Renewed Commitment (L)

As I walked down the aisle of the church Tuesday night ( September 24th) and saw the love of my life and soul mate for the last thirty years now, standing up front along with our son and two beautiful daughters. I couldn’t help but swell with love. A couple tears ran down my face.

It was our 30th wedding anniversary and Ben and I had decided to renew our marriage vows. As I write this I still cannot believe it has been thirty years. It seemed like yesterday,that we stood in my parents backyard among a small gathering of family and friends , making that first commitment to share our life together as husband and wife.

It was a much different scene this time as practically a full church of people attended and it was inside instead of outside this time. Unfortunately my parents couldn’t make the trip to attend. However they did call and express their love and blessings to us earlier that afternoon. My brother Gary whom I haven’t seen in years, did fly in from Wisconsin to attend along with his beautiful wife and two daughters. He walked me down the aisle which was very special to me.

I wore a light blue off the shoulder satin and chiffon dress that came just below the knee and heels. My friend and former co-worker Lisa fixed my hair a couple hours earlier at the salon. My dearest friend Cynthia purchased my bouquet and white lace garter that had ” Thirty years of Love stitched into it.

Ben looked so handsome dressed in his navy blue suite with tie. My daughters Alicia and Kristie wore dark blue dresses and looked absolutely beautiful. My son Randy looked so handsome in his dark blue suit and tie. I couldn’t have been prouder. Our minister Brother Mike performed the ceremony. Ben and I had purchased 1/4 cot diamond sterling silver wedding bands a couple days earlier.

The ceremony went off beautifully as Ben and I renewed our love and devotion to one another. My heart melted as I noticed Ben’s eyes swell up with tears as he expressed his love to me and I to him. We both chuckled when Brother Mike said, ” I now pronounce you man and wife… again!”

We then kissed. “I love you so much!” I said softly after our kiss.

“I love you too!” he replied.

After the ceremony, we walked to the fellowship hall where a large pot luck supper awaited us. Ben and I are so blessed to have so many good friends and a caring church. We are both extremely grateful to our brothers and sisters in Christ for their blessings and well wishes on this very special night in our lives as we start a new segmant of our marriage.

It was a little before 9:00 when Ben and I decided it was time for us to leave. I hugged my kids and my brother and his wife and kids, while Ben made a love offering to brother Mike.

Ben had reserved us a room at a Comfort Inn twenty miles outside of town. My brother and his family were gonna stay at our house, as was Randy. Ben and I drove to the house to pick up our bags. Why we didn’t take them with us to the church in the first place, I have no idea.  Shortly behind us was Randy, my brother and his gang.

Before Ben and I left we all stood in a circle and held hands as Ben led us in prayer.

I then walked over to my brother Gary and hugged him. I thanked him for walking me down the aisle .

“I love you Scoots!” I told him then kissed him softly on the cheek. “Scoots ” is a nickname my father gave him when he was a baby because when he was a baby, he would scoot around on his butt instead of crawling. He crawled, he just preferred to scoot around on his ass for some reason.

It was nearly 10:15 when Ben and I finally got on the road. We stopped at a liquor store just outside of town and purchased a couple bottles of champagne . As Ben came back to the car with our purchase, I couldn’t help but think of the last time I drank champagne. It was at a New Year’s Eve party this past year. I over did it a bit and had gotten drunk. I was totally miserable the next day.

I sat close to him, putting my head on his shoulder.

“I love you so much Ben! Thank you for today and for loving me !” I said softly as he drove.

“I love you to baby!” he said, putting an arm around me, giving me a gentle hug.

It was almost midnight when we finally made it to the hotel and got checked in. I slipped off my heels as my feet were killing me. Our room was on the second floor as we unloaded the car and headed for our room.

It was a very nice room. Large bed, color television with satellite, small refrigerator and large bathroom. It was major upgrade from the hotel we stayed at during our first wedding night thirty years ago. Let me tell ya!

We settled in then Ben went and got a couple buckets of ice for the champagne. I let my hair down and poured me a glass (one if those little plastic glasses). I then unzipped my dress and slipped out of it, then hung it up. I looked at myself in the mirror as I stood there in my white lace bra and matching thong, the garter still on my right leg.

That is how I stood when Ben let himself back into the room carrying the two buckets of ice.  ” Well, isn’t that a pretty site! Hold on! I want to get a picture!” he said setting the buckets down then grabbed his cell phone and snapped a picture.  “Turn around, I want one of that beautiful ass of yours!”

I did as he requested and turned so he could get his picture, leaning over slightly.  ” You like this ass, big daddy!” I said with a smile and a wink, grabbing my butt cheek with my hand and squeezed it .

“You know I do baby.” he said as he unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his masculine hairless chest. I gazed at him lustfully as he removed his shirt, the muscles in his arms flexing as he moved.

“Mrs. G., Do you have any idea how much I love you? ” Ben said as he walked over to me and took my hand.

“I think I know. I love you to Mr. G.. I love you with all my heart!” I replied as he led me over to the bed. I sat on the end of the bed as Ben stood before me.

“Gina , you have made me the happiest man in the world. You have given me your love, entrusting me with your heart. You have given me three wonderful children and I thank you. I love you my baby!” Ben said as he held my hands.

I sat there tears streaming down my face as I looked up at him. “You make me so happy Ben and I love you more everyday. I would marry you over and over!  Thank you for loving me!  Thank you for being my life partner.” I said, then took my hands and unfastened his belt and slacks.

He smiled and ran his hand through my hair as I slowly pulled his pants down past his thighs. He assisted me in pulling them the rest of the way off.  I  grinned, then ran my hand over the front of his boxers. His penis thickened slowly as I did.

I ran my hands over his abdomen , feathering it with light kisses, flicking my tongue in and around his naval. I then slowly slid his boxers down exposing his cock and balls. I took his swelling cock into my hand and gently began massaging it. I love how it feels in my hand as it swells and grows in my hand.

“Oh Gina, baby! That feels so good!  Baby, play with my balls!  Tickle them for me!”  Ben groaned as I worked my hand over his near erect cock.

“Like this baby?  I love playing with your balls baby!  Does it feel good?”  I said as I fondled his nuts with one hand and rubbed his now fully erect dick with the other.

Ben groaned his approval as a small drop of pre cum formed on the tip. I leaned forward and flicked his dew drop off with my tongue, tasting him. He groaned and thrust his dick to my mouth.

“Baby, do it!  Suck my dick!  Come on do it, my pretty little cocksucker!” he growled.

I glanced up at him and grinned, then said,  “I’m your cocksucker baby!  I’ll suck you baby!  You love how I suck you with my hot little mouth don’t you baby!”

“OHHHH BABY, YESSSS!” he groaned as I took him into my mouth and began sucking his dick. He grasped my hair, guiding my head up and down his thick shaft. I gagged only once as I took him deep into my throat.

He grunted and groaned as he humped my mouth. I continued fondling his nuts as I blew him, working my mouth eagerly up and down his big meaty dick. I loved it!  I wanted him, I longed to taste him, to have him cum in my mouth.  ” Feed me!”  I panted taking my mouth off his dick only for a moment, then continued sucking him.

” GINA! BABY! YES, SUCK ME! SUCK MY DICK! YES, I’M GONNA CUM! TAKE IT! OHHHHHH SHHHIIITTT! ” He exclaimed as his balls drew up and his dick throbbed, filling my mouth with his sweet cum. I swallowed most of his load, only a small portion escaped my lips and ran down my chin.

I released his deflating penis, licking the remaining portion of his cum from my fingers.  “Mmmmm, that was so sweet! That was a big load, have you been saving it for me baby?” I said as I reached behind me and unfastened my bra and tossing it onto the floor.

I laid back onto the bed and ran my hand over my thong covered cunt. He grinned then hooked his fingers into the the sides of my thong and slowly pulled it off. I opened my legs and touched myself, opening the lips of my wet pussy with my fingers.  ” Put your mouth right here big daddy!” I said patting my pussy, then slipped a couple fingers in teasingly working them in and out.

He grinned, then got between my legs replacing my fingers with his own. I gasped as he inserted first one, then a second of his fat fingers into me, working them deliciously in and out.

” Oh Ben! Baby, that feels so good !” as I worked my hips to meet his thrusting fingers.

” Such a pretty pussy! So hot and wet!” He said, then placed his mouth onto me as his tongue began to work it’s magic.

“Ohhhhh baby, just like that! That’s soooo good! Eat me! Oh yes eat me!” I panted , holding his head to my cunt as he continued to eat me out. ” OHHHH BABY! YESSSS, EAT ME! SUCK MY CLIT! YES LIKE THAT! I’M CUMMING! OHHHHH BABY, I’M C-C- CUMMMMINNNG!” I cried as my body convulsed in orgasm.

He took his mouth off my pussy and watched as I exploded. I was panting and gasping for breath as my orgasmic tremors ceased. He smiled then kisseed my inner thigh. I groaned as he ran a finger over my pussy, then brought it to his lips and tasted me.

“BABY! OH FUCK BABY!” I squealed as he suddenly slipped a finger into me and began fingering me, finding that special spot inside me sending me over the edge once more. I gasped for air, I was huffing and puffing as my body lerched and trembled.

We lay together in each others arms, my body still tingling from my orgasms. ” Baby, I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink. You want one?” He asked as he got out of bed and walked nude to where the champagne was chilling on ice.

“Yes! Please!” I said, brushing my hair from my face with my hand. I glanced at my cell phone for the time, it was 2; 15 am. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

He was standing by the window peeking out, when I emerged from the bathroom. I grabbed my glass he had fixed me, then walked behind him, smacking him playfully on the ass. ” I love you so much baby!” I said, as I ran my hand up and down his back.

He turned and kissed me softly on the lips. ” I love you my baby!” He said softly.

We finished our drink then fixed another round.  “Why Ben, are you trying to get me drunk sir!” I said with a joking smile.

“Absolutely! Get you drunk and fuck the shit out of you!” He said, then chuckled.

” Baby, you don’t have to get me drunk to do that!” I replied, reaching down and grasping his limp dick.

“Let’s get back in bed .” He said, taking me by the hand and led me back over to the bed. We finished our drinks then lay in each others arms and did a bit of nude cuddling. I reached and held his penis in my hand and began to massage it.

“Mmmm, baby! You have such a beautiful dick. It’s so big! I love how it feels in my hand!” I said trying to entice him to another hard on. “Does my hand feel good baby? Do you like the way I stroke you?” I said.

” Feels great baby!” He said, his cock slowly beginning to thicken. He groaned slightly as I released his dick and began fondling his nuts. His dick lengthened and hardened a bit more.

” You like that I see! Your getting hard baby!” I panted as I continued to tickle and play with his meaty balls.

As I played with his balls, Ben reached and grabbed his dick, slowly jacking himself.

“Oooooh yea! Play with it!  Pump your meat ! Make it hard for me baby! I love when you touch yourself, your making my pussy so wet!  Baby, I need to be fucked! I want your dick inside my pussy baby! Will you fuck me baby?” I panted, continuing my dirty talk onslaught.

“You wanna get fucked! I’ll fuck you! Open your legs you hot little slut!” Ben growled, then rolled on top of me. His dick now at it’s full hard length. With one hard thrust he was inside me .

“Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmph! Oh baby! Fuck me!” I groaned, thrusting my hips to meet his

Ben slipped his hands under me, holding my ass as he thrust his dick into me. His warm breath  on my neck and ear as he panted, ” I’m gonna fuck you good! You like it, don’t you baby!  Such a hot cunt! Your my little slut, my cock hungry wife whore!” He panted as he fucked me, his nuts slapping against my ass. His words electrifying my passion.

“Mmmmmmph! YESSSS, FUCK ME! GIVE ME YOUR BIG HARD DICK! I’M A WHORE FOR YOUR BiG DICK BABY! GIVE IT TO ME!” I cried. I hope the room had thick walls cause I wasn’t holding back. I was loving me some hot dick!

” TURN OVER! LET ME SEE YOUR HOT ASS!” Ben groaned as he slipped out of me. He got out of bed and stood by the side.  ” BRING YOUR ASS HERE!” He demanded.

I did as he requested and crawled over to where he was on my hands and knees, my ass and swollen wet pussy at his disposal. He grabbed me by the hips then thrust into me.  ” Mmmmmph! Ohhh baby! Mmmmmph! Mmmmmmph!” I grunted and groaned as he pounded into me.

Reaching between my legs, I began to stroke my clitoris. My orgasm soon began building more and more till it boiled over, taking over my body. ” BEN! OHHHHHH BABY, I’M CU-CUUMMMMINNNG!” I cried, collapsing onto my elbows.

“HOT PUSSY! FUCK IT! FUCK IT! OHH GINA! OHHHHH BABY, I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM! Grrrrrrrrrrmmmmmph!” he groaned loudly as he pumped me, then thrust deep as his cock throbbed delivering his hot seed into me, filling me with his heat.

We stayed in that position, him standing behind me, buried deep for several minutes until his throbbing ceased and he slipped out of me spent. Both of us collapsing on the bed sweating, our passion satisfied.

“I love you baby!” Ben panted.

“I love you too!” I panted.

We lay beside each other and drifted off to sleep. Two naked bodies laying across a bed, vulnerable and exposed. Two people deeply in love. Two people joined in love so many years ago in the presence of God. Two souls connected for life, bound by love. A renewed commitment.

I truly hope you all enjoy this story! I hope all of you are blessed as Ben and I are. Loving the Lord, Loving life, Loving each other both emotionally and sexually.

Ben my love, I so look forward to the next chapter in our lives. I love you so much!

God bless all and stay wonderfully horny! Xxoo

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18 replies
    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you so much Blondie… it was a very special and fun day. It couldn’t have gone better. God has blessed us and I am so very grateful!

      God bless you and yours! And of course stay horny!

  1. noryar13 says:

    Happy 30th to you both! My wife and I will be there in a couple of years. Another great story that shows the loyal commitment and passionate love that should accompany a blessed marriage covenant union. God’s rich blessings on you and your family! I rejoice with you in God’s goodness and grace.

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you for the sweet comment noryar 13! The Lord has indeed has blessed us. God bless you and yours! Stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you mandeleine… I will try my best to not disappoint! I am so glad you enjoy my stories. God bless you and yours, and stay horny!

  2. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Wow…30 wonderful years!!! That is so amazing! Congratulations to you & Mr Ben! I am so happy for the both of you! Mine & my husband’s 14th is coming up pretty soon…we’ve been planning like crazy! Our baby daughter will be the big “5” in a couple of weeks & then come late November we’ll be celebrating our anniversary! So excited….thinking about taking just a 3 day cruise & hiring a travel nanny, even though my husband has been trying to talk me into just leaving the kids at home…but after all the baby has been through, it’s just really hard for me to do that. So I thought if we hired a travel nanny, they could be w/us, but not be…if you know what I mean. As an experienced Mommy of 2, almost 3 grown children, what are your thoughts on something like this?

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you mommyof3wifeof1 and congratulations on your upcoming anniversary as well. I Hope the good Lord continues to bless your marriage like he has blessed ours.

      Now about your little delema… leaving the kids at home would be the prime choice, though not always an easy one. I can see your husband’s side, just wanting you “all” to himself.

      However, I can see your side as well…especially if your baby has had a rough go health wise. Hiring a traveling nanny could give you peace of mind, if you would be able to let go and trust the nanny to do the right thing. Check and verify all references!

      The main thing is doing what feels right to you. Your anniversary is about you and your husband spending “quality ” time together and celebrating your love together. It takes two to tango my dear… and if your mind is elsewhere and keeping you from enjoying yourself, then that would be a shame.

      Whatever you decide, feel good about it. Continue talking to your husband about it and the two of you will be able to come to the perfect plan. It is all about having fun and giving yourselves to each other in Mind as well as body. Pray about it! The heavenly father can help you two come to the right decision.

      Always nice “chatting” with you… God bless you and yours and as always stay horny!

  3. Christiancouple says:

    Great story!!!!! My wife and I are fixing to celebrate our 30th anniversary also the 15th of this month. Heading to Amish country in PA for a weekend. Looking forward to a wonderful time with the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!!

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you Christiancouple and congratulations! Sounds like a fun weekend
      ahead. God bless you and your wife and stay horny!

  4. Steve & Annie says:

    Happy 30th that is so awesome!!!!!!!! Your advice to mommyof3 is dead on right. Continue to be Blessed and keep on sharing. Hoping to make a couple of stories this weekend. HAhhhaahhaaa!!!
    Steve and Annie

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Steve and Annie for the sweet comment both here as well as on Ben’s post. I always enjoy hearing from you.

    I am looking forward to your next stories! Have ” fun ” this weekend ( Lol ) getting inspired to inspire us! Hehehe!

    God bless you both and as always stay horny! ( I know you both will! Lol )

  6. doctemp2 says:

    Happy Anniversary Gina & Ben! God truly has blessed you both in many ways and thank you for sharing the innermost private parts of your married intamacy with us. My husband and I admire the honest passion and the amazing heat you share with your readers. I’m glad to read of another stay at home mom like me who likes to talk dirty with her husband and write about it lol. You are a gifted writer and lets just say your stories really inspire K. and I–you influence us in many ways! Keep up the great work and please keep sharing your heat stories!
    Kay & K.

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you so much doctemp2! So glad you two enjoy my stories. I too enjoy hearing from like minded women . Us ” dirty girls” gotta stick together! Lol.

      I truly enjoy writing about our sex life and sharing our love and heat with others. It is fun to relive it in my memory and write. it down ( makes my pussy wet! Lol).

      I truly enjoy your stories as well! I look forward to reading more from you guys. God bless you both and stay horny!

  7. chelsea tamar says:

    Hi Miss GG, great story what an amazing writer u are. Ok one of the elements I like in ur stories is de dirty talk!! Amazing .What I’m interested in is hw u introduced it 2 ur marriage, like dd ur husband suggest it or u asked him 2 use word like “whore/slut” in de bedroom when addressing u!!! Hw dd that dynamic start!! Lots of blessings 2 u 🙂

  8. says:

    Gina, I must say your stories are incredibly HOT !!! I jill off reading your stories. I have read all your stories here on MarriageHeat. Many times I've climaxed by fingering my pussy so hard. Just can't keep my hands off my pussy while I read your stories. You're the best! Please keep posting more !!!

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