Want You

While deciding what to wear, looking forward to spending the evening alone with you, I feel a dizziness overcome me, and feel goose bumps rising on my arm as your hand touches mine. Then moving past me to take a shower, smiling you say ‘I love you’, and as I undress a shiver runs through me as you speak those words. I put on a teddy with black lace trim, French cut legs that dip down to a V, just below the waist and is tied with the three little red ties in the front.

I am unaware of your presence in the doorway as you come looking for me, your eyes traveling around the room until you see me, reclining on the bed reading. The light above my head shines through my hair.  The book resting on my stomach as you watch.  From where you are standing, you can see the gentle swell of my breasts above the black lace as I breathe steadily. You enjoy the subtle movement of my breasts’ rise and fall as I lift my arm to turn the pages and you walk over, kneeling beside me on the floor.

Gently lifting a strand, twirling it in your fingers, enjoying its silkiness, I feel the hair on the back of your hand as it barely brushes against me. Sighing as my skin tingles, I turn my face and watch you with growing pleasure as your eyes travel the length of my body. Enjoying how I feel, as I watch you look at me, your finger lightly trace a pattern down the line of skin showing between the ties. You move them around the lace at the top of my legs and touch the bare skin, framed only by lace on either side of my teddy.

‘How much reading do you have?’ you ask. ‘About a half-hour more, maybe a little less’ finding it hard to concentrate as your fingers slowly trail back up my body to my neck. All I can think about is, when are you going to undress me. You kiss me lightly on my cheek and whisper in my ear ‘I might read until you’re finished’, and walk away to settle on the bed beside me. Rustling the newspaper, burying yourself behind it,

My mind goes back to the last time we made love with a passion that stirred my soul and spirit, and sigh, turning back to my book trying to concentrate on the words. I don’t hear you get up until you return, stand next to me and ask, ‘Would you like some ice cream?’ ‘Thank you, that would be nice. Let me finish this page first’ and you settle back in your chair. Setting the bowl down loudly on the table next to you, the spoon clattering against the side, you look at me and shrug your bare shoulders ‘Sorry’.

Smiling as I close the book, silently crossing the room, I kneel down in front of you and lightly trail my fingernails from your ankles to your knee. Parting your legs slightly so I can rest between them, I peek under the newspaper and smile sweetly at you. ‘Eric, I’m ready for my ice cream now’. You drop the paper to the floor and picking up the bowl, spoon a big bite and holding it out in front of me until I open my mouth.

The ice cream starts to melt and runs down my chin, dripping on your stomach, running down towards your public hair. Flinching with the coldness, you laugh and wipe my chin with your fingers as I take your hand, slowly licking, seeking the sweetness with the tip of my tongue and circle your palm until the stickiness is gone. Then, looking at you suggestively, I glance at the ice cream on your stomach, and lick it with the tip of my tongue, moving my lips delicately across your waist as you squirm, draw a deep breath and shudder with pleasure.

I move up the center of your stomach, over to each of your nipples, swirling my cold tongue around them until they become hard, my hands idly stroking your sides. Moving across your upper chest, I rest against your lap and through the thin fabric, feel the heat of your desire begin to stir and press against my body. ‘Only 10 more minutes my love, I promise’. ‘You tease’ you replied, tugging gently on a tie, which loosens quickly and easily, knowing the effect this gesture will have on me.

The fabric release its hold on my breasts, my nipples grow taut, seeking freedom and your touch as you smile, whispering in a husky voice, ‘Back to your reading. I won’t interrupt again, not for the next 10 minutes at least’. Now it’s my turn to feel teased and sigh. We both know this playful game of taunting and teasing only intensifies our mounting excitement and I return to the couch. Moving slowly and deliberately, I bend down, punch the pillow and pick up my book, knowing full well that you are watching my every movement.

Feeling your loving caress and gaze move down my back, following the curve of my hips, resting on my scantily clad rear, I turn, open my book and settle down once again. My knees bent, one resting against the back of a pillow, the other idly moving up and down. I become absorbed in my reading, unaware of the effect of my movement is having on you. Swinging my leg outward, you catch a glimpse of my naked womanhood, framed by the narrow strip of black lace running between my legs and moan.

I try to read for about five minutes, but my thoughts start to wander and are no longer on the words, letting the book drop to the floor, closing my eyes for a moment and savoring the feeling of being in love with you. Unconsciously and with my eyes closed, I touch my neck with my fingertips, stroking and turning my face to one side. My hand moves down over my shoulder as I spread my fingers, tracing light patterns and comes to rest on my breast. I massage the nipple until it is hard in my palm and sigh, slowly opening my eyes.

I look at you watching me with an intensity that shows your excitement and pleasure as I move to get up, embarrassed. But you cross the room, speaking gently in a whisper ‘Don’t stop sweetheart, let me watch you’ and sit beside me undoing another tie. My breath is getting quicker and deep inside I know I would like you to watch as I caress myself. Your hand softly touches my breast, the nipples growing swollen between your fingers. As you take my hand and place it with yours over my breast.

Then you move your hands over my body, between my legs and massage your palm against my shaved mound, parting my legs to your caresses and gentle touch as you softly whisper ‘You know how much I like to look at your body. Don’t you enjoy how you feel when I look at you?’ I nod slowly, enjoying the sensation of your caresses and calming voice. Untying the last remaining tie, easing the fabric apart, you expose my swelling breasts to your eyes as they roam, touching each part of me with only the intensity of your gaze. I feel a spasm between my legs and moan softly as I think of you watching me caress myself.

You move my aroused body to the center of the bed, and slowly take my hands in yours. Kissing each finger and taking them into your mouth, you wrap your soft lips around each knuckle, slowly sucking upwards as your tongue licks my fingertips. Then you place my hand between my thighs, gently moving it under yours, whispering ‘I love you, Trina.’

Tentatively, I move my hand above the waist, then over my breasts touching the side of my neck, and slowly rake my fingernails on the skin between my chin and my collarbone. Resting my head on the pillow, I close my eyes, abandoning myself to the sensations as I caress my body. My thoughts drift to the visions of you, imagining you growing harder as you watch every sign of my mounting passion in a way you have never seen before. I move my hands to the center of my stomach, touching the skin revealed in the opening of my teddy and I push the fabric further apart.

Sliding the straps down my shoulders, arching my back, until the wisp of lace are pushed down around my waist, my hands travel up the length of my body and rest over each breast, cupping them, massaging, caressing and working the nipples into hard peaks. My breath is coming faster, my excitement mounts and I am lost to what I am doing. Opening my legs slightly, I move one hand down; working it under the fabric I can feel the moisture from my excitement as I slide my hand down further. I run my fingertips over my shaved nakedness, and dip them into my wetness, moaning as I touch myself.

Moving my wet fingers to my breasts, I squeeze each nipple, feeling them grow hard under my touch and moan softly as I imagine your fingers caressing me, then touch my slightly open mouth, stroking gently back and forth across my lips, tasting my juices. Then opening my legs wider, lightly brushing my fingertips back and forth across my inner thighs, I feel the rising pleasure coming from between my legs. Breathing heavy and sighing, I call your name and hear a husky deep sound in your voice as your speak.

‘Yes, I’m here. Take the teddy off and let me see your nakedness’ and slowly I arch my back and slide the cloth down my hips, kicking it off as I part my legs, placing my hand over the mound, feeling it’s wetness against the palm. ‘Open wider, and let me see all of you, my love. Abandon yourself. Let go’, your voice betrays your mounting passion and desire. It gives me courage and my legs open as I begin to explore the soft folds between my thighs.

Easing myself open, pushing the lips aside, my fingertips slide easily into the opening and I moan as I touch the inside of myself, sliding my fingers in the juices. Pausing each time to touch my hardening womanhood, circling it slowly, I enjoy the waves of sensation, which are beginning to take hold of me. Feeling the softness and warmth deep within myself, I sigh and stroke my pleasure point, as each gentle touch, brings me closer to climax. Gently rocking in the motions of lovemaking, my hips thrust upward; I slide my fingers in and out and feel my orgasm begin. My legs remain open to your gaze and I feel myself shake and my cries fill the room as I moan with pleasure.

The first spasm of my orgasm begins to race through me with a new intensity. I am lost and unaware that you have joined me, until I can feel your tongue licking and caressing me. You push two fingers deep inside me, moving them slowly as your tongue probes my pulsing flesh, pushing me over the edge. ‘Oh Eric. Don’t stop. Yes. Ah yes’ and an intense orgasm floods over me. Then moving you between my legs, I place your manhood against the outside of my wet lips and hold your flesh in my hand, feeling its length and firmness. I rub you up and down between my legs, moaning with pleasure each time it passes over my erect womanhood.

Pulling you to my opening, and slowly sliding you into my warmth and wetness, I tighten my muscles around you, sucking you deeper inside. Moaning, you thrust harder, burying yourself deep within me as I arch upward to meet you and wrap my legs around your hips as we move in unison. Each thrust brings us closer and you deeper within me and feel your skin touch my insides with the intensity of your movements. You are hard like never before, filling me and taking me to another orgasm. I dig my nails into your back, arching into you as I tighten the grip my legs have on your hips.

Cupping my face in your hands, your tongue finds its way into my mouth, seeking mine until they meet with an urgency equal to the thrusting of our lower bodies. I feel my orgasm rising from deep within me and your hardness pulsating in readiness. ‘Oh Eric. Ooohhhh yes, release inside me. Fill with me your juices. Oh Eric’. I call your name as you feel my spasms deep within me and we share the orgasm together. Our tongues meet in a wet fiery embrace as you tense and I feel your hardness swell with an intensity that leaves us both breathless.

Your juices fill me with each thrust until you collapse against me, whispering my name, the dampness of our bodies mingling together as we are still joined. You tilt your face towards mine, our lips meeting in a gentle soft kiss and we stay this way awhile, enjoying the sensation of being locked together. Feeling our heartbeats against one another, I push the damp hair from your forehead, touch your cheek and kiss you gently. ‘Oh Eric, I love you so much’. ‘I love you too Trina’. Rolling off me, pulling me into your arms, we fall asleep against each other, our hearts and breathing as one. I wake from my dream and murmur your name, reaching out to hold you, but the space is empty where you once lay.

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  1. 76servant says:

    The call of voices in the deep intimate exchange from a wife’s view is a beautiful expression of desire! Husbands enjoy the times your wive whispers to you! Thank you very much for sharing!

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