Solomon’s Bride

Growing up as a child, I was taught about being the woman in Proverbs. I learned at an early age the “duties” of a wife. I learned her responsibilities to her children, her home and to her husband. I learned that it was her “duty” to have sex on demand, regardless of the day she has had. Regardless if the mood was just right. Just as long as the husband was satisfied.

After I was married I carried out these age-old traditions. I did exactly what was required of me. I was the good housewife and mother. I was the woman who fulfilled her wifely duties to her husband. I thought I was doing everything that I needed to do.

I always loved reading the Bible. I read story after story. I began reading about Solomon and his beloved. I found the story stirred certain feelings inside of me that I thought were dirty and unclean. So I wouldn’t read it.

One day I was browsing on the Internet and I came across these stories.  I began to browse and read through the stories. The “feelings” began to stir inside of me once again. I felt so much condemnation upon me.

My Pastor came online and we began to talk back and forth. I couldn’t take the guilt any longer. I had to confess to her of the terrible “sin” that I had done. She said, “Don’t you desire your husband? Don’t you lust for him?” I responded with a yes. She began to witness to me concerning the intimacy and the love that God created inside of each and every one of us. She told me how it isn’t a sin to lust after your mate for the marriage bed is undefined. I began to cry as I felt the chains of bondage slip off of me. I began to read the WORD to find out all I could about passion in a marriage. I found out that oral sex wasn’t condemned. I found out that masturbation wasn’t condemned. I found out that being a lover to my husband wasn’t condemned.

Did her witnessing to me have an impact on my marriage? Read on and find out.
One evening after taking a shower, I went into the bedroom and lit candles. They were all over the place. I wanted everything to be perfect for him. I had with held myself for so long from him. Tonight would be the beginning of making up for lost time.

He came into the bedroom and was intrigued by all the candles. I began to kiss his lips and gently rub his body. He was completely naked and his manhood was at attention.

As I began to lick and suck on him, I began to finger my vagina. He was becoming more turned on by the minute. He couldn’t believe his wife was doing this to him.

I showed him my clitoris and he delighted himself in sucking it. Before I knew it, he lubed his fingers and began to thrust inside of my love hole. I started pinching and playing with my nipples and could feel the excitement build up inside of me. He removed his fingers. I turned facing him. I climbed upon him. I wanted that hard manhood of his inside of me. I lowered myself down on it as he watched. He felt so long and big inside of my honey-hole.

First I began moving back and forth slowly. He watched me as I played with my nipples, squeezing and pinching them. He watched me as I began to shake my breasts from side to side for him. He raised his head off the pillow to grab a nipple with his teeth. BRAVO! He succeeded.

He sucked as I rode my stud. Then I felt his hand on my butt cheeks. He squeezed my cheeks tight. I told him to spank me. At first reluctant, but then he began to spank my butt every time I would thrust.

Just as I was beginning to feel an orgasm, he slid his finger inside of my butt. That took me over the edge. I rode him as if I was on a runaway horse.

I could feel as his penis jerked and spewed his love cream inside of me.

That was just the beginning of many sensual nights. I desire my husband. I fantasy about him. If I masturbate, I think of him, wishing he was there to finger me or thrust inside of me until I am left spent.

I love being a hot Christian wife and a mother. But I crave on being his lover, a Song of Solomon lady.

By: Dennis Brekke

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  1. jezuz11 says:

    Amen! I feel a new National Conference or Tour coming on. “Become a Solomon Woman.” The truth, it’s probably much closer to every Christian husband’s dream!

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