Alex and Elizabeth, Part 1: Lab Loving

I enjoy reading Marriage Heat and especially like the Married Sex Fiction stories. For your consideration, I offer my own efforts at the genre. I hope you enjoy this first installment of what may become a series of stories detailing the romantic adventures of Alex and Elizabeth.

Alex and his wife Elizabeth work at TakeMeThere, a small but growing division of a large technology company that entered the race to build self-driving cars. Both hold doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. Joining the program within months of each other, they met during a meet-and-greet for new employees. For Alex, it was love at first sight. But the how they ended up married is a story for another time.

Husband to the Rescue

Alex and Elizabeth drove to work together, but their minds were galaxies apart.Elizabeth fretted over the test of TakeMeThere's 'baby', code-named LoveBug, which was scheduled for that afternoon. The self-driving car held the promise of enduring success for the company as well as professional advancement for Alex and her. They headed two of the main branches of the autobotics division. She led research and development, he the quality control and safety testing section.

Alex, however, was occupied with other concerns. He wondered how much longer he could last without his wife's undivided attention. It had been days since their last tryst. Self-restraint was a virtue, he knew, but it wasn't one of his.T

he couple parked in the underground garage and took the elevator to the 3rd floor. There they shared what, to Alex, seemed a much-too-brief peck and headed toward their respective laboratories.

Alex, as test coordinator, had quite a lot on his plate that morning, too. Yet he couldn't have been more pleased when, around noon, he received a Slack message from Elizabeth requesting help from his team.

It seemed a sensor in one of the triangulation modules was malfunctioning. Alex checked the serial number Elizabeth provided against a master list of known defects. Ah, hah! It was a simple case of outdated firmware. He directed one of the interns to download the update onto a thumb drive.

The intern could have easily delivered it to Elizabeth's lab, too, but Alex leaped at the chance to visit his wife. He confiscated the tiny device and made for the door.

Elizabeth was working alone in one of the small laboratories. As she continued last minute checks on a spacial reasoning unit, she heard the door open. Her sideways glance took in her husband's familiar frame, and she turned to greet him.

"I have what you need," he said with a sly grin on his face.

Elizabeth smiled back. "Oh, is that a fact?"

"You don't have the right firmware," Alex replied. "I've come to remedy the situation." He patted the lower end of his pocket, drawing her gaze. She could see that the firmware he had in mind was not held on a thumb drive.

"You have to be kidding. We don't have time for that now. I have to get this unit up and running by 2:00!"

Alex knew they had only hour or so before the test. But he also knew she was wearing a very beguiling black and pink lingerie set today. In his mind's eye, he saw her as he had this morning at the lavatory. The edge of the bra grazed her perky nipples, and the sheer panties left his wife's beautiful behind and labia exposed to his hungry eyes.

"Relax, Elizabeth. This has the code that will get the sensor up and running." Alex held the drive out to her in his cupped palm, stroking the back of her fingers with his thumb as she retrieved it.

Elizabeth squinted at it, then at him. But when she uploaded the contents, she confirmed that it was the fix she needed. Within minutes, the triangulator was up and running.  A deep breath escaped the prison of her lungs, as she placed it and several other components on a cart. She backed toward the exit, intent on shuttling them to the garage for installation in the LoveBug.

But Alex had other plans.

Alex's Overture

Alex blocked the way to the door. As she bumped into him, he wrapped his hands around his wife's waist. He spun her to face him and gave her a long, deep kiss.

Elizabeth's body tingled with excitement as her arms encircled his neck. The feel of his obvious erection against her belly made her wish they were back at home in bed. Her mouth opened to receive his tongue.

Alex's hands moved from her waist to her bottom. Each palm cupped a butt cheek which its attendant digits massaged.

Elizabeth's heart beat faster, her body responding to her husband's touch. Her nipples stiffened, and she could feel her damp panties adhering to the outer folds of her womanhoodShe knew all too well where this was going. Summoning all her will, she removed Alex's hands from her derriere and pushed him away.

"We can't possibly do this now," she cried. "I have to demo this hardware. And I don't want your semen leaking from my vagina while I am making a presentation to our CEO!" Her heavy breathing was only half-due to exasperation. "Besides, this test is your responsibility! How can you think of sex at a time like this?"

Alex knew that she was right and relented. As the raging fire in their loins subsided, they straightened their clothes and prepared to leave Elizabeth's lab. Alex held the door for her as she pulled the cart with her equipment into the hallway.

"Listen, Alex." His brows lifted at the apologetic tone in her voice. "If the test goes as planned, you can help me bring the monitoring equipment back up. Maybe then we can fool around a little."

Presenting the LoveBug!

Soon all was in place and ready for the big reveal. Elizabeth, Alex and Jackson Talfaire, CEO of TakeMeThere, took their positions on a small viewing platform near the building. The rest of the development team assembled on the edge of the test track.

As the car maneuvered through obstacles unassisted, Elizabeth extolled the virtues of her team's sensors and software. With further development, she explained, it would navigate any roadway in safety.

Alex might as well have been out to lunch. His mind kept wandering to his wife's last words to him. How professional! He wasn't proud of himself. But it was the inevitable result of even a few days without making love to his dear Elizabeth. Alex couldn't help fantasizing about their next encounter. Though he feigned attention to the presentation, Alex daydreamed. He felt again the delicious sensation of his penis rubbing in slow strokes against her warm, moist labia. It was almost too much to bear.

The demonstration went off without a hitch. The Lovebug was far from production-ready, but the team's progress came through loud and clear. Mr. Talfaire congratulated them all on their results.

As Alex's assessment team returned the car to the garage and prepared to debrief him the next day, he helped Elizabeth pack up her remote monitors.

But as she headed for the building, Mr. Talfaire stopped Alex to ask him about scheduling the next test. Despite his 'sex fog', he must have responded appropriately. The CEO gave his shoulder a hearty slap. "Sounds good to me," he said before at last wishing Alex a good evening.

Alex sprinted for the exit, eager to offer his 'congratulations' to his wife.

Preparing for Love

Alex thought he might catch up with Elizabeth, but the CEO's interruption gave her plenty of lead time to beat him to her laboratory.

Elizabeth heaved her monitoring setup onto the lab bench and returned to her desk. She scanned the printouts that had been wirelessly transmitted to the printer.  Should she bring them home to write up a summary for the rest of the team?

As she tossed them in her briefcase, she heard the laboratory door swing open behind her. A brief flash of light illuminated the darkening room before it clicked shut again.

Then she felt Alex's arms wrap around her waist. A jolt passed through her body as his lips planted a moist kiss at the base of her neck. She felt his hardness press against her rear as Alex drew himself in closer to Elizabeth's lithe form.

She objected that they should save their fooling around for when they got home. But as Alex continued to nibble on Elizabeth's nape, her breathing became fast, shallow. Heat rose from her center into her face.

Alex's hands dropped again to her buttocks. He just couldn't resist their suppleness beneath his groping fingers.  

Moaning under her breath, Elizabeth ground her butt into her husband's erect manhood.

Alex reached up to cover and squeeze one breast while his other hand moved to her stomach. It did not linger long. Soon it slipped between her body and slacks and made its way to her love garden. His fingers tunneled into her panties, skimming her neatly trimmed pubic hair to find the hot wetness forming in the wake of his attentions.

Elizabeth's moaning grew louder as her husband worked his fingers into her entrance. Her sensitive nipple swelled and hardened against the hand that slid under her blouse and into her bra to stroke it. All thought of waiting until they got home left her mind. Her hands, which had been all that kept her from slumping onto the desk, now reached to free her lower region from its covering.

As she wriggled her waistband below the curve of her hips, those sexy panties again graced Alex's sight.

Husband and Wife Fulfilled

Alex followed her cue and used the hand from Elizabeth's breast to slide her panties down past her perfect bottom. The other she grabbed and pressed hard against her protruding clitoris. Alex now brought both appendages into play. One stroked her inner folds while he stimulated her eager love button with the other.

The aroma of feminine arousal permeated the room as her liquid excitement coated her husband's fingers. Soon, wave after wave of orgasmic bliss swept through Elizabeth's body. She dissolved, collapsing across the desk. Still quivering with pleasure, she told him, "It's your turn now."

Alex let go of Elizabeth for a moment. She arched her back, lifting her enticing buttocks toward him as he fumbled with his belt. Then he unzipped and lowered his trousers, freeing his springloaded manhood from confinement. With Elizabeth still prostrate across the desk, he grabbed her hips and guided his penis to his wife's honey pot.

He let it linger there, just within the entrance of her hot folds, for a few seconds. The musky aroma of her soaked pussy filled his nostrils. He loved how her warm dampness coated his manhood, loved hearing her moans. She moved her hips ever so slightly backward, encouraging him to enter her. He happily obliged, plunging his sex slowly into her waiting woman-place.

A rush of ecstasy washed through her as he advanced, inserting himself to the hilt. His testicles grazed the tops of her thighs, and she shivered.

Usually, Alex liked to make several long, slow strokes before picking up the pace. But the wait had been long, and desire filled him. So he folded his body over hers and began thrusting as fast as he could.

Elizabeth could feel the pleasure building; soon her body started to shake with a second orgasm. She couldn't hold back her cries.

This was all the encouragement that Alex needed; the sound of his wife cumming caused him to orgasm, too. He drove as deep into his wife as he could, straining as he emptied his passion into her.

They lay there, sated and trembling, stretched prone across the desk. Alex's body covered his wife's from thigh to fingertip; his nose was buried in her hair. He remained just so until he could feel the juices of their lovemaking beginning to run out of Elizabeth's pussy.

It was time to clean up and hide any evidence of their escapade from the janitorial staff, who would soon be making their rounds.

Going Home

Once in control of their shaky bodies again, they stood. Elizabeth turned toward Alex and gave him a long, wet kiss. Alex's immediate arousal was a surprise to them both.

"Hold on there, sport!" Elizabeth said with a chuckle. "We need to clean up and get out of here. We can continue this when we get home, if you are able."

If I am able? thought Alex. Just you wait and see, my bride. I have more where that came from.

Elizabeth's thoughts of working that night had vanished. She reflected on how much she loved her husband and how much she had missed their lovemaking. She'd have some more of that, please.

Elizabeth grabbed the box of Kleenex that was on her desk and threw a handful of them at Alex. "Wipe yourself off, and let's get going," she ordered.

Alex jumped to it, eager to head back to their townhouse. Within moments, they had wiped off, and all the evidence waited in the trash. But there was no clearing the room of the smell of sex.  Oh, well! Maybe the janitorial staff would be inspired. After all, they were a husband and wife team, too.

Checking the hallway for anyone who might have overheard them, they hurried to their car. Elizabeth had a smile on her face and a spring in her step as she climbed into the passenger side. She winked at Alex, who stood holding her door for her.

He could hardly wait to see how the rest of the evening would proceed! Jumping behind the wheel, he pulled out carefully onto the road. A thought occurred to him: When at last they perfected the self-driving car, there were many things the two of them could do during their drive home. The LoveBug would earn its moniker, for sure! But for now, he would have to wait until they arrived for more fun.

At least, that's what he thought!

To be continued...

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