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Pregnancy Heat – The Light is Green

When Emma was 19 weeks pregnant, she and John hadn’t had sex in 16 weeks. Not since she found out. There were multiple reasons for this. The first being that they had suffered an early miscarriage a year and a half earlier and Emma didn’t want to do anything that could possibly jeopardize this pregnancy. […]

Reconnect Sexually – Emily and Matt (Part 1)

Emily had been feeling down lately. She had only been married to her husband, Matthew, for two years but was already disappointed by their sex life. They had waited until they were married to have sex, but as they waited four years before getting married they were well and truly out of the honeymoon stage […]

Sexy Pregnancy – Mark and Amy

Sexy Pregnancy -Amy had found out that she was pregnant just over three months prior. Ever since, she’d found herself undeniably attracted to her husband. Unfortunately, her first trimester was taken up with mood swings, heartburn, excessive tiredness and morning sickness- which occurred basically twenty-four hours a day. This made sexual encounters brief, uncomfortable and […]