weekend away

Weekend Away – Enjoying Each Other

Weekend Away – I had no idea of what you really had in mind when you suggested that we take a weekend away together without the children.  After all, everywhere we go we always take the kids, and it just seemed strange that we would go away without them.  But after making arrangements to have the children looked after while we were away, and considering we’ve hardly had any time alone together, a short vacation seemed in order.

Our first night at the resort was wonderful.  I remember finding the gift box on the table in the living room, and hearing you fill the Jacuzzi next to the master bedroom.  When I opened the box I found the short red silk robe you brought for me, along with the note asking me to put this on and nothing else and then join you at the Jacuzzi.  It was rather exciting disrobing there in the middle of the living room, wondering if you were watching me like you always do when I come to bed.

When I came into the Jacuzzi room, I found you there, dressed in nothing but a silk robe, holding two glasses of champagne.  The room was lit by candle light, and was filled with the sounds of the pulsating water in the tub.  I loved when you took me into your arms, and pressed your mouth against mine.  I loved the feeling of your tongue doing its little French dance with my own, and probing the inside of my mouth.  Your hands felt so warm against my body when, after opening my robe, you reached inside and encircled me in your arms, letting your hands caress the firmness of my buttocks, all the while keeping our mouths joined in deep passionate kisses.

I couldn’t believe how hard you were when I reached into the bulging opening in the front of your robe and began stroking your hot penis, hearing you moan your approval.  My hands traveled up and down your hardened shaft, my fingers tips lightly caressing the shining head, waiting for the tiny spurt of pre love juice, which I rubbed all around the dome of your manhood.  Your own hands had traveled to my pussy, and I could feel your fingers probing my wetness and stroking my protruding clitoris.

You broke our embrace and guided me into the Jacuzzi, sitting me down between your spread legs, my back against you, my own legs spread apart and your hardened penis pressing against me.  I loved the how your hands came up and rubbed my breasts, your finger tips squeezing and tweaking my nipples.  I lay back against you, and luxuriated in the pleasures you were providing me.

When your hands returned to play in my vagina, I pressed more firmly against you wanting to feel your hardened manhood against me.  I loved it when you guided me closer to a jet of water, feeling the stream of bubbles pulsating against my clitoris, keeping your fingers busy probing in and around my womanhood.  Between the caresses of your hands and the pulsating waters against my clitoris, I came in wave after wave of orgasms, arching my back against you as each spasm traversed my body.

After we had kissed for a while, you stood up in the Jacuzzi, your penis hard and pointing up and out from your body.  I got on my knees and began giving your love muscle the attention it so craved.  I loved taking you into my mouth and letting my lips glide up and down your erect phallus.  I loved licking up and down the sides and then stroking your tool before taking you back into my mouth.  When you reached your climax, I loved drinking down your love cream.

Later, after we had used our lips and tongues to lick the water off each other’s bodies, you took me into the bedroom and guided me up onto the bed, putting me on all fours facing the full-length mirror at the end of the bed.  I loved watching you guide your hot hard penis into my vagina, feeling its warmth as it penetrated the lips of my pussy.  I watched your hands hold onto my hips as you began thrusting your manhood in and out of me.  From time to time I looked into the mirror to see you look down and watch your penis thrust back and forth into my vagina.

The room filled with the moans of our pleasure and the sound of our bodies slapping of bodies as you rigorously thrust into me.  I loved feeling your fullness inside of me, the warmth of your manhood rubbing against my inner walls.  You were hitting all the right spots, and soon I came again in an earth-shaking climax, tightening around the penis deeply embedded in my vagina.  When I looked into the mirror I saw that you too had reached your point of no return and begged you to come inside of me.  I felt you thrust as deeply as you could inside of me, and pushed against you, feeling your warm ejaculate flooding my vagina.

We collapsed in each other’s arms on the bed, telling each other how much we loved each other.  Then you told me how blessed you were to have a wife like me, and that you would be showing me more of your gratitude throughout the weekend away.

I couldn’t wait.

weekend away

By: Simon and Erin


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