Afternoon Delight

I came home from work one day and found my two kids, who were 9 and 11, working with a couple of their animals in the front yard. My wife to my surprise came running into the living room to greet me as I came in the door. She was in an unusually good mood. I picked her up in my arms and gave her a big hug. We chatted a little about what the kids were up to and our plans for the evening. As we talked we kept hugging and kissing and just showing a lot of affection toward each other. Unfortunately, this type of behavior only comes in spurts for us. I wish it happened all the time.

I decided to get a little fresh with my wife. We have changed preferences through the years on different things, but one thing I know she likes is being spontaneous. So, as I was scratching and caressing her back I decided to slip my hand up the back of her t-shirt. As my fingers met the snap of her bra strap she said, “hey, no, no.” I said, “why not?” She answered, “the kids.” I told her that they were busy. I knew that I could peak out the window and check on them once in a while and we could usually hear them coming up the steps in the shed before they came in the back door. So, I persisted and got my way. She said with a smile, “you’re bad.”

I just smiled back, slid my hands around to my wife’s chest and proceeded to pull her t-shirt and bra up over her breasts. I am a very visual man, so even though my wife only wears a size “A” bra, I became turned on very quick. My wife is an absolutely beautiful woman. I notice God’s work on so many good looking women, but I rarely find one that is nice and thin, with a really cute butt, very nice breasts, beautiful long dirty blond hair and also a gorgeous face. I am truly blessed to have her.

I began to lick and suck her nipples as we stood in the middle of our living room on a sunny afternoon. Even though my wife likes me to be spontaneous, she has a real conflict with the danger of doing this type of thing where we might get caught. On the one hand, she hates to be careless about it, because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed, but on the other hand, she loves the unfamiliar and recklessness of possibly being seen. So to my wonderful and thankful surprise, she decided to join in.

She started by running her fingers through my hair as I continued to enjoy her soft milky white breasts and her now fully erect nipples. At this point I decided to go all out. I started to unbutton her jean shorts and dropped to my knees. As I began pulling them down, I saw that she was wearing one of my favorite thongs. They were see through hot pink with slightly thicker pink dime shaped polka-dots on them. As much as I get turned on by sexy underwear, I wasted no time in sliding them down to her ankles and off one foot along with a leg of her pants. I immediately, but gently started licking her pussy with the very tip of my tongue as I fingered her unbelievably soft dark brown pubic hair. This lasted only a minute until she pulled me back up to start the next phase of our escapade.

She still seemed nervous and sort of hinted towards stopping, but within moments she was unbuttoning my pants and sliding them down past my butt. She reached into my underwear and rescued my bulging cock from possible waistband strangulation. She bent down and began circling the head of my cock with her tongue. I gasped for air as she started to suck me all the way into her soft, warm mouth . My wife gives the best blow-job in the world! She sucked me for a minute or so before I pulled her up, picked her up and carried her over to our couch, which is by the front window of the house. I sat her down in a slouching position with her feet on the floor and her legs spread in anticipation of what was to “cum.” I peaked out the window as I did this and the kids were still busy outside. Yes!

I lifted her matching hot pick t-shirt over her head and got rid of her bra so I could get back to sucking her nipples. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing the end of it on her clit. She was blown away! This was getting her more turned on than I had seen in a long time. We kissed very hard as she helped me slid my cock into her dripping wet pussy. Oh! That felt great! I started fucking her real deep and steady and then she got all nervous for a second like she thought she heard a noise. I almost died! I couldn’t stop now! It turned out to be nothing. Whew!

I pulled out to tease her clit some more and she just gave me the most intense and seductive look with those amazing blue eyes of hers that I thought she was going to explode! So, as I looked back down to watch the performance some more (because that really drives me wild), sure enough, within just about 1 minute after I re-entered her red hot pussy with my absolutely rock hard member, we both came like crazy! I mean, shuddering and panting and grabbing with nails etc, for what seemed like 30-45 seconds. Oh man! I was blown away, exhausted and on cloud nine. My wife looked at me with such love and approval and as we shimmied our way across the living room to find something to clean up with. She smiled and just said, “wow!” I couldn’t have said it better. Those were some of the best 10 minutes of that whole year.

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  1. Nymphy says:

    I really enjoyed this story…the way you described your wife was beautiful, I could tell how much you love her. I like how attentive you were to her little bouts of nervousness, I’ve felt that so many times haha! At the end you sounded absolutely jubilant, it’s lovely.

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