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Getting Pregnant – Our Adventures in Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant – My husband & I had tried getting pregnant for several years now, but had yet to succeed. We went to the doctor & she put us both on hormone pills; my husband to raise his sperm count & me to raise my estrogen levels. She was in thought that this would help both of us. The reason she wanted me on something to raise my estrogen levels at such a young age, was so that my sexual drive would be heightened…attempting to get my husband & I both in balance, especially once his new meds started working. She said that the pills would sky rocket our sex drive & the only drawback is that if my husband were to become aroused in the least, he needed to finish w/an orgasm. She said if your wife is available by all means have sex, but if she is not, you will have to masturbate. We both looked at each other w/ a look that said…we could not imagine having more sex than we already do.

Well we had been on the new meds for 2 days before we realized that our sex drives could increase more than what they already were! It hit the second night that we had been on them… we made incredibly passionate love before we went to sleep, in the nude of course. Then, around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. I kind of began to stir a little, at the feeling of my husband’s fully aroused, rock hard penis poking at my bottom. I could feel him attempting to slide his blood engorged rod in between the folds of my awakening pussy.
Once I started moving to the motions of his penis rubbing against me, he pulled away & rolled me over on my back. He got out of bed, came around to my side & knelt down & began gently kissing & nibbling on my neck, kissing his way up to my ears & back down to my neck, he knows that is one of my weak spots.

I kissed him full on the mouth while he began to massage my breasts & gently rub my hardening nipples, as he caressed & stroked his beautiful erect cock. He pulled away from my mouth & took one of my nipples in between his teeth & flicked it back & forth w/his tongue while he squeezed my other breast w/his hand.

“Oh baby, I love you so much. You always make me feel so good, the way that you touch me!”

As he pulled away from my breasts, he responded, “I love you too, baby; I love making you feel good.”

He began to gently kiss his way down my stomach & belly button & arrived at my mound. Although he moved & began to kiss his way up & down my inner thighs, sending shivers all over my body & up & down my spine. I was lying there working my hips & doing my best to thrust my swollen pussy into the air, desperately awaiting his attention. As he kissed & licked my upper inner left thigh once more, he continued to kiss & lick as he worked his way to the inner layers of my soaking wet pussy. He began by taking my erect clit in between his teeth & vigorously flicking it back & forth with his tongue & he knows that I am about ready to explode. So next he slid his tongue very slowly in & out of my swollen lips & was somehow able to angle his tongue just right to gently lick & stroke my (special) g-spot. It only took a couple of minutes of his swift licking & stroking & I did not just cum….I exploded all over my husband’s tongue & his beautiful lips! Then we both had the joy of licking all of my cum off his mouth & nose.

He then let me know that his near exploding cock was so hungry for his wife’s tight, young, sweet pussy. We slid a pillow under my butt & back side for even deeper penetration & a better angle of him rubbing my g spot with the large mushroom head of his throbbing rock hard cock. He got on his knees & I rested my legs on his shoulders, he entered the very tip of his blood engorged cock head into my now dripping wet pussy & forcefully thrust in the rest of the full length of his beautiful cock. I began to work my hips & moan. He told me he wants to watch me take my fingers & play with my rock hard clit. As I began playing with my clit, working my hips to meet his thrust, we found our perfect rhythm. The head of his big rod was now touching & rubbing my g-spot perfectly with his every thrust. I could feel his big cock begin to throb uncontrollably deep inside of my pussy & his balls were beginning to tighten…I stroked my clit vigorously a few more times & before we both knew it we had the best mind blowing orgasm as we came together.

We lay there in each others arms, thinking about how blessed we are to be able to share a love this beautiful, this physical, this strong! We fell back asleep for several more hours & before we knew it, it was around 9:00 a.m. but since it was Saturday & we really didn’t have anywhere to go, it didn’t matter. My precious husband looked over at me & said,  “Guess what Babe…?”  I already had a feeling about what he was about to tell me, but I looked over at him & he didn’t even have to speak…all I had to do was just look at him. Oh my goodness he’s gorgeous…I am so in love with him!

He’s lying there underneath the sheet with his fully erect blood engorged cock in hand. He asks me if I want him to take care of this one on his own, or was I up to helping him.  I said nothing, as I pulled the sheet back, took my breasts in my hands & gently squeezed them, taking my nipples between my fingers & blowing on them, enjoying the sensation.

I got up, grabbed his hand & led him to the shower. I said,  “I am more than happy to help you, my love.” I turned on the water, letting it get good & hot. I kissed him fully on the mouth & pulled away, licking my lips. I said, “I am pretty hungry you know.” We stepped into the shower, kissing & licking each others lips, my husband taking my hand & placing it around his large erect cock & we began stroking it together as we continued to kiss. I pulled away from his mouth & began kissing his neck, very gently, very slowly. I kissed my way down to his chest & began to suck one of his nipples & then the other. I kissed & licked my way down to his belly button & last but not least arrived at his now near throbbing rod. I took just his large cockhead into my mouth, sucking vigorously to enjoy all of his pre-cum & savoring his delicious love. I took one hand & began stroking the length of his shaft & with my other I began caressing his meaty balls. I know that he enjoys this greatly! I looked up at him & all I can think about is how much I love him & how much I want to please him…in every way!

Next, I took his entire length into my mouth inch by inch, then I took it out of my mouth licking up & down his shaft while I caressed just the head of his cock. I again took in his entire length & vigorously sucked, & he put his hands on my head & helped my head & his cock meet in perfect rhythm. While I deep throat his entire cock he began to make love to my mouth faster & faster. His cock throbbing in my mouth & about to explode…he pulled it out, to where just his cock head was in between my lips & I continued to vigorously suck. Then he took his entire cock in his hand, stroking it rapidly & removing it from my mouth. He said, “Quick, Babe, turn around, bend over & prop up your foot so your pussy opens up a little easier… I need to put my cock inside of my wife!” (since we are trying to get pregnant here). He reached down between my legs, slid two fingers inside of my pussy & gently rubbed my g-spot for just a few seconds, knowing that he is simply just trying to get me wet, that’s all it’s going to take. He held the lips of my pussy open & inserted just his cockhead, then forcefully thrust the rest of his length deep inside of me. Caressing my breasts in his hands, he held his cock inside of me just for a minute. We both enjoy this feeling of closeness & try to savor it as long as we can. Although, he can only handle a minute of being still like that, before he is ready to start thrusting again.

He started humping me at first & then went into long, deep, hard, fast strokes, hitting my g-spot every time. I could feel his balls begin to tighten as they slapped against my ass, his cock starting to throb inside of my pussy & I know he is beyond ready to explode… while he was rolling my stiffened nipples between his fingers, I reached down between my legs & kind of began to tug on his balls as I caress them & that was all that we could take…I came all over his big, throbbing, rock hard cock & feeling my pussy tighten around him sent him over the edge coming & coming & coming! He said that he felt like, it just wouldn’t stop & I said, “That’s wonderful baby, I’m so glad that I am able to bring you such pleasure! I love you.”

Even after all of this hot, sexy & steamy love making, we still ended up making love 4 more times on this day! It was that way, every day (w/those drugs)…when we were both at home & available at the same time! Now after 14 years of marriage, it still amazes me how I am able to fall more in love with that man w/every passing day! We now have 3 beautiful & precious children. I thank God every day, for sending us to that doctor, not only for the great sex, obviously way more than once a day…but most of all for our 3 precious blessings!

Okay you all, this is the very first piece of erotica I have ever written! I had really no clue that I was even capable of writing such a story. All comments are welcome & constructive criticism will be appreciated. Thank you all & may God bless you greatly.

Getting Pregnant – Hey everyone, let us submit more stories of the adventures of getting pregnant. The getting pregnant stories are inspiring and encouraging and hot.

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15 replies
  1. noryar13 says:

    Thank you for your story. Like you, I am amazed at how God gives us the
    ever growing love for our spouses – He not only renews our strength
    spiritually – He gives us the strength and replenishment for more and more
    sexual oneness. Your first story was a hot knockout!

  2. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Awe thanks you guys for the amazing compliments…that’s really encouraging! Mrs Gina…thank you so much…to me for some reason your approval means a lot! I guess maybe b/c the very 1st story I read, once I came across this site was one of yours….thank you for all of your great stories as well 🙂 !

    At Noryar 13, yeah I would have never thought back when I was 18…that I now at 32 would be even more in love w/my husband today than I was then. And even on top of that, be able to write about our love & then let other people read about it. I know that it all has to do w/God & lots & lots of prayer! I look forward to posting more of our adventures in achieving conception of our first child. We had some exciting & whew almost got caught experiences..which made it all the more fun & amazing!!!
    To Mrs Gina & Mr Ben & Noryar13 may God bless you all greatly & I look forward to reading more of you guys’s stories as well!

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      Thank you Blondie! You are absolutely welcome! Btw my husband was wondering if he needed his own profile for the site, or is it okay for him to just submit his stories under mine?

    • Blondie says:

      Whichever he prefers is fine 🙂 There are couples here who share a profile and couples who each have their own. We don’t have any rules on that 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you ever so much doctemp2! I’m glad my you enjoyed my story! Yes, God is so very good & has blessed my husband I greatly w/His amazing love & intimacy…even now, we still feel like we’re on a lifelong honeymoon! But if it were not having God as the stronghold of our marriage, I honestly don’t know where we would be today! Hope you all are having a great & wonderful evening & look forward to reading your stories as well!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you, yes God is Good! After 17 years and 2 children we are also still on our Honeymoon. We took your advice and submited our first story an hour ago. Hope it is published and is a blessing to everyone! Enjoy each other tonight! 😀
      Kay & K.

    • Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

      That is wonderful!!! Yes, we just recently read your story a few mins ago & I’ll say it again….it was like beautifully romantic, yet so hot!!! Hope you all are having a great & wonderful night & evening!!!

  4. Ben G. says:

    I know my wife Gina has already said, but let me say I really enjoyed this story. Personally I think it is one of the best I have read on this site . With the exception of my lovely wife’s of course! Lol.

    I look forward to more stories from you. May God bless you and yours. Keep writing please! Thank you!

  5. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Hello & Good Evening you guys! @ Mr Ben & Mrs Gina- Yes sir! Will do, my husband & I are actually both in the midst of working a on a few! I thank you & Mrs Gina & everyone else as well, again so much for such encouraging & inspiring words! I as well just over the last day or 2 have submitted my husband’s 1st story…I put him up to a challenge 🙂 I think you’ll like it, once it is published!!! Hope you guys have a great & wonderful evening & night!!!

  6. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Thank you so much SweetTwinky. Yes we went through quite a bit having our babies, although we sure had fun w/all the trying. I would not trade that for the world. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Hope you have a great & wonderful day!

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