It was our nineth anniversary and we had planned to go out for an Indian meal, after we had come in from work and wound down from a hard days graft.  When I got home my wife was already in, so we both headed into our garden to enjoy the late afternoon sun.  I suggested that we open a bottle of Spanish Cava that we had in the fridge and drink it in the garden to “get us in the mood”.

Before I collected the drinks I went upstairs to change slipping out of my suit and into a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt.  As it was a hot day and we were alone I also slipped out of my underpants.

I went outside and we drank the Iberian Champagne in the warm sun.  As the alcohol and the warm weather started to melt our tensions we started to run our hands over each other’s legs, Sharon in her shorts and me in mine. As we got further through our glasses our touches got more and more intimate. She was stroking my penis and the sensitive skin surrounding my balls and I moved my fingers down the edges of her underwear over her lips.  She could tell I was getting aroused and was enjoying teasing me with her light touch.  Our neighbors were at home and moving about, but that was not really a problem for either of as we were enjoying ourselves while still retaining some subtlety.

After a few warm, passionate kisses we resolved to go inside and start our anniversary celebrations properly, when we had finished our first glass of Cava. I gulped what remained of my glass and waited while my wife finished hers taking her time just to tease me with her delaying and with her fingers.  After about five minutes we were ready to go inside just as our neighbors brought their dinner outside. We exchanged pleasantries as we wandered in nonchalantly, although I had to walk in at a funny angle while holding the bottle in front of me to hide the obvious erection my wife had given me.

I headed upstairs first while she put the answer phone on. I took the opportunity to slip off my shorts and tee-shirt and lie on my back on the bed, my hard penis standing defiantly upright. When she came up the stairs I noticed not for the first time that evening just how sexy and beautiful she looked.  As I admired her she did a striptease for me – first unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders, then unfastening her bra and letting it fall to the floor. When she had made sure I had feasted my eyes on her perfectly rounded and petite breasts she turned round, unbuttoned her shorts and slowly slid them down her legs wiggling her thong clad bottom as sexily as anyone can.  I stopped her from taking her panties off, as I wanted to touch her through them.

We lay together on the bed kissing, touching and generally arousing each other until I could wait no longer and slid off her skimpy panties revealing the beautiful dark hair of her love spot.  I sat astride her naked prone body and topped up our glasses while Sharon continued to stroke my hard penis. As I finished pouring I deliberately spilt some between her breasts. As it pooled there I moved down the bed, lay on top of her, fully extended my tongue and started lapping up the sweet liquid, succeeding in spreading it over a wider area, particularly her breasts and nipples.  I followed the dispersal with my tongue over her hardening breasts and nipples, which elicited sighs of pleasure from her.

All too soon she said, “Right, my turn!” and we swapped places.  I lay flat on my back and she knelt beside me clutching her glass before striking a direct hit on my left nipple.  Sharon was a bit over-enthusiastic, though, and I ended up with the Cava spilling down across my breastbone and down my armpit in the other direction as well. She began to clean things up slowly and seductively with her warm wet tongue getting me more and more aroused with each circuit of her tongue over my nipple. As she began to finish I worried that my turn was about to be over, so I asked if she was going to even things up by attacking my right side next.

She said “No…”, which made my heart sink a little, before I noticed her shuffling down the bed glass in hand again. Within a brief second I could feel an effervescent liquid being drizzled over the back of my penis, over my tight balls and then running off fizzing and stinging gently between my buttocks.  In no time at all she was putting her tongue to work once more, as she lapped and licked and sucked me.  This went on for some time; long after the drink had been consumed off of me. The only thing that stopped me from climaxing there and then was the strange tingling between my buttocks.

Once we had both enjoyed ourselves in this way for long enough Sharon knelt back up and said “My turn again.”  After she had had so expertly pleased me I was desperate to return the favor and waited, as she lay flat on the bed. I asked her “Where would you like me to start?”, desperately hoping for an invitation to start between her legs in order to reciprocate.  I received a surprisingly non-committal response, “I don’t mind,” she said, “you choose.”  I answered, “But if I choose I might decide somewhere that you don’t want”.  “Unlikely!” she said as she writhed subtly on the bed, rubbing her thighs together and evidently getting turned on by my lustful glances towards her dark mound.  “But if you are going to choose THERE, then you don’t need to waste your drink!” she continued.  Now, my wife enjoys oral sex from time to time, but to get such a blatant invite is unusual.  I put my glass to one side and as I moved down the bed, she spread her legs just wide enough for me to see the glistening from her lips and take in the wonderful, unique aroma of her wetness.

I started kissing gently at first – on her mound, moving down, brushing my lips against hers, before moving my eager tongue up and down her slit and then into her.  I could tell she was beginning to enjoy this and I was enjoying feeling her wetness all over my mouth.  I looked up as I continued lapping at her and our eyes met.  Seeing the pleasure in her eyes, the taste of her on my tongue and her soft thighs against the side of my face – this was almost enough to make me come all over the bed sheets.

When I thought I could hold off no longer, I thought it would be better to move to something else so I didn’t spoil all the fun by coming first.  I edged slightly to one side then rubbed my fingers between her legs.  This is something she likes virtually every time.  Where she was already excited and wet, I slid my middle finger inside her almost right away and moved it slightly in and out while she tensed her body round it.  I have always had long, thin fingers – pianist’s hands my family told me, but they would be horrified to see what I was doing with them now!  As my finger moved deeper and deeper, all the way up to the knuckle, I wanted a better view, so I moved until I was on top of my wife, face inches away from her finger-filled wet love spot, with the very acceptable by-product of having my penis and balls draping against her face.  This brought no complaints from her as she enjoyed me touching her and complemented it by starting to lick the length of my hard member again, with the occasional lick and suck of my balls.  We both continued getting worked up before deciding to move before our bodies got too stiff – the bits that shouldn’t get stiff, that is!

She asked to lie with her back towards me so that I could drape my arm round her waste and finger her that way, while I rested my engorged penis between her thighs.  Once again I certainly did not object and we had just started when she exercised her prerogative to change her mind again.  She wanted to carry on in this vain, but instead while we were kneeling up on the bed, so we could both see our intertwined bodies in the dressing table mirror.  She seemed to be doing all my favorite things, so I decided to continue this as we watched our bodies almost controlling themselves while we looked on.  The sight of her naked body, kneeling, legs apart; her arms wrapped round behind her, pulling on my buttocks so that I was pressed against her, my overexcited penis rubbing against her dark wet love spot, hand rubbing between her legs.  An awesome sight.  After a few minutes she suddenly turned round, flopped forward on the bed to lie on her front and pulled me towards her.  As I started to lie on top of her she pulled my hand round her waist again until she pressed the fingers of my right hand against her love spot again.  Her body was now drenched in sweat and her own juices; my fingers slipped easily inside her again.  She held my hand in place with both her hands and then proceeded to rock and buck with considerable force against my hand and round my finger.  She was getting very excited and did this for about five long, enjoyable minutes, before muttering about stopping, as she wanted to come with me.  “I want to feel you come”, I responded and took control of the rhythm again as I continued to masturbate her.  Before long she cried out and I felt the rippling and clenching of her orgasm on my finger.

She didn’t pause for breath for long before rolling over, legs still spread wide and said “Right, finger time over, time for penis now”.  I paused to slowly and deliberately lick and suck her sweet wetness of my finger before moving on top of her and slipping my eager penis into her soft, drenched body.  As I slid in gently, she started rocking her hips – she was obviously keen for the real thing as well!

Before long I could tell that she was close to coming again.  Again she tried to hold off, but again I pressed ahead and felt her body clench and grip – this time feeling it through my swollen member, rather than my finger.  I still wanted to come with her so I did all the things we usually do to speed things along a bit – holding and squeezing her buttocks, kissing and licking her earlobes, that sort of thing.  But before I knew it she came again, quietly but intensely.  Things were getting very slippery down there and some of the usual friction and pressure had gone as a result.  I moved my legs outside of hers so that I could feel her gripping me tightly, if less deeply, while at the same time could feel my balls rubbed and massaged by her soft thighs.  Within about 15 seconds we were both ready to bring things to a crashing crescendo.  The rubbing of our private parts, the respective grabbing of bottoms, the sweat and heavy breathing, our active tongues exploring each other.  It all got to be too much and we both climaxed like never before. We both half shouted “Yes!  I want you now!” and we simultaneously exploded.  I felt the rippling waves of her orgasm for the fourth time that evening and then I added to her wetness by coming and coming and coming.  We waited for a while before we rolled to separate sides of the bed to catch our breath.  Panting, I looked at her love spot that had given me so much pleasure.  It was overflowing with my juices like never before.

As we lay there we both touched each other as best we could in such an exhausted state and both quickly decided that we had just had the best sex of our lives.

We decided against going to the restaurant after all – we were both too exhausted – so we called for dinner to be delivered instead.  That did not mean our fun was over, though!  While we waited for the delivery I had a quick shower to get the stickiness of the cava, her wetness and the remnants of my wetness off of me and returned to see her still lying on the bed, exhausted where I left her.  “Round two?” I laughingly enquired as I walked in the bedroom.  “You mean ‘Round five’ for me!” she said before teasing me about not being up for it again.  Just the thought of our recent pleasures and the look of her lying there naked aroused me again.

Where she was still wet I slipped my half-hard penis back between her lips, taking her a little by surprise.  Suddenly she seemed to come to life again and was rocking against my body trying to get more and more of me inside her. More quickly than I anticipated, she came for a fifth time before flopping down again.  I was determined that if she could come five times, I must be allowed two, so carried on, to her delight.  As we ground against each other she quickly came once more before laughing, “Stop! I can’t take any more!  Six times is enough!”

Although I did not have a chance to come again that night, I was more than satisfied with what we had got up to.  We have talked many times about that evening, basking in the afterglow of the best sex of our lives. Will we ever have sex like that again?!  It’s amazing what a sunny evening and a cheap bottle of Cava will do when a husband and wife have making love on their minds.

By: Uncalno Tekno

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