The Surgery (Part 2)

This story is part of a series, for the first part click here.

The remaining days in L.A. post-surgery seemed to pass at the pace of an ooze. Melissa made steady progress and was growing bored of being confined to a bed while she recuperated. Not only that, she hated having someone come and ‘check on’ her what seemed like every fifteen minutes, and having to bare all once more to yet another nurse or doctor. Marie had tried to cheer her up about it. “Look at it this way, Miss. At least you get to moon every single person that claims they need to see.” At that Melissa laughed hard enough for it to hurt.

For the moment, Melissa couldn’t wait to see a mirror to see just what improvements had been made on her posterior. Even with the surgery, she knew she would always remember what had been done… but maybe, just maybe others wouldn’t need to know. She’d been so glad for the regular company of her best friends, and guessed that they were probably feeling quite bored by now, too, it being two weeks and all. Even her boss had made the trip, which meant a lot to her. Even so, she was glad the day had finally come to leave this place. She yearned for her own room and her own bed. Lisa’s husband remained at the hotel to take care of the bill and get things packed up while Marie and Lisa went to take care of Melissa. They found her already dressed and filling out some paperwork for discharge.

“Hiya’ Miss!” Marie called.

“G’morning, Miss.”

Melissa looked up to see both of her friends and dropped her pen just in time to be swept into their arms. “Uh… take it easy,” the discharge nurse chided, then gave up, remembering she hadn’t ever seen anyone readmitted from a reception party in over twenty years anyway. Moments later the three friends headed outside the clinic, and Marie hailed a cab. Picking up Lisa’s husband and a trunk-load of suitcases, they were on their way to the airport.

“I think you must’ve packed the entire house down here,” Lisa’s husband grumbled.

“Goodbye L.A.,” Marie said, for all of them.

The entire trip home, Melissa felt pampered and well taken care of by her friends. They didn’t let her do a single thing except sit there. She almost felt bad for her boss, who was relegated to an entirely different part of the plane while the three of them sat in one row and jabbered the entire trip back home. It felt good to simply be back ‘outside’ again, the four walls of her room having felt quite confining. It also helped to have her friends close at hand as the pain medication wore off and reality began setting back in. Still, it had been worth it… she hoped! At the home airport there were two vehicles.

“Why don’t you guys come stay over?” Marie suggested. “You already have all your stuff.” She grinned. “I believe he said you packed the entire house?”

Lisa grinned. Sure, they would go. And from the looks of it, Melissa might need a hand the first couple days back home. The doctor told her to take it easy for a week before going back to work, particularly since work involved sitting on what had just been operated upon. A short drive later, the friends were unloading the cars at Stan and Marie’s house.

“Lisa, I—” began Melissa.

Lisa turned to her friend.  “Yes, Miss?”

“Could you please help me change my bandages and—”

“Of course, Miss! Goodness, I didn’t even think about that.” Grasping Melissa’s hand in hers, she nodded at her husband, who brought along the luggage like a good fellow. He grinned wryly as he rounded a corner.

A ‘mauled’ Stanley stood holding his bride, her legs wrapped around his waist, packages and suitcases strewn around them, their faces locked together. Inhaling his scent, Marie trembled in his arms. She had so looked forward to being back with him—it had been a long two weeks, and she’d be making up for it shortly. She hoped he had plenty for dinner, because he would need energy for a long night ahead. Chuckling, he continued down the hallway to Melissa’s suite with his load.  The house was large, and Melissa had the benefit of a separate wing for her recovery.  Kicking the door open, he gently set things down only to hear Melissa cry from the adjoining room.

He heard Lisa’s soft voice, low and reassuring, but couldn’t discern what she was saying.

“It’s worse than it was before,” Melissa cried.

“No, it’s better,” Lisa reassured. “Give it time. Remember? That’s what the doc—”

“It looks awful!” she cried again.

“Miss – you just had major surgery back there, it—it’s not going to be perfect over night.”

“How do you know?” she challenged her friend. “Have you ever been operated on?”

“Well, no… but…”

Melissa cried again and looked at herself in the mirror. Had this been just a horrible mistake?

“Miss—think about it—would all those people go to those guys to have their breasts enhanced, and liposuctions, and whatever else they do, if it looked worse than when they got there?” Lisa argued.

“No,” Melissa answered sourly, refusing to be comforted. “But how many of them have surgery on their butt?” she asked, with emphasis.

‘Butt.’ Whoa. He heard that! And that was his cue to not enter the room. It was also his cue to make sure he didn’t try to make any jokes later about any of her ‘pains-in-the’ butt. It might not be well received. She did not sound happy and he guessed it was from looking at the results.

“Is everything okay?” Marie enquired. He looked up at the sound of his cousin’s voice. The door to Melissa’s room had opened noiselessly and she stood at its threshold, not liking what she’d just heard either.

“I’m surprised to see you,” he winked. And she most definitely appeared ready for something else entirely, clad in a baby-doll outfit that accentuated the positive. She shifted slightly, her bronzed legs gleaming in the dim hall light.

“Oh, pish-posh – surely I can make sure my friend is all right first!”

He grinned. “I think she’s had better days… but she’ll make it. Right now it’s a pain in her butt.”

She giggled. “Shh! She’ll hear you. Think I should – ?”

“I wouldn’t,” he cautioned. “No sense in both of you getting shot.”

She smiled at him. “Lisa is such a dear—Melissa will be fine. Well… anyway… you guys know where we are.”

“Sure do,” he smiled. He watched her retreating form down the hall for a few moments in admiration. Stanley had himself a good night coming! Slumping deeper in the couch and finding a magazine, he tried to engross himself in a few articles until the voices from the adjoining bedroom died down. Moments later he heard the soft footfalls of his wife and looked up.

“Hi, Hon. Was that Marie that came in earlier?”

He smiled up at Lisa. It was hard not to smile… sometimes ‘literally.’ She was maddeningly sexy without even trying, even simply wearing one of her tee shirts. “Yeah. Is everything all right in there? She sounded a little perturbed.”

“Maybe in the morning,” she sighed. “She’s just a little more banged up than she thought she’d be. I don’t know what to tell her, she’s just—”

He drew her into his arms as she sat down on the couch with him, resting her head on his chest. “You are an amazing lady,” he whispered softly. “I wish I could be the kind of friend you are.”

Lisa looked up at him, her eyes soft and tender. Gently swabbing away the tear that started meandering its way onto her face, he dried his finger on the collar of her shirt and grinned at her. “And you’re hot, too,” he continued. “You make me horny every time I see you. How do you do—umph!” He grunted as he felt a gentle elbow to the ribs.

“Oh, Honey—be serious for a sec—what would you tell her?”

“I haven’t the faintest idea. The only surgery I’ve ever had was on my big toe when I tore something open as a kid messing around by the couch. Mom said I bellowed to the high heavens when they put in the stitches… but I think there wasn’t any permanent damage.”

“Oh no, you have perfect toes,” laughed Lisa.

“Yeah right,” he laughed, tickling her. “You talking about the ones that stink everytime I pull my socks off?”

“Well… except for that maybe,” Lisa admitted.

“She sleeping in there?”

“Probably, why?” she asked.

“Do we need to stay here?”

“You don’t have to, but I probably should. That way I can hear her if she gets up.”

“Need a bullet-proof vest?”he asked jokingly.

“It sounded that bad?”

He shrugged, then felt her hands wiggle to ‘places of interest.’

“Probably all she needed was something like this,” she giggled. “Isn’t that what you always claim will cure every ill?”

“It works on headaches every single time it’s tried,” he chuckled, maneuvering his own hands to touch the lovely treasure he held in his arms.

“I have all I want right here,” she whispered, slipping from his grasp and kneeling on the floor in front of him.

In mere seconds the belt was gone from his pants, and she was helping him shrug them off from around his hips. “Sweetheart,” he gasped. “Are you sure?” He looked over at the door to Melissa’s room. It looked like it was somewhat closed, but he wasn’t sure if it was ‘all the way’ closed. “What if she hears?” Staring down, he watched her adroitly pull down his underwear, his manhood popping free and pointing towards the ceiling. Gently parting his knees, she scooted closer, her hair wisping around him and drawing goose bumps from his skin. Kissing the tip of his penis, she looked up at him, a mischievous look in her blue eyes.

“I don’t know—ask her to join us?” She joked and kissed him again. He was warm and smelled delicious.

“H-hon,” he chuckled, loving it when she teased him, and finding it nearly impossible to concentrate with her warm breaths caressing his penis with intermittent flickers of her tongue. Sitting up briefly, she looked into his eyes, and drawing her arms overhead, pulled off her night shirt. Climbing onto his lap, her legs felt as smooth as a whisper against his, as she hid his face in her soft breasts. “I have all I want right here,” he mumbled, repeating her words, his voice tickling against her smooth skin.

Lisa looked down at his face, buried against her breast, and softly tousled his hair. She knew he loved having his face at her breasts, and sighed contentedly when he found a taut nipple to draw into his mouth. She loved every hair on his head and the comfort in being able to say anything to him. She felt his manhood against her soft panties and heard his muffled groan. Springing free momentarily, she slipped them off and then climbed back onto his lap. Working together in the dim light, they found one another, as she deliciously lowered herself onto him. She looked back into his eyes, which were filled with intensity, and unspoken gratitude. “I love you, Sweetheart,” she whispered. Both looked down at her breasts, pressed softly against his chest. She felt him twitch within her, and knew he appreciated the view.

“Love you, too, Babe,” he whispered, taking in her happy face and shining eyes. It was no wonder she was friend to so many. Her simple, warm presence had lifted him up more times than he could count; he only hoped he was truly the man she believed him to be. She looked back at him, enjoying the sweetest of comforts in surrounding him with all of herself. ‘To have and to hold…’ Is that what this was? Just what was the spark that drew two hearts close, where all could be shared, the sum being greater than the individual parts? Both turned as they heard the tell-tale sound from down the hall, as another dear couple, or at least the ‘better half’ of the couple, communicated their deepest love.

“Hmm….” he murmured, nuzzling his face close to her neck. Evidently the door hadn’t been closed to the front of Marie’s room, either. He knew the distance it was to their room, down the hall and in another wing, and it was quite a ways!

“Sounds like Marie is enjoying her homecoming,” Lisa giggled. Giving him a squeeze from within, she continued, “as am I!”

“She’s got the volume set on high,” he chuckled. Raising herself up, Lisa squirmed until her feet were on the couch on either side of him, her arms lazily draped around his shoulders as she met his gaze once more.

Filling them both with rapturous, familiar pleasure, she gently rose and fell on him, her soft breasts dragging along his chest and face. She felt his gentle hands on her hips, steadying her as she took him with her beauty. His face was a mask of sheer enjoyment, enchantment in fact, as he enjoyed the stunning pleasure he found in her. “Feel good, Babe?” she whispered breathily.

Momentarily breaking out of his trance, he gazed into her pretty eyes. “You are exquisite!” he breathed. “And intoxicating,” he added, lifting her in his arms and standing in one motion. Staying connected with her, he lowered her to the soft living room carpet. He looked down at her and moaned in spite of himself.

“You are so beautiful!” he murmured, pressing deeply into her again, and feeling her soft flesh receive him, and the soft slide of those impossibly smooth legs against his hips and bum. “You are my life, lover… I—don’t know—what I’d do—without you!” His eyes burned into hers, his words unconsciously timed with his thrusts. Briefly sitting back, he filled his eyes with her beauty. Her arms were stretched above her head, lovely breasts up-thrust and beckoning his touch even as her eyes shone up into his. The sight of his penis surrounded by her, enveloped in beautiful feminine softness nearly took his breath away, an exquisite sight almost too marvelous to behold. Her beauty had always humbled him, and only intensified the feelings she placed in his heart.

Tearing his eyes away, he met her gaze, humbled again to see her intense desire reflected back at him. Was this not the very soul’s desire of a man, to know he was desired by his lover? He couldn’t begin to thank God enough for what he felt at the moment as he hovered over her once more, lowering to kiss those pretty lips and fall headlong into those smoky blue eyes!

Their heart and soul seemed to merge as one! Lisa’s mouth bursting with sweet cries, she felt his lips on hers, swallowing her passion into his soul even as he moaned into her mouth. She could almost feel each rhythmic spurt as he shook within her, his thrusts erratic and jerking with the power of his release. Her belly felt warm with him, her warmth overflowing and spreading out to her fingertips in all consuming joy, her own body losing all control to his loving touch, her heart filled with the delight of being with him and receiving his love. For the life of her, she didn’t know what she’d do without him, either; this was not something she wished to do without ever again!

The aftermath felt just as fun to both of them. He stared down at her, his face filled with a smile that was hard to contain. His soft fingers played with her mussed-up hair, and traced a small bead of sweat from her cheek. He chuckled to feel a soft hand squeeze his bum and tiptoe playfully up his back. And it was all either could do to remain quiet with the playful banter that passed between them. Did making love reduce one to the state of children? Maybe sometimes it did, but neither cared. All they knew was that each time brought them even closer together, and closer to the One in Whom they felt profoundly blessed.

Softly tiptoeing into her room much later, Lisa checked on her friend. An exhausted Melissa had long since passed off to dream land, never knowing the happy delights her dear friends shared just outside her room. Gently kissing her on the forehead, she adjusted Melissa’s blankets much as a mother might for her child. Looking once more at her before leaving the room, she smiled hopefully. Melissa would make it—she’d see to that! Gently closing Melissa’s door behind her, she turned to her husband. He was lying on the couch and lazily looking up at her. She wondered if he was up for round two, then decided the question didn’t need to be asked. Gasping his hand, she helped him to his feet. She looked up into his handsome face even as he smiled into her eyes, each understanding the other without words. Their fingers intertwined together, the sound of their soft footfalls receded into the hallway as they left their friend to her dreams.



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  1. Gina G. says:

    Absolutely superb! That’s all I can say. You rock as a writer in my opinion. Thank you so much! Cannot wait till the next segment. God Bless and keep ’em coming!

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