Accidental Flash

My wife and I have been married for almost 12 years now and over this time I have learned that she is a very conservative woman in public but in private she can be very sexual.  When I look at her I see someone who I think is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Even after four kids her body is second to none (she disagrees with me on this) and every time she looks at me I feel a love for her that I never thought that I would feel with anyone.

We have had a number of experiences over the last 12 years that we would both classify as extremely sexual and exciting experiences.  These experiences have fueled many climaxes over the years as we recount to each other the different situations over and over again.  One of those situations happened on our third anniversary.

For our anniversary we decided to spend a weekend in a city about two hours from where we lived at the time.  The hotel that we stayed in was nice but not expensive and was not very busy.  We stayed on the third floor that overlooked the parking lot.  The first night was fairly simple.  We went for a swim when we arrived to the hotel then had a nice dinner and headed back to our room.  Because we were both tired from the work week we basically just said goodnight to each other, kissed and we were asleep by 11 pm.  When I woke up the next morning my wife was still asleep beside me.  I remember looking over at her and thinking how lucky I was to have her as my wife.  I know how much my wife likes her coffee in the morning so I wrote a note for her just in case she woke up saying that I would be back in about 20 minutes.  I quickly washed up in the bathroom and headed out to get our breakfast.  When I returned to the hotel about 25 minutes later I parked the car and started to head back into the hotel.  As I was walking I noticed another couple smiling and looking up at the hotel.  I just happened to look up as well and I almost dropped our coffee.

There in the window stood my wife, freshly showered and doing her routine morning stretches in the nude!  I stood there completely stunned.  It was obvious that my wife did not know that she was being watched.  I know that I should have run into the hotel quickly and closed the curtains but there was just something exciting and daring about what we were doing.  The lady of the couple that was watching with me said something to her husband about the lady in the window being absolutely beautiful.  I looked over at them and said, “thank you.”  She looked at me and asked if I knew the woman.  I told them that it was my wife.  The woman looked back at my wife and just said, “You are a lucky man.”  I agreed with her and decided that I should probably go in to close the curtains before anyone else saw my wife in the window.

When I opened the door to our room my wife was bent over touching her toes and it was at that moment I realized how hard I had gotten watching her from outside of our room.  I stood and watched her for a minute.  My wife brought me back to reality when, as she was still bent over just said, “Good morning, honey.”  I walked into the room and placed the coffee on the table.  I then went over to the curtains and closed them.  As I was closing them I looked down and realized that the same couple was still watching my wife.  They saw me come to the window and waved to me as I closed the curtains.  I just smiled, turned around and basically attacked my wife.  I was in such a state of arousal that I was not thinking very clearly.  I walked up behind my wife, kneeled down and started to kiss around her vagina.  Shocked but smiling, my wife just asked what got into me.  I mumbled something about my mouth being full and I would let her know if a little bit.

My wife started to moan and asked if she was allowed to get a little more comfortable.  I patted her bum and she turned around and laid down on the bed, spreading her legs again for me.  I took off my clothes and then kneeled down at the side of the bed and began once again to lick all around her pussy.  By the time that I started to flick her clitoris with my tongue, her hands were squeezing her own nipples and her back was arched in ecstasy.  It didn’t take long after that before she wrapped her legs around my head and she was screaming as her orgasm overtook her.  After her orgasm settled down my wife had her eyes closed and almost looked like she was sleeping.  Very quietly I leaned over her and placed my hard penis into her vagina.  My wife just moaned again as I entered her.  I stayed in her just for a moment after I pushed in.  We both absolutely love the feeling when I enter my wife and we become “one flesh”.  Finally, I began to move in and out of my wife.

As I established a rhythm I said to my wife that I thought that she put on a great show.  She looked at me like she was very confused and asked me what I was talking about.  I told her about the free show that I saw outside and that I watched it with another couple.  At first she stopped moving and I thought that I had just killed the mood that she was in, but then all of a sudden she got this mischievous look in her eyes and asked me if the other couple seemed to like the show as well.  I told her about the ladies comments and that the man could not keep the smile off of his face.  After I said that, my wife became very excited.  She pushed me over and sat down on top of me.  She moved her feet so that they were beside my hips and then placed her hands behind her on my legs.  She then began to move herself up and down on me.  She got herself into a rhythm very quickly and pretty soon she was literally bouncing so hard that it almost hurt.  She just seemed to have one orgasm after another and she was so wet that every time she pressed back down I could feel fluid come out around where we were joined.  By the time my wife was approaching her fifth orgasm I was about ready to come as well.  I wanted us to orgasm together so I sat up and sucked one of her fully engorged nipples into my mouth.  This caused my wife to immediately orgasm again and also triggered my orgasm.  We both squeezed each other as we came in sweet ecstasy together.

As we snuggled in our bed after our session I asked my wife if she knew that she was being watched.  She said that she didn’t know.  She had left the curtains open because it was such a beautiful day and because there didn’t seem to be very many people staying at the hotel she didn’t figure that it would be a problem at all.  She told me that she would never expose herself like that on purpose, but she did find it very exciting for some reason that the other couple had seen her naked.  I told her again how beautiful she was and how exciting it was for me as well to watch her in all her glory go through her morning routine.  She just smiled, gave me a hug and told me that she was not done with me yet!

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  1. gcms - great christian marriage sex says:

    Exciting story, maybe "pushed the envelope a little", so to speak. But, if she was my wife, I would love the fact that it excited her. Thanks for sharing !

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