’t interested in men. (I mean, I liked them but I just felt like all the ones I knew were failures.) The only man I wanted in life was GOD because I knew he would never fail. So my life consisted of going […]