Party Poopers

“I hope you didn’t mind leaving so early,” Vikki said to her husband Simon, as he started the car. “Don’t be silly! I was bored anyway,” Simon said as he reversed away from the curb. He was usually one to obey the speed limit, but he was soon driving at a much higher speed than normal. “There’s no need to rush,” Vikki said. “We can enjoy the ride, hehe”. First, Vikki slid her hand down Simon’s belly and onto his love shaft. Simon’s love shaft, which had deflated while he went to get the car, immediately began to strain against his trousers. He glanced down to watch Vikki’s hand begin a gentle massage. “You just drive” Vikki whispered.

Vikki continued to rub her hand up and down Simon’s love shaft. She would stroke for a bit, then grasp. Simon was in heaven – no one had ever touched him the way she just did. “Having trouble driving?” Vikki said, laughing. “No I’m ok”, Simon choked out.

Slowly and teasingly, Vikki began to undo Simon’s belt. Unhooking his trousers, she started to pull down his fly. Simon’s love shaft surged against his underwear. With his trousers open, just a thin layer of cotton separated Vikki’s hand from Simon’s hard tool. Vikki just grasped it, squeezing and releasing. “You’re driving a lot slower!” she said. “Safety first” he replied, with a wink. “Well, hold on to the wheel tight, Simon” Vikki said as she pulled his underwear down to free his love shaft, her eyes widening at the sight. She smothered whipped cream all over it then she engulfed its head in her mouth. Simon let out a moan of pleasure and tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

She loved to suck Simon’s love shaft. Nothing got her more excited than the feel of its head on her tongue, running her tongue up and down the shaft, feeling it pulse in her mouth. As she did all these things, she could feel herself getting even hotter. Having lubricated Simon’s love shaft with her tongue and the squirty cream, she used her left hand on it. Simon could barely keep his mind on his driving, but luckily, the traffic wasn’t that bad anyway. He reached his right hand out for Vikki, got it on her thigh, and slid it up her skirt. Then when Vikki let out a moan of pleasure, he was taken over the edge. Pushing back in his seat, holding off as long as he could, Simon finally came. He spurted warm love cream into Vikki’s mouth, Vikki swallowing it all down effortlessly. “How was that?” she asked. He couldn’t even speak. “Let’s get home,” Vikki said.

When they got home, they stumbled into the bedroom (literally, as Simon’s pants were around his ankles, and when he tripped over them, he managed to also bring down Vikki!). They laughed, then got back on their feet, and watched each other as they removed their remaining items of clothing. Each studied the other’s naked form. Oh, she’s incredible, Simon thought. Vikki was very impressed by what she was seeing. She’d always felt he was the world’s best – stunning. Looking was fine, but they needed contact. They brought themselves together and fell onto the bed.

Simon was completely hard again; it had actually never gone down much. His right hand fondled Vikki, his left hand massaged her. She used both hands to hold his love shaft, and moved herself from side to side against his rigid erection. Simon slid his left hand down to find the warm, wet entrance of her love spot. Vikki pulled back to make room for her hand to get hold of Simon’s love shaft. Simon removed his finger, and then put his hand around her hip. He moved it downwards. Vikki’s moans began to fill the air. Mixed in with the moan was a plea (“Lick me. Please!!!”) Simon didn’t have to be asked twice.

Vikki melted the chocolate, and, dragging his tongue down through her cleavage, over her belly, pausing for a moment, Simon continued. Lower, to her hips, then stopped to spread the lovely (Galaxy) chocolate and then finally into her love spot. He tongued the edge of her hole, purposely avoiding her vagina as he continued further down. Vikki moved, trying to get her clitoris in contact with his tongue, but he teased her by licking around it instead. Simon ran his tongue down the full length of her love spot and licked all the chocolate off, and then pressed it into her. Vikki’s moans became a gasp, and she closed her thighs tightly against him. Then, Simon withdrew his tongue and finally took aim at the target they both desired so much – Vikki’s excitement grew as it approached, and when his tongue actually touched her vagina, “Oh, Simon, I love you !” she groaned.

Simon slid into her effortlessly, filling her up with just one stroke. Simon naturally fell into the rhythm, and soon they were performing as if they were made for each other. Each thrust called for a moan or a gasp from them both. For Simon, it felt like his love shaft was the biggest and hardest and strongest it had ever been, which is how it felt to Vikki as each stroke seemed to go deeper. Simon felt his love cream building up. Vikki knew she was on the edge of climax. They both so wanted it to happen but then again they wanted to delay it happening, but it was too good to last any longer, and, then finally they couldn’t hold out any longer, and they came together, powerfully, perfectly, simultaneously. Simon shot load after load of love cream deep into his wife  They shared a passionate, lingering kiss and fell asleep in each other’s arms, breathless but satisfied.

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