Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A true story:  The mountain resort was nearly deserted when we arrived late in the fall.  The placid waters of the lake beyond the main lodge showed a perfect reflection of clouds passing overhead.  Summer revelers were long gone, and the snows of winter hadn’t yet brought crowds of skiers to the area.  We truly would be alone for the weekend.  And that was the point of getting away.

We checked in and dragged our bags to our third story room.  The lake sparkled through the large picture window, sending waves of light dancing off the mirrors on the far wall and sending rainbow colors sweeping gently across the ceiling.  It had been a long drive, so we snuggled down on the bed to rest for a few moments and watch the unexpected light show unfold on the ceiling overhead.

“Look at us in the mirrors, we look ridiculous,” she said.  I looked to the wall with mirrors which revealed that we looked like a pair of figures out of a Salvador Dali painting, almost melted over the top of the bed, limp and exhausted.  We stared at each other in the mirrors, carrying on a conversation without moving, and looking at our own reflection as we spoke.  “Mmm, why don’t you turn over here a little bit,” I said, slipping a hand up her flowing skirt.  “Stop,” she said, in a playful tone.  “Maybe I don’t want to,” I retorted, sliding my hand a bit further.  She rolled over onto her stomach and I slid my hand up her thighs, bringing her skirt with it.  The soft contours of her bottom were now exposed to view in the mirror, and she could see that I was watching my fingers run over her smooth skin.  I slid my fingers under the edge of her panties, and she moaned just a bit as I started sliding them down her legs.  Without taking her eyes off the mirror she rose up on her knees and slid her panties down, then sat back on her bottom and dropped her panties to the floor.

“Why don’t you rub my back?” she asked.  I sat up against the headboard of the bed, spread my legs into a V-shape, and she came to sit between them.  I began to rub her back as we both watched our actions in the mirrors.  That wall of mirrors was now in front of us, and as I rubbed her back, I began to kiss her neck, keeping eyes on the mirror.  She threw her head back a bit exposing her silky neck even more to my lips, yet neither of us averted our gaze from our own images kissing in the mirror before us.

We watched in the mirror as my left hand began to slide down her arm, down her waist, down her thighs to find the hem of her skirt.  The right hand soon followed, and together they began to travel back up her outer thighs carrying her skirt with them.  She spread her legs apart now, exposing herself to the view of both of us.  She began to rotate her hips slightly as we watched my fingers run up and down her inner thighs and tease the edges of her pussy.

“I want to watch, but I want you to close your eyes,” she said.  “And I want you to touch me.”

I closed my eyes and began kissing her neck as she watched my fingers part her sweetness, and plunge deep into her.  She moaned deeply as I found her clit with my right hand, and began moving the fingers of my left hand in and out of her.  I sneaked a peek to see her pussy lips turning a deep maroon as she began pushing her hips against me.  She was intently watching as I massaged her sweet mound, and she spread her legs as wide as she could to gain full view.

“Make me cum,” she gasped.  “I want you to make me cum while I watch.”

I spread her sweet lips, exposing her clit to the cool air of the room and she gasped as I ran finger in circles around it.  She began thrusting hard against my hands, pushing the fingers of one hand deep inside her as she watched every movement.

“Use your tongue.  Oh, please, use your tongue now,” she gasped.  I quickly moved from behind her, sliding to the foot of the bed, and placed my head between her legs.  She pulled her skirt all the way up, and then grabbed hold of my head, pushing my mouth against her as she strained to watch in the mirror.

I quickly found her clit and began flicking my tongue over it as she exploded in orgasm.  “Make me cum, I want to watch you make me cum,” she moaned, before slumping against the pillows.

She breathed heavy, and continued to watch our forms in the mirror.  “Maybe we need to redecorate our bedroom at home,” she said after a long silent pause.

“Mirrors?” I asked.


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