A Lovely Evening!!

I have married the ultimate woman. We thoroughly enjoy expressing our love to each other more everyday and are thrilled about being married.  It is our goal to be completely honest with each other and do all that we can to show our love for each other in every thought, touch, hug and kiss – and in the process build more and more excitement as well. Yesterday as we were lying in bed and watching a movie, she was playing with my penis, as she loves doing as I, in return playing with her breasts and circling her nipples lovingly.  After about 30 minutes into the movie I asked her if I could get a lubricant and play with her vagina as well.

She quickly agreed and got naked in an instant.  We continued for the longest time masturbating each other while watching the movie and getting each other feeling so good.  I was able with my right hand and middle finger to tease her tight opening and lightly massage her clitoris with long strokes.  She wrapped the fingers of her left hand tightly around my penis and pumped up and down until I thought that I was getting dangerously close to an orgasm.  We started kissing passionately for several precious minutes and then she suggested that we put the TV on mute, which I did.

For several more minutes we continued masturbating each other and then while lying on our sides, I slipped my fully erect and very hard penis into her vagina.  We kept kissing as we slowly moved against each other.  The feelings were so heavenly and I pulled her on top of me and straddled me and we both moved toward each other to shove my penis as deep as possible inside her.  Since I am taller than she is, when we are having sexual intercourse and she is on top, our mouths are in the perfect position for kissing.  And as we are moving against each other our kisses become wildly passionate with deep thrusts and lots of glorious sucking going on.  It all is beyond heavenly.

What she loves me to do when she is on top is massaging her beautiful bottom and pulling her in towards me to make sure that each thrust is as deep as possible. I usually alternate hands from her bottom to her back and shoulders to give her as many loving touches as I can in slow, sensual motions.  Often we tell each other how good having sex feels and how much we love each other with all the passion and thoughtfulness that we can.  After about 10 minutes of moving slowly and just enjoying the stimulation, she says, “This feels soo good.  Please don’t stop, never stop!” It is beyond heavenly to move faster and faster and then slow down again – just like we are on an endless roller coaster ride. It is easier for her to move from side to side, as I am moving up and down. The overall sensations of our mutual stimulation is fantastic.

I try to prolong the powerful stimulation as much as possible by slowing down and then speeding up over and over again to make sure that she has reached the highest level of ecstasy. After another 5 or so minutes, the sensations are just too much for her and she ultimately explodes in her first orgasm.  I counted at least a dozen powerful spasms.  As she is climaxing she starts moaning louder and louder and I tell her over and over again that I love her and how wonderful she is – that she is the ultimate woman with the most gorgeous body and how grateful that I am that she married me and all that I can think of to express my gratitude for her being so passionate and affectionate.  I know that she is feeling so happy and loved and that her orgasm was powerful and fulfilling for her, which makes me feel such a surge of exhilaration.

We then roll over on our sides with my penis still buried to the hilt and moving very slowly.  She will then cough several times, which indicates that her orgasm was really strong.  We continue kissing for a few minutes as we move slowly against each other.  After a few more moments of enjoying the delicious sensations, I ask her if I can eat her now and she tells me, “Yes, I’d love that.”

And so we get ready.  I lay a towel on her side of the bed with a pillow on the floor for me to kneel on.  I get the sesame seed oil and lubricant.  She lies near the edge of the bed so that I can easily reach her as I kneel by the side. We then put sesame seed oil on her tummy and breasts.  We oil up my penis as well and she reaches over and massages me while I’m eating her.  We usually start up by kissing as I’m masturbating her vagina with my left hand and massaging her left breast as she is masturbating my penis.  After a while I move down so that my head is centered above her vagina and with my left hand push my index finger or middle finger deep inside to massage her G-spot.  Then my right hand it free to massage her entire front side as my tongue and lips feast upon her vagina lips and clitoris.  I kneel only on my left knee and turn slightly towards her head so that she can freely masturbate me while I’m eating her.

And then the challenge is to see how long she can last before climaxing.  I twist my finger inside her vagina from side to side and up and down massaging her G-spot tenderly while at the same time my right hand is massaging her oily breasts and tummy back and forth.  The combination of both hands and mouth stimulating her is making her feel so good and she tells me that over and over again between her moans of delight.  She tells me over and over never to stop and how much she loves me and what I’m doing to her.  Last night was so special though – more than usual because she was able to last about 15 to 20 minutes before climaxing.  As she would get really close to an orgasm I would slowly back off and then start up again – bringing her to higher and higher levels of stimulation.  I just never want to stop, but know that eventually her energy level is subsiding.  She expends a lot of energy tightening her tummy and abdominal muscles as well as cranking on my shaft. She loves for me to use my right hand to massage her tummy and stroke her from her vagina lips to her navel as my fingers and mouth and tongue play her like a musical instrument.

Finally when the stimulation of her G-spot and clitoris and breasts and tummy was sustained purposely to force her orgasm, she exploded so powerfully – almost screaming as she came – and I could feel her pulsing over and over – I counted at least 15 power spasms and then 5 or 6 diminishing spasms.  I continued to lick her clitoris lightly until the spasms subsided.  She then started laughing a little and telling me how wonderful I was for making her feel so good for so long.  I told her that she is totally amazing and how good it felt for me to make her last so long and that I wished that I could pleasure her more.  I then asked her if she had enough energy for another orgasm and she told me that she wish that she could but was just too tired.

I was lucky not to have had on orgasm during that time and came close, but I was concentrating on pleasing her and making her feel more and more loved and pleasured that I was able to contain my own orgasm.  Sometimes though the stimulation is too much for me and I do ejaculate and that’s why we always put a towel on the pillow that I’m kneeling on – just in case.  It is now my turn to get an orgasm and my wife has the perfect technique.  I will lie on my back with my head propped up with two pillows so that I can see exactly what she is doing to me – I just love to see her hands masturbating me.  The visual image of that while simultaneously feeling such intense stimulation is so exciting for me.  She will turn on her side so that she can grasp my penis with both hands.  The left hand she uses to squeeze the base and the right hand she uses to tightly grip as she massages the full length.  Then with a little sesame seed oil for lubrication she starts slowly squeezing the base and trapping more and more blood into my penis to keep it really hard as she moves her right hand up and down in a tight fist.

The sensations are beyond terrific.  As she is pumping my penis so lovingly I tell her over and over again how good she is making me feel and how wonderful it is being married to the most beautiful woman alive and how grateful I am to be married to her and of course how much more I love her every day.  She tells me that she loves playing with my penis and making me feel so good.  Her hands feel so soft and strong as they massage my penis so lovingly and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes until I orgasm. I feel so fortunate in being able to maintain an erection for sometimes up to about two hours of making love with my wife and we attribute this to a low cholesterol, low fat diet with lots of good vitamins and Omega 3 oil. But I know that it really helps a lot to be totally and madly in love with each other as well.

Finally the sensations build deliciously to the point of no return and as I begin to orgasm her massages become very slow because the tip of my penis becomes so sensitive.  She continues slowly pumping to the very last drop.  She then shifts her head slightly so that we can share several more delicious kisses.

We love each other more and more every day.   She is so positive and happy and affectionate and has the greatest sense of humor. We love telling each other jokes and funny stories.

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