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Beach Sex – Out Under The Stars

Beach Sex -We had been to this particular island once before.  It had been such an exciting adventure together that we weren’t sure how a second visit could possibly top the first one.  But here we were again on “our” island.  Our beach house was on the west end of the island, the last home on the beach, very secluded.  We decided to make this last evening on the island one to really remember filled with romance and beach sex. We stopped by a little hut of a restaurant, and bought some conch burgers, fries, and a slice of coconut pie to split later.  We took the meal home and put it in the frig.

We dressed for Bible study and went to church, all the while, thinking of how we would spend our last evening together after the service.  We drove back to the beach house.  I put on a knee length dress, no bra and no panties. We warmed our meal in the microwave.  The sun had set around 7 pm but the stars were out and shining brightly.  We took the white patio table and chairs, and set them down on the shoreline.

The conch burgers tasted so good, especially since we were so hungry.  I don’t know if the coconut pie really tasted better than the ones at home, but the taste and smell heightened our senses for passion as we sat by the water, hearing the surf, watching the stars, feeling the Caribbean breeze.  We took some things inside the house and grabbed a blanket and a few other items, then set off on foot a short distance down the ocean front looking for the perfect spot for enjoying some beach sex under the stars.

We found a nice spot on the sand between some small palm trees and bushes.  After we laid down our blanket, we laid down, gazed at the stars, and listened to the waves hitting the shore.  It was exciting because we knew we were alone, so few people lived on this island.  I thought of Solomon and his bride in the Song of Solomon and how they took a trip out into nature for a romantic interlude.  We knew God was blessing our time together, and yet it was so erotic that we had to tell ourselves it was okay to be this sexy.

The moonlight lit our figures and created a romantic mood.  There was a breeze blowing across our bodies.  The passion we felt was strong and we knew we had to savor each moment or it would pass too quickly unless we held back a little.  Our lips and bodies fit together so perfectly.   I wanted him.

I felt his warm body gently pressing against me.  I loved pulling him tightly into me and feeling his chest flatten my breasts.  His penis caressed the wet outside of my vagina.  As we continued kissing, mouth to mouth. I felt my wetness grow. I noticed his erection. I pulled his shorts off and plunged his penis into my mouth, careful not to scratch him with my teeth. He was laying down so I pulled up my dress and straddled his face, rubbing my sweet spot on his nose. I was getting all worked up and I could tell that my ministrations on his penis were having the same effect.

I suddenly wanted him to put his penis inside of me.

“Do you want to go in me?” I asked.


I turned my body around and now straddled his penis. I kissed him. I could smell and taste my wetness. That has always been a big turn on for him.  I get turned on when he is. Now I get turned on by my scent and taste too.

He plunged in and out, our hearts were racing.  It felt so forbidden, yet we knew it was blessed by God.  Everything we had done together all day pointed us to this fulfillment of desire.  My vulva was stimulated and swollen, my vagina was so hungry for his penis to slide in and out, over and around my garden area.  We climaxed under the moonlit night.

Our beach sex was beautiful love making in a beautiful setting that God made.

beach sex


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    Another great story at Marriageheat. This site has helped our Christian marriage. I have learned how to be a more responsive husband. Thank you women for sharing your stories, it has helped me understand how to bless my wife.

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