New Exploration In the Jacuzzi

My husband is 30 and I am 28. He is very handsome; he is 6’4” with black hair, blue eyes and strong muscles. We have been married 7 years and we have a girl, age 6 and a boy, age 4. Our sexual interactions with each other were often, and sometimes exploratory.

One night I came home very tired after work and didn’t think that he would be home yet from his job being in the army. But, to my surprise, he came out the front door and met me halfway on the walk. He hugged me, his hands traveling down to my bottom. He then kissed me long and deep. He carried my purse into the house and led me with his hand to a dinner set up in our little kitchen by candlelight. He took his shoes and socks off and then mine. Then a question popped into my head. “Sweetheart, where are the children?” “Don’t worry, darling. They are having a ‘sleepover’ at your sister’s house.” He leaned in and kissed my cheek. We sat down at the small table and he held my hand on top of it.

We ate and talked about our day. He then reached across the table and kissed my lips gently. He cleared the table. He then took my hand and led me outside into the now dark night. I saw that the Jacuzzi was on and some of the lights were lit. There were blankets on the chairs along with towels, wine, and glasses. He kissed me again. He lifted me gently into his arms and carried me to the edge of the tub and sat me there. He cupped my cheek and looked into my eyes. Then he asked, gesturing at my shirt, “May I, my little one?” I nodded and slowly he took my shirt and pants off. He slipped off my underwear and kissed me while unhooking my bra.

Then he stood back, putting his hands on my arms. “My goodness, you are beautiful.” He said looking at me. I reached up and undid his shirt and pants. He pulled off his boxers and undid his wrap holding his large member in place. He again lifted me into his arms and walked into the Jacuzzi. I straddled him kissing his lips and grinding him. He finally could not take it anymore. I groaned as he entered me. He moved inside me and I took all of his length in me. He groaned and pumped hard as he emptied himself in me. I fell off of him, exhausted. He pulled me into his lap and rocked me gently. He carried me out of the tub and we cuddled together under the blankets on the couch for the rest of the night.

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