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Staying Home, Staying Horny (L)

This story contains strong language. (L) You can read about annotations here. Hey, y’all! I hope everyone is staying safe and well during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each and everyone in our MH community. Ben and I are well and, like most of you, trying to cope during these […]

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Sexual Role Reversal: Our Pegging Story (L/A)

[Here’s another sneak-peek at the kinds of stories you can expect to find in Ignite when it launches. Submit your hot married sex story of 2,000 words or more that gives God glory the pleasures he created for marriage!]   Hello my dear MH family! This is GG. My husband Ben and I love sex. […]

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The Naked Prince Part 3: Kingdom Cum

His Majesty King Egbert V was sitting in the main living area. He was smoking his pipe and reading the morning headlines. He loved reading the daily morning news. He found most of what was printed amusing, even silly at times. “My Lord, shall I fetch you some more wine?” said a young housemaid named […]

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The Naked Prince Part 2: Rose Comes Home (L)

Part one is available here. After an afternoon of horseback riding, Prince Michael walked back towards the castle then to the gardens on the east side. He loved going through the gardens. They were his and Rose’s favorite place to go and escape the realities of their world. As Michael slowly walked through the peacefulness […]

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The Naked Prince (L)

This story was inspired by the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry. I wrote it for my husband Ben, who has a love for Royal History. The characters are purely fictional and are not in anyway meant to represent the current Royal Family. I hope y’all enjoy! GG _______________Β  The Naked Prince The sun was […]

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A Different Pleasure: Part Two (A)

Even after my “trial” anal experience with my sex toy, Mr. Jolly, I was still a little apprehensive about anal sex with my husband, Ben. I mean with the toy, I was in complete control of the situation. With Ben, I felt I would lose a lot of that control. It’s not that I didn’t […]

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A Different Pleasure-Part One (A)

Ben and I are extremely pleased that MH has decided to allow stories about anal sex. We have enjoyed anal pleasures for some time now. While it may not be for everyone, we find it very erotic and pleasurable. I admit when Ben first asked me about trying anal sex, I was a bit apprehensive. […]

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Thin Walls!

Ben and I recently were invited over to our friends Max and Cheryl’s home for Cheryl’s birthday celebration. Max and Cheryl are a very sweet, young couple who began going to our church last year. They have only been married five years and have no children as of yet. They haven’t lived here long and […]

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