sexy picnic

Sexy Picnic Delights

Sexy Picnic – Kerri finished getting dressed for our adventure at a remote park we were going to picnic at. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, as even now at almost fifty she is still incredibly sexy. She is tall for a woman at almost 5 foot 7 inches tall. She is large breasted with long shapely legs. She has ash blond hair that she enjoys wearing long and it was swirling wildly about her face and shoulders. Today she wore my favorite short black leather skirt that was molded to her form, tight Harley Davidson T shirt, and black leather knee high boots.

I laughed, “How do you plan on getting on and off the motorcycle?”

“Very carefully,” she teased, giggling.

It was a warm spring day and we enjoyed the open air and open highway. Soon Kerri leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I thought you might want to know I’m not wearing any panties!” Knowing very well my reaction, she dropped her hand to my crotch and explored my almost instant erection.

I had a thing about panties on her or off! At the stores all she had to do to arouse me was to shop for panties. She stroked my hardness enjoying pleasuring her man till an oncoming car forced her to move her hand. When the car passed she moved her hands to my nipples and rolled their hardness between her fingers. She knew I had a nerve that ran directly from my nipples to my penis. Stimulating her man, while riding a leather motorcycle seat barebacked was having a marvelous effect on her womanly charms that she hadn’t counted on. The vibrations of the bike and road were sending constant shocks though her overstimulated pussy. She had already had several small climaxes on the ride.

At the closest town to the park we picked up some subs and a couple of beers. As my wife was getting back on the bike some young guys were showing obvious interest as she mounted the bike. Somehow she managed not to expose too much of herself. We entered the park at a remote gate most people didn’t even know existed. The only way I knew about it was that I’d run calls in the park from my job with EMS. The road was just a rough path though the woods and Kerri soon had my pants undone, and freed my raging hard on. One hand was stroking my engorged penis from its base to the leaking slit, while her other hand was cupping and fondling my loaded balls.

Finally deep inside the park where no one ever came, I parked the bike under some trees and helped Kerri off the back. She stepped off and into my arms. We kissed hotly, hands roaming freely over each other, exploring and teasing. My fully engorged manhood was standing tall and proud, angled up under her short tight skirt, touching her private parts. My purple cock head nuzzled wetly along her swollen and inviting pussy lips. With a small jump she managed to impale herself and wrapped her legs around my hips. My hands cupped her bare ass and I carried her to the closest picnic table and laid her back on it. I peeled off her T shirt freeing her beautiful breasts. Cupping and massaging her breasts I rolled her nipples almost painfully.

Fire ran from her nipples to her clitoris as she writhed in ecstasy! I looked down to where our bodies were joined, my thick penis pumping in and out of her swollen pussy lips. My penis hardened even further at the sight of my gorgeous wife opening herself completely and willingly to my invading member. Unable to resist I pulled out and buried my face in the juncture of her silky soft thighs. My tongue traced her wet slit so smooth and soft enjoying her musky, womanly scent.

Finding her clitoris I sucked it and then used my tongue to toy with her gold chit ring which always drove her wild. Kerri reached down and grabbed me by the hair of my head and pulled my tongue harder against her gushing pussy. Her hips bucked wildly as my tongue delved deep inside her hot depths. Finally her thighs dropped open and I raised up and prepared to mount her again as she lay spread before me. Kerri spread her pussy lips and with two fingers slipped them deep inside her wet slippery depths. She fingered herself, her ass coming off the table, “Please, I need your dick inside me!”

I placed the head right at the vaginal opening and stopped teasing her. Kerri hooked her ankles around my buttocks and drove my dripping engorged cock deep inside her wet hot core. I drove my ripe cock hard into her wide open pussy, splitting her like a ripe peach. I towered over her as she twisted my hard nipples while her pelvis rose and fell, impaling itself as she climaxed over and over. Kerri twisted my nipples hard and I threw back my head and thrust deep, sweat dripping from me as my seed jettisoned from my loins. She arched her back and howled as ecstasy racked her body.  My cum filled my wife’s pussy to overflowing as we melted into oneness. What a sexy picnic delight!

After several minutes we stirred and cleaned up to get around to eating our food. After eating Kerri had me sit on the bench. The sexy picnic was not over yet.  Kerri knelt between my legs and freed my cock. It was soft and she took it in her mouth loving the feeling of it growing. Then she lifted her head to where just the blood engorged head rested at her lips. She lifted coy hazel eyes to mine before bathing my entire shaft in saliva. She took as much of me as she could, and then pulled back quickly, faster and faster. She was moaning, groaning, and sighing, as she slid her lips up and down my hard cock. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said hands pumping, then she buried my cock deep in her throat and held it there as I pumped copious amounts of hot cum down her throat. She took every drop then raised up licking her lips. “Yum,” she purred. The rest of the afternoon was spent cuddling and enjoying the outdoors before heading home. The sexy picnic was a hit!


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