Reconnect Sexually – Emily and Matt (Part 1)

Emily had been feeling down lately. She had only been married to her husband, Matthew, for two years but was already disappointed by their sex life. They had waited until they were married to have sex, but as they waited four years before getting married they were well and truly out of the honeymoon stage before they had said their vows. Now it had been six years since they first started dating and their sex life reflected that. Sometimes their sex life would pick up, recently they had sex at least once a day for over a week. Other times it would come to a standstill and they might go a whole menstrual cycle without having sex. On average, though, it was about twice a week and for a twenty-two year old, that didn’t seem like much.

She could justify it away. Matthew was up at 5am every morning to go to work and they really did have full weeks, between church responsibilities, them both studying and Emily doing some part time work, as well as working for the church. Some days they wouldn’t even see each other until 10pm, and by then Matthew was generally asleep on the lounge.

But Emily didn’t want to justify it away, she just wanted to have a good sex life. Like a twenty-two year old should have.

The blame couldn’t be solely chalked up to either of them. Emily was willing to shoulder some of it. She knew sometimes she could be dismissive of Matt’s advances. She also knew that she expected him to do a lot of the work. She had high expectations of his participation levels and generally had the whole scene planned out in her head and grew upset when it didn’t go to plan. She also didn’t like feeling pressured. Not that Matthew ever pressured her, but just pressure from situations or pressure she put on herself.

Their honeymoon had been a prime example of this. She had built it up so much in her head, spent so much money on lingerie, romantic locations, getting everywhere waxed that by the time their honeymoon rolled around the amount of pressure she felt under completely suffocated her. They did have sex a number of times, probably every second day or so, but not the love-fest she’d been imaging for four years.

She did carry around some issues, she knew that, but she also gave some responsibility to Matthew. She understood he worked and studied hard. She understood that he had some different ideas about what their married lives would look like and wasn’t aware of all her baggage (although neither was she). She understood that when she occasionally brushed him off that she would have been bruising his confidence. What she didn’t understand was his lack of motivation regarding sex. She had all these preconceived notions that all that would be on his mind was sex, when that wasn’t the case she didn’t know what to do. While her idea of making a move was a simple stroke of his stomach or wriggling close into him, she felt rejected when he didn’t respond to that.

Things had come to a head two nights before. Emily was sighing loudly in bed while Matthew was trying to sleep. He got irritated because she was saying nothing was wrong when there clearly was something wrong. She got angry because she wanted him to comfort her, not get irritated. Finally, though, she got out most of her pent up feelings. Saying that she was upset about his apparent lack of interest in her, that he never even made an effort and that sometimes she felt like she was the furthest thing from his mind. He wrapped her in his arms, told her he loved her and drifted off to sleep.

Emily was not impressed.

Now it was Saturday and it hadn’t seemed like Matthew had considered any of what she had said. Sure, they hadn’t gotten to spend much time together yesterday- due to work and running youth group- but she still expected there to be some change.

She woke up and looked at her clock. It was nine o’clock. Matthew had been asked to work the morning, meaning he had left home by half past four. He was due to be home around midday. Her eyes drifted to an envelope next to her alarm clock with her name on it. She sat up in bed and took it in her hands. She could see that her name was written in her husband’s handwriting. Intrigued, she slipped her finger through the seal and opened it.

Inside was a slip of paper with a sticky note on it. The sticky note said:

“I made you an appointment for 10am, but how you spend it is up to you.” It was also in Matthew’s handwriting.

Her intrigued grew as she removed the sticky note to look at the glossy slip of paper. It was a gift voucher for two hundred dollars at the day spa she went to very occasionally.

She felt her mouth spread into a grin, touched by the effort. Aware she only had an hour until her appointment she quickly got out of bed and headed into the shower.

By nine forty she was in the car, heading towards the day spa. Once she arrived, she had to decide how she was going to spend the two-hundred dollars. She finally decided she would get a Brazilian and a leg wax, a mani-pedi, a facial and a thirty minute massage. Due to some of their packages, it all came in at one hundred and ninety-two dollars.

For the next two and a half hours, Emily was in awe of her husband’s gift. She could not even work out when he would have bought the voucher or what money he had used. She knew that this alone could not save their marriage, but Matthew had never done anything so thoughtful. The closest thing to this would be him bringing her home some flowers. While she was enjoying her pampering (although enjoying the waxing a bit less), all she wanted to do was to go home and be with her husband. A feeling she hadn’t experienced in a while.

Feeling sufficiently taken care of, Emily got into her car to begin her fifteen minute journey home. She was fairly sure that Matt would be home from work by now.

As she rushed in to the house, Matthew welcomed her at the door.

“Aw Matt,” she gushed, “thank you so much. That was so thoughtful.”

Matthew gave her a small smile before kissing her forehead. “You’re very welcome. Let’s go out somewhere for lunch.”

Emily gave Matt a quick, tight hug and a kiss before running into the bedroom. She quickly changed her shoes, grabbed a coat and put on some perfume before meeting him back at the door. ‘Okay, let’s go.’ She said, taking his hand.

He took her to an up-market cafe they occasionally frequented. They sat next to each other at a booth. The mood was lighthearted and warm. She found it easy to be around him.

Throughout their whole meal, they couldn’t resist touching each other. A stroke of the thigh, a short embrace or a kiss on the cheek. She even enjoyed a cocktail.

After their meal, Matthew went up and paid and they got back in their car. Emily began to feel she was in heaven. She remembered how much she loved her husband and how much he loved her. After a few wrong turns, it became evident to Emily that they weren’t heading home.

“Where are we going now?” Emily asked, knowing that what she really wanted to do was to make love to her sweet, thoughtful husband.

Matthew looked away from the road to her face and grinned, “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Emily could not think of where they were going. They were heading further into town, but their inner city offered only cafes, bars and restaurants. There was no shopping, no cinemas and they had already eaten. They got closer and closer to the city and Emily could feel her adrenaline pumping. This was so exciting, she loved surprises.

Finally, Matthew indicated and turned straight into the Crown Plaza hotel’s car parking. “Wh-what are we doing?” she asked.

“We’re going to stay at the hotel, of course.” Matt responded as he pushed the button at the gate.

Confusion swept over Emily. “But I don’t have any clothes or anything.”

Matthew reached over and briefly kissed her cheek, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.”

As they entered the hotel reception awe consumed Emily. It was gorgeous. Matthew took care of their booking while Emily took in their surroundings. Before she could take in everything, Matthew was sweeping her up to their suite.

“I can’t believe you did this, Matt!’ she exclaimed, squeezing his hand tightly.

Matthew laughed “Well, I thought it was about time you got some romancing.”

Once they entered their suite, Emily sat down on the bed. She’d noticed that Matthew did bring an over-night bag. She picked it up to examine the contents.

“You can go through that, while I run us a bath.” Matthew instructed.

Emily unzipped the bag and pulled it open. On top were their two toiletry bags, she put them aside. Next she uncovered one of her satin white robes. She then found a white soft cotton nightie that she had worn in the summer they were first married. Under that was a pair of black jeans, a g-string and a light, flowy top, obviously, for her to go home in. Everything else appeared to be Matthews clothes.

She grabbed her nightdress and robe and headed into the bathroom. Matthew had, indeed, drawn a bath for them. The bath was a huge spa bath, now filled close to the brim with a generous serving of bubbles. She noticed next to the bath, there was a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. She had no idea how Matt pulled that off.

Matthew was standing in front of her, studying her face. She flicked her eyes back up to meet his, giving him an encouraging smile. He returned a warm smile. He took a step closer to her, their bodies touching now. He gripped the opening of her coat, his eyes still fixed on hers. He slowly slid it off her. His hands then went to the bottom of her shirt. He lifted up, over her head and let it fall to the ground.

Emily was mesmerized by Matthew’s presence. She could not will herself to take her eyes away from his. She felt his hands start to fumble at her jeans. She felt her button be undone and then felt her jeans crumble to the floor. She was now standing in just her bra and underwear. She could feel her now hairless pussy’s moisture.

Matthew took her in his arms and unhooked her bra. As he pressed against her, she could feel the hardness of his penis. As her bra slipped off, he took a step back and slid off her underwear. She was now standing in front of her husband, completely naked.

There had been something almost clinical about the process, something that left her feeling vulnerable but safe. The feeling of vulnerability increased as Matthew took another step back and devoured her with his eyes. She watched as he intensely took in her face before his eyes began their decent down her body.

All she could do was stand there and let him. She watched as his eyes hungrily made their way down her neck, to her collarbone, pausing at her breasts. They then cascaded down her tummy, before taking in her freshly hairless pussy. She watched as Matthew exhaled sharply. His eyes finished the journey, travellling down her legs.

He walked towards her again. She could not resist wrapping her arms around his neck, even though she was aware it cut through the incredibly hot tension that had been building.

She was impressed with his restraint. He embraced her, hugging her waist tightly and responded to her kisses before slowly letting her go.

They both knew that she found the restraint a turn on. They’d talked about it many times and it sometimes caused problems for them. She enjoyed the challenge and had, in the past, occasionally, found Matthews approach too intense. However, if he was too restrained, it would be very hard for her to not feel rejected. He had found the balance perfectly today. She was overcome by his love for her and knew that he wanted to make love to her. But he didn’t ruin her moment by jumping her bones.

Matthew’s voice cut through the silence. “You can get in the bath, darling. It’s warm in there.”

She had had intentions of undressing him but she was quite cold. She slowly got in the bath and made herself comfortable. She watched intently as her husband undressed himself. She often found herself marvellling at his body whenever he got dressed, but today it was intensified. She took in his strong built shoulders, his milky white skin and chest, his strong tree-trunk legs. Her eyes fell to his penis which was standing at attention.

“I’m just going to put the heater on,” Matthew said, as he ducked out of the room. He was back within seconds and climbed into the bath next to Emily.

Emily could not help but plant her mouth on top of his. Passionate kissing sessions were more Matthew’s forte, but today there was nothing more she would like to do than explore his mouth. Well, there were a couple of things she’d like to do, but they would have to wait.

As they continued kissing, Emily shifted her position so her body was almost facing his. He had taken her face in his hands. She continued moving until she was straddling him. She felt a connection between them that they had lost a long time ago. Without restraint, she extracted one of her arms which had been wrapped about Matthew’s neck and began to use it to take hold of his penis. Once she found it, she lifted herself up and positioned herself on top of it.

Slowly she moved down, letting her body engulf his manhood which caused both of them to moan. Emily placed both her hands on Matthew’s shoulders and began finding a rhythm as she rode his cock. He placed his hands under the water and grabbed onto her hips.

The water surrounding them de-intensified the feeling a little but they were both so in the moment that it was completely irrelevant. The water level sat just below Emily’s breasts, so they bounced around freely.

Both covered in bubbles, they grabbed on to each other as tightly as they could. Emily could feel the pressure rising in Matt. She locked eyes with her husband and increased her speed. He was looking at her with so much desire and love. They were both panting and moaning loudly. Emily knew she was close to orgasm, something that was normally much harder to achieve and she could tell that Matthew was too. She gave it all she had and within seconds they melted into each other after intense orgasms.

They stayed like that for some time. Emily hugging Matthew like a koala baby. Matthew with his arms tightly wrapped around her waist. Emily’s head was lost in Matthew’s shoulder. Not speaking. Not even thinking. Just being together. Completely one.

When the water got too cold to bear, Matthew got out of the bath. He dried himself and put on his underwear. He then got Emily out of the bath, dried her off and got her dressed in her nightdress. They got into their big hotel bed and slept the afternoon away.

They had sex two more times over the next twenty hours and Emily felt more connected to her husband than she ever had before.

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reconnect sexually

By: Daniela


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6 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    We really enjoyed this story. You reminded us of our early marriage and the discoveries we made along the way to keep our marriage hot. Now coming on 30 years, those discoveries were the foundation of a hot lasting marriage.

  2. Tigerandpussycat says:

    Great story. I appreciate how the writer includes romance, true love and the realistic tension that exists when married lovers learn to be one flesh.

    • Jessum says:

      I’m glad the tension is something realistic to you. I found, before I got married, I wasn’t really warned about becoming one being difficult. This made it even harder. Now I am honest when people ask about our journey with making love. If people were more honest about it, I think it would take a load of everyone’s shoulders and they could just put their energy into making it amazing, in stead of worrying about whether there is something wrong with them.
      I’m so thankful for your comment! Jess

  3. Anonymous says:

    to me nothing is hotter than a story i can believe and as the other comments have said this is one of those. its still extremely hot but it also has a real life element of feelings that many marriage couples actually experience. some writers make everything too glossy and perfect. however jessum makes the challenges the beauty of the story. i really want to read more from jessum. she’s become my new favorite author.

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