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Intimate Homecoming -The Promise

Intimate Homecoming – “I love you.”

After 30 years of marriage, hearing those words never fails to make me tingle.

“I love you,” said my wife, Jackie, again through the noise on the other end of the cell phone connection.

Jackie is an executive sales person for a retail business and I am a corporation accountant. We both travel at times for our jobs; but early in our marriage, we promised each other that we would never spend more than two consecutive nights away from each other. Despite flight cancellations, vehicle malfunctions and trips through thunderstorms, blizzards and time zones, we had always kept our promise to each other. And on those nights, whether weary from the return trip or the anxiety of waiting for the other to return, we would slip into each other’s arms, kiss each other deeply, make slow passionate love and thank God for another safe journey home.

But tonight, the streak appeared over.

“I am sorry, Babe,” she sobbed as I could hear an airport loudspeaker in the distance. “The plane has broken down and the company says there are no more flights tonight. I am going to be gone for a third night.”

Jackie was on her way home from the east coast. She was on schedule through mid afternoon until her connecting flight in a Midwestern city. Five hours later, she was still stranded in the terminal with little hope of escape. I could hear the sorrow in her voice as she relayed the information.

“It’s okay, Jackie,” I said in a brave voice, “It can’t be helped and when you return, the welcome will be even more special.” With that, we exchanged expressions of our love and hung up.

The sun was just setting at our house near the ocean, but for me, it was already dark. Each night away from the love of my life was a lost night. When Jackie was home, each evening was special especially in our bedroom where the windows overlooked the ocean.  No clothes were allowed at night. All the day’s troubles were shed with our garments.

It was our chance to see the beauty in each other. Jackie’s round small breasts, tight butt and her light-haired love triangle, offset by her red lips and auburn hair, always got my attention. It also resulted in my aroused member rising to the occasion.  While the lovemaking was always great and innovative; there also was great pleasure in just holding her as we drifted off to sleep.

But tonight, there was none of that. It was a lonely evening and early to bed.  Just me, my limp member and our golden Labrador dog Max who was allowed on the bed except when we were “busy.” Then he had to watch from the floor.

After a restless first 15 minutes of lying single in our double bed, twisting to find a soft spot on Jackie’s side of the bed, I finally fell asleep, but not soundly. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt warm breath on my face. Still sleeping, I thought it must be Max who had crawled close.

Then I became even more aware of something “down there” massaging my penis and balls. “That better NOT be Max,” I thought as I woke more alert than ever. I turned to my left and there lying naked on her side, with the moonlight shining in her hair and smiling broadly was Jackie.

“What are you doing he–” I tried to ask before Jackie flung her arms around my neck, rolled over on her back, pinning my chest to her breasts and kissed me deeply. “We will talk later,” she whispered. “But. I. Want. You. Now.”

With that, I rolled on my back, bringing Jackie on top of me. We kissed long and deeply, our tongues exploring. Jackie looked down at me, with her hair falling on both sides of her face, her legs on both sides of me. My hands started at the top of her back, fingers slowly making their way down the sides of her spine, meeting again at the divide of her butt and grabbing her tight ass. She sighed in contentment.

Using my hands, I was able to push her butt ahead, moving her body up towards the front of the bed while I slid down. I kissed the top of her breasts and then sucked both nipples until they grew hard. I head her moan and felt her fingers running through my hair. She used one hand to reach back, grab my rigid shaft and pull.

My slow journey continued downward as I kissed her ribs and stomach. When I finally reached her love area, I positioned my face right below, pulling Jackie on top.  My tongued flirted with the edges of her vagina and I used my fingers to separate the opening. My senses of smell and touch were met by a stream of wetness and the sweet aroma found only in her special place.

“Somebody must have been thinking of me if they are this ready,” I said.

Jackie giggled, “Keep your mind on your business and I will tell you later.”

My fingers kept working into Jackie’s opening and my tongue lapped up her love juices. I arched my back and pulled her butt closer to my face so my tongue could probe deeper. Judging by the moans and how Jackie was grinding her hips, she was getting close to the edge. I quickly grabbed her left leg, swung it over my head and placed Jackie on her back I then rose up, separated her legs so my throbbing penis was at the door of her wet opening. I kissed each breast and nipple again on the return trip, brought my face to hers, cupped her face in my hands and kissed her gently, allowing her to sweep her wetness off my lips with her tongue.

“I was hoping you would get back up here soon,” she whispered. With that, she reached underneath, took my member and guided it into her love canal. We looked into each other’s eyes as I settled comfortably into her. “After all of this time, it is always an honor to enter your sacred space,” I said kissing her lips.

One of our rules — and one we enjoy — is we never close our eyes when making love face-to-face. We want to share our expressions of love visually. As I began to pump, slowly at first, I never stopped looking at this beautiful woman. Seeing her eyes watch me only intensified the desire as I kept up the pace. Each thrust seemed to increase Jackie’s breathing; her hands worked the hair on my head and her legs were tightly wrapped around my back.

The pace continued to increase as her moans grew louder and there was the sound of the slapping of my balls on her love entrance. As she grabbed my neck hard and screamed in final ecstasy, I felt the energy flow through me, pumping up into my member and ending with my love portion flowing into Jackie in several spurts.

“Welcome home,” I said afterwards, kissing her and holding her in my arms as we praised God for this moment. “But what happened?

Jackie chuckled. “Remember our promise never to be away from each other three nights in a row? I couldn’t break that promise. So I prayed to God and then went walking through the terminal, looking for another flight and I found one! There was one seat open, I purchased the ticket and made the flight with five minutes to spare. Throughout the flight, I could only think about you and making love to you. I was so excited by the time the flight arrived home I could hardly walk. I almost got a speeding ticket on the way home.”

I kissed her gently on top of her her head, my fingers brushing her right nipple. “Thank you for caring so much that you would buy another ticket.”

Jackie got out of my arms, turned, and kissed me on the lips, her left hand reaching down to stroke my penis, bringing it to life again. She smiled.

“Best airplane ticket I ever purchased.”


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intimate homecoming

By: Sean MacEntee





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