Married sex

Steve & Lori’s Adjustable Bed

A few years ago, my wife Lori and I bought adjustable massage beds. We weren’t getting any younger and the programmable vibrations soothe tired muscles. Each bed is slightly larger than a twin, so when placed side by side, we have a king size. One night after a date, we settled in for the night and snuggled. I turned on the bed massager. The beds come with remote controls, so you don’t have to get up to make adjustments.

Lori also likes the way I massage her neck, back and other areas. I began my usual masseuse duties. I don’t consider it work when I am kneading my lovely wife’s body. I ministered relaxing pleasure to her neck, arms and hands then I slipped off her top and started working her shoulders and downward. She moaned as I reached her lower back. I kept one hand there and reached around to capture a breast in the other. I gently rubbed her nipple and kept massaging her lower back. More moans.

I reluctantly pulled my hand from her breast, and moved down toward her feet. I pulled her pajama bottom and panties off. She was lying on her tummy, ass up. I love to see her in this position, so sexy! I massaged up and down her thighs and butt. With each pass of my hands across her inner thighs, I got closer and closer to my goal. I lay down between her legs so I could get a close view of her wonderful ass and pussy.

Stroking closer and closer to her slit I could feel the heat emanating from her melting center. I pulled her legs apart and moved my face closer. I gently rubbed her outer lips and dipped a finger inside her and was rewarded with some slippery honey. I had an idea! I got up and grabbed the remote for her side and said, “Scoot down and let your legs fall over the edge.”

“Steve – what are you doing?”

“Just wait and see.”

I tossed a pillow on the floor and got on my knees at the foot of the bed. I pulled her closer to me as I raised the bed. When I got to the perfect spot where her steamy pussy was right in front of me, I tossed the remote and grabbed both sides of her cute butt and pulled her apart. I kissed her full on her pussy as if I were kissing her lips. The warm liquids inside her were now dripping and I licked up as much as I could. I love my baby’s taste!

I began licking her slit up and down. She has always loved oral sex but I love it more! The feel, taste and heat make me so turned on. I was rock hard and ready for more. I kept her pussy opened up to me with one hand and wet the fingers of the other in her juices. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and pulled open her swollen inner lips. I kissed her clit and placed my whole mouth over her, keeping the heat and honey all in my mouth, still licking and savoring her clit.

I held her tightly and licked from side to side, letting my tongue lap her fully across her enlarged clit, now peeking out from its hood. Dipping into her pussy, I placed more of her hot juices on her nerve center and licked all the way up and down her slit. After a few more licks, I stayed right on the tip of her clit and her whole body tightened. I held on tight as her orgasm began to rock her back and forth. She gasped and  moaned as I kept up a steady pace, giving her what I hoped was a fulfilling come.

Lori settled down and said, “Oh gosh, Steve. that was so good!”

I said “Good! Now it’s my turn.”

I stood straight up and said “Don’t move.”

I pushed the “foot up” button on the remote and raised her even higher, until my hard cock was at her entrance. Once again I grabbed her beautiful ass, then pushed myself straight into her hot, wet pussy. I love the tightness and warmth of her so much, and she was very slippery by now. I got into a fast rhythm going in and out. I was so turned on but wanted it to last as long as possible. I started thrusting in long slow strokes to heighten the sensations and maybe postpone the inevitable.

But she started back at me, pushing me deeper inside. Since I was standing up, I used my whole weight now, to rock my cock far inside then out until only the head was in. There was no turning back now. I was so supercharged and my balls were heavy and ready to unload. Three more hard strokes and I was erupting like Mount St. Helen’s. My rod stiffened as the spasms took over and filled my baby with everything I had. I stayed there pushing in all the way as long as I could.

What a night! We were both speechless until we snuggled back into bed and said “I love you.’

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