Jenna’s Journal – Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance By Blondie

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No one, not even her husband, Adam, would guess “good girl” Jenna’s dirty little secret: She keeps a journal filled with her sexual fantasies.

Jenna and Adam have been married awhile, and their sex life is and always has been safe. Jenna wants more, but she’s never thought of herself as “that” kind of woman, and knows Adam certainly wouldn’t either, right? She contents herself by keeping a journal of her fantasies hidden safely away.

Adam doesn’t know how to tell his wife their sex life is waning. It especially gets difficult when a woman at work won’t stop flirting with him, even after his constant refusal of her advances, he wonders if it’s that obvious his sex life isn’t that exciting. One day while Jenna is out he accidentally discovers an erotic journal under their bed. His Jenna is really a sex kitten with a dominant side, too stuck on the idea of what a “good” girl should be like to actually tell him about what she wants! Immediately he determines to make Jenna’s sexual fantasies reality.

But how are they to deal with Adam’s stalker co-worker who won’t stop at sending false emails to make Jenna think the worst? And can Jenna truly let herself go enough to actually fulfill the fantasies she’s always dreamed about?

Find out what sexy times can ensue when a long-time married couple embraces the idea to go against the flow and change their sex life for the better in this erotic romance now available for Kindle and paperback!

Note: This book includes some Domme/Sub play by the husband and wife as well as more than one sexy incident in the shower.

An Erotic Romance Novella by Blondie from Marriage Heat Publishing.

Kindle: $3.99

Paperback: $6.99

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6 replies
  1. Tina says:

    Such a great story! Jenna and Adam were such an adorable couple and I loved how once she opened up to him the sky became the limit! I especially loved the fantasy scene were she was his sexy Domme!

  2. Pam says:

    An erotic and enjoyable read! Adam and Jenna had great chemistry and were so likable as a couple. Liked their journey from so-so sex to amazing hot monogamy!

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