Ranch Road Passion

The kids were tired, we’d been traveling for several hours, and you looked exhausted. The High Plains moon was shining brightly as we left the ranch house where we’d been visiting friends. We both were hoping that the next little town about 25 miles away would have a decent motel. As we dodged deer, raccoons and other critters on that winding stretch of gravel ranch road, the sheer isolation of this remote area really hit home. We both appreciate and enjoy that privacy, but I assumed that I was the only one thinking about the romantic possibilities it could provide. I love my children, but just this once, wished they were all at Grandmas!

You seemed a little restless as we approached the town, but I just attributed that to being weary and wanting to get your family settled in for the night. When we got checked in at the little Mom & Pop motel, we both worked at getting the kids’ teeth brushed, PJs on and into bed. I noticed that you were really driven to get this accomplished, again, thinking that you were focused on maternal duties. Boy was I wrong!

Just as soon as the kids were in bed, you flew into the tiny bathroom where I was brushing my teeth. When you pulled the door shut and locked it, I was baffled. It only took a second for me to understand – you ripped my pants open, stripped yourself naked and shoved me into a sitting position on the toilet lid so fast it made my head swim! As you pressed your erect nipples into my chest, kissed me passionately and rubbed your mound on my swelling manhood, I finally realized what your earlier restlessness had been caused by!

By now you were getting very wet, and were sliding up and down on my shaft like a woman possessed. Your lips were spread open wide on either side of my hard penis and your clitoris was getting the ride of her life! The aggressive passion you had for me was driving me crazy with desire. I grabbed your waist to stop your thrusting and humping for a bit, but you’d have none of that. In answer, you arched your back and took my entire thickness into your hot vagina in one mighty lunge!

By now, I’m nearly lost to the moment, and looked at you, silently pleading for you to slow down. One glance was all it took to see that you were already beginning your own orgasm, and that sent me over the edge, too. We nearly went crazy with our mutual thrusting, arching and embracing. That poor old toilet nearly came loose from its mountings! Your final wigglings and squirmings served to effectively plant my shaft so deep into you that your clitoris was firmly planted against its thick base. This produced one massive, final mutual release that shook each of us with completed passion.

As we kissed deeply and held each other in that dingy, antiquated bathroom, our love for each other grew even more. We finished getting ready for bed and fell asleep on that lumpy mattress in each other’s arms.

We’ve now been married nearly 30 years, our kids are grown and gone, and the passion in our marriage grows stronger every day. I love you, doll, and thank God for you and the wonderful way you complete me!

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