Married Sex: My Bride Loves It From Behind

Married sex: As I am working abroad for a month, I often think of the wonderful lover that God has blessed me with to enjoy or married sex.

I must begin by saying that my wife and I have an absolutely incredible married sex life together. I think of the evenings in which we retire to our bedroom with candles lit, the ceiling fan circulating the air at a gentle setting.

I also recall beginning many an evening by lying next to my beautiful, sexy, barely clad wife, while watching a movie or listening to jazz, kissing, tonguing, and caressing one another, many example of how married sex is so great!  In this setting I will usually end up kneeling on the floor by the side of the bed, as her tight, tanned little behind is hiked up in the air and her head resting on the mattress. It is here that I am able to do my best work; licking, sucking, and tonguing her clitoris, while I probe her bottom with my finger, and lunge my tongue in and out of her beautiful opening and often, but gently tug on her vaginal lips with my teeth…she loves that, as she moans with a faint sounding bellow.

After many minutes of this erotic setting my bride of 18 years, will say; “I want to stroke your penis.” At this moment, I turn her lengthwise on the bed and go back down on her as she is then able with her hand lubricated, to stroke my swelled member. She begins to go crazy, stroking it until the head of my penis looks as though it is ready to explode. As I continue to lick, I then pucker my lips and suck her clitoris, until she can take it no longer.

By this time her taste buds are calling for my penis to enter into her warm, welcoming mouth, as she begins to perform her art…licking the head and shaft, bobbing up and down, attempting to take my 8 inches fully into her mouth to where I can feel the back of her throat with the head of my member. During her masterful work she is also playing with her swelled, extremely close (sometimes clean shaven) love garden. She continues for minutes. I know that she is finished when she sucks hard on the head of my penis to where I feel as though I am going to blow right into her mouth. It is at this moment where she will say; “I need to be drilled from behind.”  Wow! Married Sex is amazing!

At this moment, just when I think I can get no harder, I sense a rush of blood to my penis because of her excited anticipation, which brings absolute excitement to me. She resumes the position of head down and rear end hiked high. It is here that my manhood gently enters her swollenness as I begin to move slowly but powerfully in and out of her wet, swelled, sweet love chamber.

As I plunge deep within her, she begins to moan, and then almost whimper as she says; “touch my vagina.” At this point I bend over her to where my stomach is now on her back, continuing to drill her to where my ball sack is slapping her tight butt. As I slow down the pumping motion, I reach my hand under her smooth, firm stomach until my fingers reach her ever-wet clitoris. I then begin to massage the swelled little button, as I bury my ready to blow firmness deep within her.

Now I begin to move my fingers rapidly over her clitoris, and then move my fingers into the “peace sign” position and straddle them over my penis and rub her lips up and down, and then back to the top of her love button all the while I penetrate her even more-so, seeming as I am about to bottom out.

My beautiful wife is moaning loudly now; “Oh, oh, oh, harder, harder…I’m, I’m, I’m gonna’ love cream…cum with me baby…ooohhhhhhh…drill me, drill me…ohhhhh yessssss.  YES! MARRIED SEX is great!

I am so excited by this point that I pull my hand out and grab those, tanned, tight butt cheeks and just begin to drill her as she has requested. Just as fast and hard as I am physically able…she cries out again; “pump me full baby.” At that moment I begin to pump her full of the love juice she has been yearning for. I begin to unload in her so I thrust myself into her as far as I am able and pull her hips toward me and pump her full of what she has been requesting. At that very moment she screams out with a high-pitched, but lovely sounding cry as she comes along with me.

After dispensing all of my seed within her I fall forward on her backside and we roll over sideways. I remain in her as I hold her and massage her breast and sooth her from the wild married sex we have both shared together.

These memories of married sex cause me to get on my computer, email my bride of 18 years and set a time to have some good phone sex.

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