Away Alone

It is a beautiful night as we drive along the highway.  A full moon illuminates the sky.   The moon and the occasional light of passing cars shines on my passenger’s face.  The beauty of the person  sitting only inches away from me is mesmerizing in this light.  My wife and I are on our way to our cabin up north.  Our children are with relatives.  After much packing, organizing, last minute shopping, and instructions to everyone, we are alone at last.

The first half of the trip was consumed with the usual discussions of logistics.  Do you think the kids will be OK?  Did we remember everything that they needed?  Do they know who to call if they  need to get hold of us?  Did we remember toothbrushes?  But now  there is silence as we have exhausted that topic of conversation,  and ourselves as well.  We are enjoying the quiet of a car ride without children,  an experience seldom  possible in the last twelve years.

I am feeling a little tired and so we stop for  coffee.  Instead of the usual choice of just one of us going in to get coffee while the other stays with the kids, or all of six of us going in, it is just the two of us this time.  As we walk into the donut shop a sense of de-ja-vu strikes me.  I remember the many times in years long past when it was just the two of us.  As my wife stands before me ordering, I again notice how beautiful she is.  As,  if not more beautiful than the day I first set eyes on her and fell so hard.   My gaze travels from her long flowing blond hair to her cute soft lined face. Her large blue eyes are one of the things I loved the first time I noticed her.  Her lips are sweet and soft and I contemplate how often they have met mine with  tenderness and passion.  My eyes move down her slender neck , past her slight but well proportioned shoulders to her breasts, not large but beautifully formed.   I think,  I should stop here, but I can’t.  I keep my head up as I let my gaze inconspicuously, I think, move down to her flat tummy.

Amazing, I think, after four babies.  I continue to the curves that begin to form at the waist band of her jeans and invite  me lower to the tight crease in her jeans which hints at the precious treasure that is inside.  My journey is abruptly interrupted.   “What are you looking at?”  she playfully asks.    I blush and say nothing.  When we are back on the road I look over to my wife,  “You know I never get tired of looking at you.  I can’t believe how attractive you are to me.   You are so sexy that sometimes I just can’t take my eyes off of you.”  Now she is the one blushing.  I reach over and touch her leg.  I let my hand glide slowly down the path my eyes had traced only moments earlier to the spot between her legs which even through her snug fitting jeans  feels so soft and tender and warm….   Whoa!!  I had better keep my mind on the driving.   I move my hand up to hold her hand. I feel so in love.   I am blessed.  God  has been good to me and to us.   When I hold her hand It’s like we have known each other forever and yet as special as if it were the first time we have touched.   She is  not only beautiful in appearance but has a tender loving spirit.  She is smart, funny, honest and a hard worker, an outstanding mother to our children, and oh so beautiful.

We arrive at the cabin.  After unloading, making beds, lighting the propane fridge, and lighting a fire in the woodstove we relax together.  There is no electricity here.  The only light in the cabin is candlelight and that of the fire dancing forth from the mica screened doors of the antique wood stove.   A  battery operated radio plays classic hits of the 70’s  and 80’s taking our minds back to the early years of our relationship.  My wife and I are reclined in front of the fire on a pair of sheepskins that we received almost 15 years ago as a wedding gift.  The softness of the sheep skins endures without evidence of time, as soft as the day we received them.   I think to myself how this could symbolize my wife’s enduring beauty.   She leans against my chest looking  up at me with those loving blue eyes and kisses me fully on the lips.  Our tongues meet like two long parted friends embracing and rediscovering each other.   My hands instinctively move down to my wife’s breasts.  I carefully unbutton her top to allow the glow and warmth of the fire to fall on her perfect nipples.  She whispers in my ear “That feels nice”.    I can resist for only a moment the impulse to continue on down her body.

I pause to squeeze and caress each breast with my left hand as I allow my other hand to continue the journey down this most exciting though oft traveled path.   I linger for a moment at her belly button.   I rub around the edge teasingly, then stick my finger gently into the small opening.  By  this time my wife  has unbuttoned my shirt and is rubbing my chest .   With her other hand she reaches down to unbutton my pants. “Why don’t you take these off” she suggests.  Without  more convincing I stand and remove my pants exposing without embarrassment the bulge in my boxer shorts.   At the same time she stands up and wriggles out  of her jeans exposing her oh so lovely curves, highlighted by a very small pink lace thong.  She sees  my delight and slowly turns to let me view her entire form.  We embrace and hold each other very very very close.   The song  playing on the radio is perfect; a song that we used to dance to when we dated.  Alone in the cabin in the glow of the fire, we dance together clothed only in our underwear, to song after song.  My wife feels so good.   I have never, could never, love her more.

We enjoyed the remainder of  the weekend together filled with precious moments for reconnecting with each other.  We were, in truth, homesick by Sunday;  both missing our children.  We returned to our routine life a little more rested and a lot more connected, with plans to make the “cabin for two” weekend an annual event.

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