Wife Masturbates – MORNING BLISS

Wife Masturbates – I was awakened by a loud clap of thunder. I sleepily looked at the alarm clock on my beside table, it read 3:47. I turned and gazed at my sleeping husband. He looked so peaceful. I smiled, feeling the love I have for him swell inside me.

 The moonlight shown through the window, casting a glow on his partially covered nude body. He looked so sexy laying there and I became aroused. I wanted him so badly but I didn’t want to wake him. I gently eased the sheet away from his body until his beautiful cock was exposed. I gazed at him and ran my hand over my breast through my gown. My nipples becoming stiff little buds. I was one horny chick let me tell ya!

I reached my hand under the sheet and touched my pussy. I was so wet! I raised my hips and pulled my gown to my waist, then sat up and eased it over my head pulling it off. I lay naked beside him, aching to touch him, to love him with my body. To feel him inside me.

I laid back and opened my legs, and ran my hand over my pussy. I slipped one finger inside me, then a second and worked them slowly in and out. I continued to gaze upon Ben’s nude body as I masturbated. I moved my fingers of my other hand to my clit and manipulated it in slow circular motions. It felt so good!

My breathing became shallow and labored as I increased the pressure and strokes to my clitoris. I was enjoying myself, as I always do when I masturbate. I focused my attention on what lay between his legs, his beautiful dick. Working my hips in rhythm with my hand. I was getting close to my orgasm, when I noticed his hand moved and grabbed his cock.

I looked at him, he was smiling at me as he fondled his hardening dick. “Don’t stop on my account, baby!”  he said. I had no intention of stopping. I never said a word, I just kept masturbating. My orgasm was close as I watched him play with himself until his dick was fully erect.

I love watching Ben masturbate, it turns me on so much. He removed his hand only for a moment, spitting into his palm he grasped his cock and began to slowly stroke himself.

” Ohhhhh baby! Ooooooh!” I exclaimed as my passion pushed me over the edge. My entire body seemed to convulse  from my very core as I came. As my orgasm subsided, I lay gasping for air. My entire body tingled.

I leaned up and put my head on Ben’s chest. He lifted my face to his and we kissed long and deep. He then pushed me back on my back and got on top of me. I opened my legs to him, then felt him enter me. I wimpered a bit as he began to screw me.

“mmph, I love you so much!” I groaned wrapping my legs around him.

We rolled back over to where I was on top. I rode him cowgirl style. I bounced up and down on his dick like a woman possessed. He held the headboard so it wouldn’t knock against the wall as bad.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum! Oooohhhh!” I cried as my second orgasm hit. I collapsed on top of him, his cock embedded deep inside me.

He rolled back on top of me, got on his knees between my legs. He lifted my legs up and began to pound into me. With each thrust I groaned, working my hips to meet his.

“Turn over! Get on your hands and knees!” He panted, slipping his dick out of me for a moment.

I did as he asked, then felt him push back inside me. Holding my hips he began thrusting in deep steady strokes. Within minutes I began to cum for a third time.

 “Oh Gina! Oh baby! I’m gonna cum! Oh baby, here it comes! ” he groaned as he pushed deep inside me emptying his cum deep into me.

He pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside me, both of us sweating and panting. After gaining our composure back, we kissed and held each other. The love we have for each other ever stronger.

It was pure morning bliss! I thank the good Lord every day that I have Ben in my life. I love you Ben, and thank you for loving me!

I hope ya’ll enjoy my story. I hope God blesses each and everyone of you like he has blessed me! Thanks! Gina

Editor note:  When a wife masturbates this can be such a blessing to a marriage.  Share your comments about masturbation.

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wife masturbates

By: Cristina Ivan

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26 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    I love you my sweetheart! You are my love and soulmate. I am blessed to have you I’m my life and be able to love you in our bed… Your loving husband Ben.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I felt guilty about masturbating though I did it. I read a few stories like this on this site months ago and we talked about masturbation. We now enjoy this as one of the features of our sex life. And I might add, our sex life is better then ever. Here is my question for Gina. Does masturbation hurt your sex life long term? Someday, Would I rather masturbate than make love with my husband? Does masturbation keep helping marriage heat?

    • T says:

      Very hot. My ex wife masterbated nightly even after a good lovemaking session.

      She would later tell me she would fingerherself to orgasms many times after I went to sleep.

      I climbed into bed and slowly slid my hand up her leg to her pussy. OMG was she soaked! She had to have cum 4-5 times to be that wet. I slowly parted her legs and started to lick her dripping pussy. She started moving and moaning but did not wake up. I continued this until she came all over my face.

  3. Gina G. says:

    I am applaud you on getting over your guilt about masturbation. I do believe masturbation not only adds a bit of spice to your sex life, but can bring a couple closer together. If the love you have for your husband is strong and you pray together that the Lord continue to bless your love and marriage, then trust me your desire for your husband will not decrease. It will only increase. Ben and I masturbate together as well as when we are apart. It has been my experience that masturbating with Ben often leads to a great fuck. As you can see by reading this story. The couple that masturbates together stays together! God bless you and your husband. I hope you enjoyed my story… Always, Gina

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have four daughters, one of them is getting married soon. Can you tell your journey about how you learned of the blessing of masturbation in your marriage?

  5. Gina G. says:

    Oh my! Thank you all for the nice comments. I am so thrilled that ya’ll liked my story. I would love to tell you about telling you about my married masturbation journey! A big congratulations to your daughter on her up coming wedding. May God bless them on their marital journey.
    My question to you is do you masturbate? Do you and your spouse ever masturbate together? Since you mentioned your soon to be bride daughter, do you happen to know if she masturbates? Has she read my story?
    I currently am working on another story, but I would be glad to tell about my journey into married masturbation. So watch for it to be posted soon!
    Once again thanks for the nice comments! God BLESS you and your family as you venture into this very special time in your daughter’s life. .. Always, Gina

    • Anonymous says:

      Gina G, Thanks for the enthusiasm you have for the gift of sexuality. After reading this article last week it helped my over some of my hang ups. Last night, I masturbated with joyful abandonment.

      You wrote, “I reached my hand under the sheet and touched my pussy. I was so wet! I raised my hips and pulled my gown to my waist, then sat up and eased it over my head pulling it off. I lay naked beside him, aching to touch him, to love him with my body. To feel him inside me.

      I laid back and opened my legs, and ran my hand over my pussy. I slipped one finger inside me, then a second and worked them slowly in and out. I continued to gaze upon Ben’s nude body as I masturbated. I moved my fingers of my other hand to my clit and manipulated it in slow circular motions. It felt so good!”

      I think alot of Christian Women and Men somehow think masturbation is evil. I bet you have some fun stories in your marriage about you and Ben and this kind of fun.

      Thanks for blessing us.

  6. Gina G. says:

    Sir, you said you love to watch your wife masturbate. My question to you is do you and your wife masturbate together? If not, why? How often does she masturbate? How often do you masturbate? Thank you so much for your comment! I am so glad you enjoyed my story. God Bless you!… Always Gina

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I read this article yesterday and talked to my husband. I asked him about masturbating when he is not home. He encouraged me to masturbate whenever I wanted to of course thinking about us. Here is my question. I am really horny the way it is. Will my masturbating hurt my marriage? What if I love masturbating too much?

  8. Gina G. says:

    Go for it! The answer to your question is no. If anything, it will bring the two of you closer together. Have you and your husband ever masturbate together? If not I suggest you give it a shot. It is a very erotic thing to do and can lead to some really great sex. Ben and I masturbate together as well as apart. The next time you are alone and jilling-off, tell your husband about it.Tell him about what you thought about and your orgasm you experienced. I guarantee he will get a hard-on and give you a good fucking. I am one horny chick myself. Enjoy your masturbation sessions, have fun with yourself. If you love dick as much as I do, I doubt you will ever not want to get some from your husband. God Bless you girl! Glad my story helped open a door for you…. Always, Gina

  9. Gina G. says:

    Hey, glad my story helped you get over some of your hang up’s. I jilled off in the shower about an hour ago, had a nice cum. Ben is away at work and won’t be back for three days! ( Bummer!).
    You are correct, masturbation is a taboo subject among Christians. I think that is a shame.

    God Bless you… Always, Gina

  10. jezuz11 says:

    My wife & I have fallen in love with mutual masturbation. We were both expert masturbators on our own as singles. Now we love doing it side by side in bed, it’s hot and intimate. The crazy thing – sometimes our orgasms are better, the whole process is quicker, and the romantic intimacy is stronger than intercourse. We sometimes choose it as our preferred sexual experience. It is NOT “less than” or taking away from our sexual connection. It’s definitely been a marriage builder!

  11. philia says:

    Hi Gina.I’ve always thought masturbation to be bad… But whenever I masturbate(like I did today)my mind is fixed on my honey and the pleasures he would’ve given me if he were closer(he travelled). What do you think? God bless

  12. Lovinghusband says:


    I love to watch my wife masturbate. I love to watch what her fingers are doing, hear her sounds, and watch her face as she cums. I also love to hear the sound that her pussy makes when it is all wet. In fact, she knows that one of the things I think about when I’m masturbating is her masturbating in front of me.

    Your story demonstrates the same kind of love and acceptance between you and Ben that my wife and I share when we masturbate together. We have plans for this tonight! God bless you.

  13. Gina G. says:

    Thank you for the comment lovinghusband! Still recovering from my little spill, I haven’t been too available to Ben sexually speaking. So I was treated to a little show of my hubby whacking off. It always turns me on tremendously.

    Your comment has put me in the mood for some solo play . Maybe I can talk BEN into an encore performance, this time I will play along. Last time I just talked dirty to him.

    Often when I masturbate, I think of Ben masturbating or the last time we fucked. I am sure your wife gets just as hot watching you, as you do watching her.

    Anyway, thanks again for the comment! Talking about this has my pussy all wet and tingly. lol.

    God bless you and your family sir!

  14. Jouxpane says:

    That was a very touching story. Thank you for sharing such a personal insight about your relationship. You really have a beautiful way with your prose. All the best.

  15. Ancy says:

    Hi Gina, lovely story. I am a happily married christian girl masturbating daily. It is an awesome pleasure. I cannot sleep without masturbation. Even after riding my hubby’s cock for a long time, I masturbate and enjoy. My hubby also does so sometimes. Your story gave me a violent orgasm. Thaaaanks…

  16. Chris says:

    My wife got me started of enjoying watching each other masturbate.She loves it! She started it by getting me aroused by stroking me while wrapping her warm, wet mouth around my shaft & as my freshly shaved smooth erection was straining to erupt with it s hot pearly white cream, my wife slowly slid her hand over to mine & then placed my hand on my 23 cm s of throbbing manhood & then she whispered in my ear, I want to watch you stroke that beautiful cock of yours for me, while I play with my smooth wet kitty. How could I refuse such an offer? Ever since then we regularly will masturbate for one another and watch each other climax with pleasure & we ll taste each other s cream she just loves it when I erupt my hot load all over her body!

  17. Tanya says:

    I just LUV IT when my hubby masturbates for me! It's just so damn sexy & so very,very erotic to watch one another! We both are a just a couple of smoothies, besides hair just gets in the way. We'll start out with me licking his beautiful shaft up & down the full length & teasing his balls with my tongue as well for a few minutes, then I'll very slowly reach over & grab his hand & place it on his beautiful throbbing manhood then I let him know I want to watch him stroke that beautiful cock of his by whispering softly in his ear that I want to watch! Then he begins for me! He begins very, very slowly by gently running his fingers along his beautiful erect shaft starting with his silky smooth balls, and up the entire length his gorgeous cock & while he's doing this I can see his manhood just throbbing more & more with each gentle teasing caress along the underside of his hard cock. Then his cock will begin jump off his groin on it's own to meet his hand & by this time my eyes are just fixated on that beautiful long cock of his & I am just entranced & hypnotized with pure amazement by this beautiful, erotic movement of his erection. By this time now my fingers are giving my pretty little bald kitty a good working over as I am becoming very wet with anticipation. I can begin to see now his clear pre cum is beginning to slowly ooze out of the tip of his cock so, I take my finger & gently begin to make a circular motion on the head of his cock & he starts to grip himself tighter & he continues very slowly to stroke it to squeeze out the sweet love nectar of his, that I yearn so badly for & longing to taste. After repeating this a several times all the while of course I'm still playing my silky smooth kitty, then he reaches over to grab my working hand & brings it close to his mouth, then he will very gently lick and suck on my fingers to taste my sweet love cream that he loves so much as well! This literally makes me cum again even more & nearly gives me an orgasm just from this alone! But I have to wait until we can both get off together ,after several minutes of slowly savoring each other we both begin again to get ourselves off & he starts picking up the pace of stroking that long beautiful shaft of his for me & by now I am frantically giving my kitty a good rubbing, faster & harder we both are going at it now & we both are echoing out soft moans of pleasure as were both watching one other. Then he's tells me he's about to cum and then just shortly later he erupts with all that beautiful hot pearly white cream onto my body. It feels so warm & good when he doe's this just for me & when I see it erupting out like a volcano it takes me right over the edge of shear pleasure with wave after wave of an awesome orgasms!
    I have to recommend to all the ladies out there, you definitely need to seduce your man into masturbating with you sometime at least once! I mean we all have masturbated at some point in our lives why not simply be honest with one another & try it together occasionally? I think most ladies will truly end up just LOVING IT!

  18. OneCouple says:

    Tanya, thank you for sharing this post, I agree completely ! After 20 years of marriage my wife and I only started masturbating with and for each other in recent years. It definitely added a lot of spice and intimacy to our sex life. She loves watching me stroke until my cum shoots out, she then rubs herself and releases her own cum. Thank you hornyGG for the hot story, I really enjoyed reading it this morning and now have a hard cock, there will be some action in our bedroom today ! God bless you both.

  19. Need More... says:

    I have been masturbating since the age of 14, loved it then, still love it at 40. My wife, on the other hand, doesn't masturbate, and won't masturbate in front of me. When in bed together, me being horny and her not so much, I often straddle her and try to convince her to join me or at least get her in the mood to fuck. Watching one another would be a treat, but she refuses. I, however, enjoy it too much to not share with her. I keep thinking that if I jerk off in front of her, she'll become less shy and slowly start to enjoy it as much as I have. Regardless, I do believe she enjoys watching me masturbate, even if she's not totally aroused or wanting sex.

    As I've gotten older, and given my wife's inability to let loose about this, my desire to be watched while pleasuring myself has grown immensely. I so badly want her and I to freely express and act on our desires, but she's too shy to even talk about it. I could masturbate ever day without her, but there's something about being vulnerable that's a turn-on. Especially right being I cum on her stomach, hoping it will reach her tits, maybe her mouth. My next big step…I think…I hope…is to cum on her, and lick it up. She's not into oral either, never has been. Perhaps her lack of sexual activities makes me want it even more, and be more nasty, try different things….

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