No Undies Mondays

On my birthday, my family had a nice celebration with cake and ice cream.  My kids gave me a new rake (hmmm… I wonder what they’re trying to tell me), and my wife gave me a very nice silver watch.  The best gift came that night.  My wife said my REAL birthday gift is that she will grant ANY sexual wish I have!  Here were the rules:  (1) It obviously had to be within Biblical boundaries, (2) We both had to be comfortable with the request, and (3) I was NOT allowed to ask for sex more than ONCE (yep guys, that ruled out “Sex every night for a year”).  In fact my wife had “veto power”, but she said she would be open to just about anything!  But if I asked for something too outlandish, the wish would be GONE — I only had one shot at this.

WHAT A FUN GIFT!!  Oooo.  The wheels were turning for about 5 minutes.  I then took a shower, and that gave me an extra 10 minutes to think about it.  What would you have wished for if you were granted that wish?

It was REALLY tempting to ask for a HOT sexual favor, like a strip tease or a blow job or a lap dance or something.  But that would be fun for one night and then done.  I decided to request something totally off the wall.  I knew if I surprised her with creativity, she would be inclined to say “yes”.

I asked for “NO UNDIES MONDAYS.”  Or if you’re from Minnesota, you can get away with saying “NO UNDIES MONDIES.”  🙂

What did this mean?  It meant that from the time we wake up on Monday morning to the time we wake up on Tuesday morning, neither one of us was allowed to wear a pair of underwear — no boxers, no panties, no bras, NADA!

My wife looked at me cross-eyed.  “What’s in it for you?”  I just said that it would be fun to spice things up and try something new.  I think I had gone a few days in my life commando, and I’m sure my wife went bra-less a few days herself — but she admitted that she NEVER has gone a whole day without panties.  But she said, “Okaaayyyy…. If that’s what you want!”

It has been a HUGE success!

Yes, we have to pick our outer clothes wisely.  In the first month, I got a couple of completely erroneous and unexpected hard-ons in the office.  Ooops!  And also in that first month, my wife’s best friend said, “Uhm, you must have been in a hurry today.”  “Why’s that?”  “Well, it’s hard not to notice that you didn’t put on a bra today!”  My wife looked down at her light aqua shirt, and her nipples were SO erect, they looked like they were going to pop a whole in her shirt!  Well we’ve learned from our mistakes, and now we’re old pros at picking conservative clothing.

What I HOPED would happen, DID happen.  The extra “friction” down below with no undies revved up both of our engines by the time Monday night rolled around!  Better yet, my wife has always avoided sleeping nude, but now my wife just doesn’t bother to wear ANYTHING each Monday night.  AWESOME!.  With the little extra spark each Monday, added to our going to bed naked — it has made Monday nights a GREAT sex night.

My wife is SO HOT when she goes braless too.  Her ample sized breasts have very perky nipples, so they are stiff and very noticeable for at least half the day on Mondays.  As long as she’s comfortable, I don’t mind — even if other guys notice.  They can look… but *I* get to touch!!  Those puppies are all mine.  She gets into the fun too, and has done tricks like “accidentally” brushed my balls with her hand while we’re fixing some soft drinks for guests.  She loves watching me try to hide my boner!  It’s all a lot of fun, and it has greatly amplified our love-making, especially on Mondays.

I’m so glad I didn’t ask for one blow job or something.  This is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

Yes, –for us–  “Monday” is the NEW “Saturday”.  🙂  🙂

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